10 Powerful Mobile App Marketing Strategies to Implement

Considering the multitude of mobile apps out there, your app can’t get the attention of untold people. The chances are that your app might get buried deep into the app store if you don’t enact some clever mobile app marketing strategies.

More than half of the newly released mobile apps fail to make enough success to gain stability. The competition-driver world demands new and tactful planning for your product’s success.

Therefore, you may as well save your app by using some effective yet incredible marketing strategies. Know that whether your app is practical or very effective, without its active marketing, it may never get success.

But there is a way to be on the safe side of this awful mishap by implementing some highly effective marketing strategies.

In this blog, we’ll provide the top 7 influential mobile app marketing strategies to market your mobile app and get the success you’ve dreamed of.

Let’s begin!

Before listing the mobile app marketing strategies, let’s discuss three main aspects that are as important as marketing strategies to attain success.

No.1: Purpose of The Mobile App

Aside from marketing strategies, you may be wasting your time unless you define your app’s purpose. Hence, your app’s idea and purpose must be identified and should be of use to people.

Unfortunately, multiple stakeholders dive right into developing a mobile app without knowing whether it’s helpful to their target customers or not. Don’t do that!

Validating the real purpose of your app is very important as it shows a well-organized and well-plan-out strategy. Bear in mind, your mobile app should be a solution to your customer, so they feel the need to use it in the first place.

On the bright side, defining its purpose before development straighten things out and can help you plan a budget-friendly cost to its development.

Additionally, the representation of your app must be clear so that you can make a clear-cut introduction of your in a single sentence—for instance, Lumosity; brain training app.

Thus, focusing more on the mobile app’s purpose can be highly fruitful than on customers.

No.2: Distribution Channel

We catch apps from diverse sources, few we cannot even recall of. Sometimes our friends suggest apps, or we perceive them from social media, TV commercials, Websites, Google Play or Appstore.

Either way, we land on apps that are high-functioning, effective, and valuable. But this’s not the real deal here. Instead, the central matter that should be in observation is how keen the marketers or the app developers were in distributing their mobile apps.

Distributing Channels. Perhaps they choose the best distributing channel to get to you.

Mobile App Marketing Strategies

One of the fundamental reasons users install an app themselves is that it is successful and perhaps trending. Ultimately, once your app is successful, you’ll get more success. And old Cliché; Rich Gets Richer – that true.

But that’s not your case. If your app has procured high success, perhaps you won’t be reading this in the first place – searching for mobile app marketing strategies to win.

All you need to do for designing a distribution Channel:

  1. Analyze Customer Needs
  2. Establish Channel Objectives
  3. Find Main Channel Alternatives
  4. Evaluate Main Channel Alternative

All these aforementioned helps you validate your mobile app distribution channel to attract users directly or indirectly.

No.3: Revenue Model

If you haven’t set an income source, your app may fizzle out soon enough. It’s a wise strategy to choose the right and most effective revenue model for your app, although many app developers fail at choosing the revenue models.

Don’t forget; you need to create a lucrative revenue model for your mobile app to survive on its own and might make you rich in the future.

A free and in-app purchase revenue model is highly beneficial as it has been for many app developers or stakeholders.

This approach is likely valuable and practical, as you’re giving a chance to the users to download the app and mostly use the basic stuff for free.

And if they want more than level 1, they should consider in-app purchases. Not to mention this approach doesn’t seem as desperate as the full-purchased ones.

Furthermore, you can even be creative and devise your own effective revenue model. However, to gain more potential growth, it’s necessary to set a money-spinning revenue model.

Top 10 powerful mobile app marketing strategies:

Now its dive into the ten most powerful strategies to market your mobile app and attain the necessary scores.

1 – Display Awesome Screenshots of Your Interface

Illustrating screenshots of your mobile apps can help attract many users. Not to mention most users only use apps in the first place just because their screenshots looked lovely in the app store.

It is why you should promote your app with high-definition app screenshots portraying key app features to attract users to install your app.

2 – Apply ASO To Secure More Downloads

Doing App Store Optimization comes in very handy for your app to get more downloads. Nevertheless, the competition out there is terrifying and brutal, and a good ASO helps set your app in motion to gain more ratings and reviews to be on top in the app stores.

3 – Use Guest Blogging

Another mobile app marketing strategy to promote your app is using guest blogging. As it’s highly effective and myriad app development companies use this strategy to market their app.

You’ll get tens and thousands of downloads through serious guest blogging along with search engine optimization. Although it comes with a lot of work, it helps get you more downloads and user engagement.

4 – Hire Mobile App Marketing Agencies

It’s a great way to hire a mobile app marketing agency to promote your app and help you relieve by doing them yourself.

Similarly, many don’t hire these agencies and think they are good without them, but they are obviously wrong.

For you, don’t make this mistake and lead your app into the pit. To achieve high success, you need to leverage these agencies and get what you want.

5 – App Launch Must Be Big

Before launching, you must put out a trend of your mobile app – this very strategy intrigue users very much—one of the old-fashioned yet effective mobile app marketing strategies to engage potential users till the launch.

You can set public interests engaged with your app by announcing your app release date through newsletters, TV commercials, social media, and many other platforms that you know of.

6 – Resolve Harmful Reviews Instantly

It’s customary for users to dig into users’ reviews and ratings before even downloading the app. However, keep in mind, a single negative review can promptly change a user’s mind to download the app. Hence, it’s highly suggested to address those reviews instantly before other potential customer sees them. And maintain the flow of positive reviews as much as possible.

7 – Identify Your Audience and Engage Them Manually

Knowing your target audience plays a vital role in marketing. This is why you need to find your target audience place – where they spend most of their time.

It could be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, Reddit, or anywhere. Once you have identified their platform, you can interact with them and get feedback on what they like in a mobile app or similar questions. As rule number one in marketing implies: Don’t promote blindly! Identify your audience.

8 – Make a Phenomenal App Icon

Let’s face it…

Before anything else, your app icon is the very first that flashes over users’ eyes. Hence, it should be an incredible piece of art.

Unfortunately, almost every developer doesn’t give much thought to developing the best app icon to stand out.

Instead, they tend to create it as quickly as possible to move on to the next step. However, you must be more concerned about it. To have a great “first impression” of your app, you must create an outstanding and irresistible app icon.

9 – Make Your App Visible Online

To make an online presence, you need to engage your target community more than ever. Get them to share your social media page to their profile timelines.

Create a group and take about stuff that matters, and in-between, talk about your app sometimes. Moreover, create and share intriguing contents that people find amazing, visual content, blogs withs pictures, etc.

More importantly, don’t always sound promotional in other online conversations, or users will drive away. Instead, talk about important stuff so that they’ll like your social media page. With that, your app has an excellent chance to catch more users as possible.

10 – Build Teasers; Show Enough to Attract

Last but not least, before your app release, you must create a teaser video and a teaser website to show a clear message of your app in a simple term – that sure intrigues people.

Yeah! Just like a movie teaser that excites people to see its very upcoming trailer and movie in the end. This approach is an effective mobile app marketing strategy to get more success.

Through this, you can engage more users and get their feedback and use them to improve.

Wrap Up

We’ve only scratched the surface regarding the mobile app marketing strategies we have discussed above, even though they are the main and highly effective ones.

Moreover, be creative and invent your own marketing strategies to boost awareness of your mobile app out there. And you can also use Google Ads or free marketing strategies to promote your app.

Most of all, it’s imperative to ensure your mobile app is handy and effective. When it’s that purposeful, then you better be consistent in promoting your app.

As marketing, a mobile app is not an overnight process; it may take a matter of months or years, but once you step on the constant marketing ladder, keep going then success shall come to you as you move up.

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