10 useful online plagiarism checker with percentage 2020

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Plagiarism most typically arises in the research paper or assignments of students.  Institutions usually have very strict guidelines regarding it. Copying someone else’s work can lead to consequences for students under academic misconduct. ForFor authenticating assignments or research papers, teachers would need a online plagiarism checker.

So, teachers need to ensure that the work submitted to them is thoroughly checked.Though there are several sites online offering plagiarism checkers with percentage all of them might not be so efficient.This article covers some of the best online plagiarism checkers that teachers can access online.

Online plagiarism checker


When it comes to online plagiarism checker with percentage the Smallseotool is one of the finest in out there. Though the site has much more to offer than an online plagiarism checker, it remains one of their most accessed tools.

The Smallseotool Online plagiarism checker provides relief to teachers by its useful features. It guarantees its users that the uploaded content remains secure.

Inserting assignments or content into the tool is also a straightforward task. You can simply copy-paste it directly into the tool or you can opt-out for uploading the file onto it. The Tool is developed in such a way as to recognize multiple file formats such as txt, doc, Docx, and pdf.

Once the scan is initiated it searches from several online sources and its extensive database before presenting a very reliable and efficient report. The report is also downloadable, the plagiarized area is marked and sources provided next to it for easy detection.

Plagiarize Checker

Plagiarize checker offers an online plagiarism checker with a percentage that is not only fast but additionally pretty reliable as well.

Adding the file in the tool requires the user to copy the text and paste it into the tool directly. You can also exclude URL or search from one specific URL. There is also a choice to search from an entire website.

Though Plagiarize checker offers an online tool for free that can be used easily, there is a further premium membership available as well. You can go for the premium option if the nature of your search is complex.

So, if teachers are trying to verify the authenticity of their student’s work which involves basic online research then using the Plagiarize checker tool is a good choice.


Quetext online plagiarism checker with percentage is an excellent choice.  The first thing that it ensures its user is related to the privacy of their work. It ascertains that the work would remain protected with them and won’t be used elsewhere without consent.

The algorithm of the tool is consists of a very comprehensive database with several research papers, blogs, and other sources that the online plagiarism checker scans from before delivering the report.

The time required to generate the report depends upon the volume of the file uploaded into it. The Quetext apart from offering very fast software also ensures that the accuracy of the report is as high as possible.

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Myassignmenthelp is an exceptional tool when it comes to online plagiarism checker with percentages. One of its main benefits is that it does not limit the scan by imposing a word limit. So teachers can scan the entire assignment at once.

You can upload the file in several formats like pdf, pptx, ppt, doc, Docx, and txt. Once the file is successfully uploaded all you have to do is press the check plagiarism button. Apart from offering absolute privacy, the online plagiarism generates a very authentic report.

The scanning is carried out from its wide database that comprises of several sources. The report produced contains the plagiarized highlighted.


The Writix plagiarism checker is an uncomplicated yet efficient tool for online plagiarism checker. It gives you multiple choices to select the type of paper, whether it is an essay, research paper, or other.

The title needs to be added first, followed by the file. The file can either be copied and pasted or uploaded in txt, Docx, and pdf format. Once all the required information has been added to the tool it begins the scan.

A very detailed report is generated, in which the copied area is highlighted and sources are provided next to it. There is also a similarity report which shows much of your text matches that of another.

The plagiarism checker is entirely free and easily accessible online. It is a fine choice for teachers searching for plagiarism in their student’s work.


EduBirdie online plagiarism checker with percentage is premeditated precisely to recognize matching text in your content. For faster and more defined outcomes, the plagiarism checker permits writers to select the category of content they plan on examining for plagiarism like dissertations, articles, and research work.

Its extensive database and high word limit allow its user to search the entire paper at once. It also offers its users stress-free uploading in different ways. You can either copy-paste the text or upload it in different formats like ODT, RTF, pdf, etc.

EduBirdie is a fine choice for teachers looking to verify their student’s work. Whether its research paper or essays the online plagiarism checker with percentage will take care of it all.

Paperrater Plagiarism checker

Paperratter Plagiarism checker is an online tool that is accessible at any cost. It ensures its users that their work would not be leaked or used inappropriately.

To insert the text into its online engine, all you have to do is copy-paste it into the dialogue box or upload a file. Its versatility allows the plagiarism checker to upload the file in multiple formats. When the file is successfully uploaded you can generate the report.

After a very detailed analysis, the produced report marks the copied text and provides sources. There is a similarity percentage as well as denoting how much of the work is copied.

Online plagiarism checker


Citations are an important part of a research paper or an assignment. Though, Cite4ME is a site for referencing and citation it also consists of a very useful tool for online plagiarism search.

Uploading a file is extremely uncomplicated; it includes simply copying and pasting the text or uploading a file in docx and pdf format.

It assures the users about the safety of their work. Once the scan is completed the user is given an inclusive report along with a mutual result of the editor’s interpretations and scanning from the engine itself.

The produced is detailed enough to mark the copied area and creates a similarity report.


The StudyMoose maintains a remarkable level of accuracy proposing the author a methodical exclusiveness percentage.

Its unique algorithm is designed in such a way to detect any sort of plagiarism whether it’s intentional, accidental, patchwork, or any other kind. The file can be uploaded in different formats like docx, pdf, and txt.

The Online plagiarism checker is secure and can is extremely dependable, the reports that produced after scanning are very detailed and can be downloaded. The high word limit allows the users to search large research papers at once and get efficient results.

StudyMoose remains one of the most preferred choices by students, teachers, and organizations.


Copyleaks is one of the most reliable plagiarism checkers in the world. Apart from delivering extremely efficient and reliable results, the tool is also extremely fast. Though, its use is limited by 10 pages every month in the free version. There is a premium subscription available for more advanced search.

When it comes to Copyleaks online plagiarism checker with a percentage database, it’s very inclusive composing of thousands of research papers, articles, blogs, and other sources. The scan is made through them proficiently and a report is generated.

The detailed report shows how much of the text is copied and the areas that are plagiarized as well. The report can be downloaded if required.