10 Crazy Trends in CBD Industry

CBD has seen a sharp rise in consumer interest and demands owing to its superior medical properties. Its ability to get you high yet keeping the side effects on a minimal scale makes it very popular.

There is no doubt, the market for CBD and CBD-based products have witnessed a boost and strong CBD capsules are equally in use.

People who don’t want to make the intake of CBD live by consuming the substance in various commonly available forms that include drinks, sodas, chocolates, gummy bears, and so on.

Naturally, the market has risen, and a lot of brands and startups have begun using CBD. They have developed some ingenious, innovative, and user-friendly products in everyday usage.

In this article, we are going to look at 10 of the most interesting CBD-based products that have taken the market crazy and are getting a more well-defined consumer base. Let us have a look at them.

CBD-Based Conditioner

We all love a nice, luxurious, and easy-to-use conditioner if you want to add that extra level of care and nourishment to your hair after taking a good quality shampoo.

 Hair Care is becoming more and more pristine as baldness and dry scalp are some of the worst enemies for people wanting to maintain their youth and glamour.

There is this conditioner made by the company CBD Daily who makes a method and cedarwood scented conditioner that contains milligrams of CBD-infused oils.

This conditioner helps reduce dry scalp, safe for all hair and those with colored dyed hair.


Going to a party on weekends? Then having disgusting acne is undoubtedly going to count as Sunday Scaries!

Acne is really among those unwanted skin issues mostly everyone faces. However, there are currently exceptional products that help in the reduction of that messy acne.

 Two of the key ingredients are – infused Sativa seed oil and CBD extracts. The popularity of CBD for treating diseases on the skin came from the fact that it decreases the amount of sebum that our skin produces, preventing the formation of acne.

 Nevertheless, whether we get acne on the eyelids or face, such an herbal infused product has found a significant customer base, especially among the growing teens.

 Another property that it exhibits is that CBD-infused oils contain anti-inflammatory properties that significantly reduce the chances of swelling around the eyes.

Not Pot Chocolates

Apart from those who possess a dental issue or those having lactose intolerance, chocolates are something that everyone desires to eat!

 In today’s world, we have a thousand different blends of chocolate ranging from milk chocolates to dark to organic, the point being there has never been a good time to come up with a new kind!

The Not Pot CBD Chocolate produces this fantastic range of delights in the shape of hearts costing about $30 with a good proportion of CBD.

The key ingredients being organic maple sugar, dark cacao, even the mighty ashwagandha. Quantitatively there are two mg of CBD per chocolate. This gives the body ample health boost and detoxes the blood, also keeps us happy.

Turmeric and CBD Health Capsules

Tumeric has been a household ingredient in all Indian homes where it has been used for thousands of years due to its tremendous anti-bacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Today they are also being produced in safe pills and capsules that add a natural boost to our immunity and relax weary muscles.

The Sagely Naturals CBD with the Turmeric Capsules is one of the top choices in this category; however, they are not dirt cheap, coming in around $50.


CBD Isolate Gummies

Gummies are fun and colorful, aren’t they? There can be people who don’t like the texture of chocolates or even avoid the intake of oil capsules. For them, gummies are a fantastic way to consume infused CBD.

Since they are naturally chewable and last quite a bit longer than chocolates, they are becoming a quick sweet snack for many young adults.

A brand makes them at just $22 called Infinite CBD Asteroid Gummies. Ingredient wise they contain around 25mg of CBD per gummy bear.

Zana Anti-Ageing Roll-On

Especially with the skincare industry that is including herbal CBD extracts is booming, we need to talk about effective under-eye serums.

CBD is famous for having anti-aging properties, leading to the production of this fantastic eye serum called Legion of Bloom Zana CBD Anti-Wrinkle Roll-On.

This costs around $35 and has a distinct fragrance of essential oils, and is highly effective in treating the more sensitive skin under the eyes.

Organic CBD-Based Face Mask

An easy way to avoid facial dirt and tan, a good quality face mask is the way to go. Certain oils and herbs help in deep cleaning the pores and remove the deposited pollutants.

A face mask containing a Phyto cannabinoid-rich hemp oil helps to reduce blemishes and give an instant glow to the skin.

We recommend such products as they generally have fewer artificial chemicals. Thus CBD-infused face masks relieve skin elasticity and protect it from pollution.

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CBD-Infused Workout Activewear

Most gym and fitness enthusiasts always need cleaner vests and sports bras that prevent bacteria and the accumulation of sweat.

To give a great alternative to the usual clothes, Acabada’s Highlife Collection includes CBD-infused inners that help the skin absorb more fresh air and reduce the nasty sweat accumulates.

The fabric indeed increases the cost of production, but the tiny elements of CBD infused in the cloth can significantly improve muscle fatigue and overall hygiene.

CBD-Derived Food Supplements

CBD-Infused superfoods have become a crazy trend over the past few years. They contain nutrient-rich omega-3 fatty acids, protein, iron, fiber, magnesium, phosphorus, antioxidants, etc.

They are contributed significantly by including milligram quantities of CBD.

They are superfoods as well as eco-friendly, making them a healthy breakfast supplement.

Vermont Hemp Extract Honey

We know that processed sugar has zero nutritional value, and often it is chemically bleached. A great substitute is honey, preferably organic.

A new kind from Luce Farms Vermont Hemp Honey, costing nearly $40, is the perfect way to take their morning cereals or oats and even hot tea to the next level by incorporating herbal CBD.


So as we looked at the fantastic usage of CBD-based crazy products above, make sure you give at least some of them a try.

We feel it shall be a welcome change for those who get scared thinking about CBDs in general. As always, nothing in excess is good, and CBD or its derived products are no exception.