5 ideas to promote your summer destination with summer travel posters & campaigns

Summer’s a great time for planning exciting adventures and memorable trips with family & friends. The Vacationer confirms that more than 46% will spend more time traveling while nearly 80% will take road trips this summer.

It is excellent news for travel agents or small businesses planning to ramp up their summer marketing strategies for the next destination. 

Additionally, having a promotional strategy can help you drive beachy-keen results and plan for your travel customers.

From designing unique summer travel posters to creating adventure-filled stories, it’s all about planning a lifetime experience from start to finish. So, if you own a travel agency, take this summer as an opportunity to boost your business, and don’t miss out on these trail-blazing summer marketing ideas!  

Let’s get started! 

Summer-ize your social media 

If you haven’t thought about enhancing your social media accounts with summer-related photos and videos, it’s time to add some summery descriptions!

As a travel agent, updating your social account with a summer flair can boost your social media presence. You need to make your account unique, entertaining, and memorable to gain more potential travelers. 

Moreover, you can revamp your social media with various summer content and targeted display ads. For instance, if you need to target a specific audience, drive creative summer ad copies and use summer-specific terminologies such as dive in, sea you there, click to sea more, the sea-sun, and more. 

These targeted ads and a social media boost can help you advertise your summer campaigns and reach out to your potential and existing customers easily. 

Launch a summer sale or summer contest

The summer sale is a refreshing way to incentivize your summer audiences. It sparks a sense of urgency among your customers and further persuades them to buy sooner.

You can inspire millions of travelers by creating fun summer travel posters mentioning your special offers, such as discounted trips or free giveaways. 

Further, you can throw a sizzling summer contest for your customers and ask your users to tag a friend to expose your summer deals. A great contest will allow you to reward your customers and strengthen your business relationship. 

Consider this a vital step to creating good social vibes on your online pages. In this way, you can also make better social media engagement and build anticipation for your brand. 

Schedule summer-time posts 

Plan and inform your subscribers and target audiences early about your summer destinations and other sale offers. With timely-scheduled posts on your social media, you can create a buzz about your sale offerings and bring in quality visitors to your social media page. 

Make sure to create an enjoyable experience for your customers by adding compelling CTAs, creative summer hashtags, humorous content, and additional information. 

Generate engaging summer travel posters & campaigns

Click, Edit, and Launch! You have to use your innovative tools to create the perfect poster for your travelers.

If you’re new to it, you can choose thousands of templates from PosterMyWall and learn more about how to create an exciting poster in minutes for your next travel destination. 

Further, add the correct information, fonts, images, or summer keywords to make your summer trips more visible to your consumers. 

These posters are an effective marketing strategy to promote your business online and offline. You can use them as banner stands during your business exhibitions or simply use them on your business premises. They create enticement among your customers and attract attention to your advertising space. 

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Leverage your stories 

summer travel posters

Apart from creating summer travel posters and social media posts, you can create a real-time holiday story to provide insights to customers. Adding stories to your social media pages with polished marketing content creates reliability & brand awareness.

Your followers will love seeing your short live videos and other holiday news while resonating with your brand. Check out this Insta story that provides details about desirable destinations.

Moreover, you can add as many stories as you like to your feed to create buzz and post them within an allocated time frame. So, if you haven’t tried this best-loved feature yet, it’s time to build credible stories for your customers and boost your followers.

Turn this Summer into a joyous memory! 

You can generate more engagement for your next summer trip with the right promotional summer ideas! Summer is an excellent opportunity to boost your relevant marketing campaigns and holiday sales as a travel agency. 

We’ve gathered above an exciting list of summer marketing ideas that can be a valuable addition to your overall summer marketing strategy.

Finally, don’t forget to create beautiful summer memories and experiences for your customers so they can recommend your business to their loved ones.