6 Things You Need to Know About Before You Start Live Streaming

Live streaming is one of the most popular trends on the Internet and it can be pretty profitable too if you know what to do to make it big.

The growth of live streaming is huge, and it is not only for big TV channels anymore. All you need right now is a good Internet connection and a platform.

However, while everybody can do it, that is not enough for you to make it in the world of online streaming, but you rather have some rules and ways in which you will be the one everybody will want to see.

There are some things you must consider and know without which you will be streaming for no audience at all. Follow this article to learn things you need to know about live streaming before getting into it.

What should you know about live streaming?

Live streaming can be entertaining and profitable if you know how to do it properly. That is why you need to know the essential things that have to be done before even starting.

This will make sure that you have everything in order and will be on top of the charts no matter what your content is because you will do all the things right and gain popularity with eye-catching high-quality streams.

Here are 6 things you need to know before embarking into the world of live streaming.

1. A good CDN strategy

Even though it is a very popular thing right now, there are technical things that can ruin your chances on the market, and that is why many companies decided to turn to content delivery networks (CDNs) when it comes to streaming.

 A good Multi-CDN Strategy will make your streaming more scalable and it will improve both the stream, as well as the playback performance.

This network will distribute your stream across the whole world and speed up the rate at which audiences can access your content.

However, one CDN is not enough for large broadcasters and that is why they need a multi-CDN that can help you as well. Here are the benefits of this type of live streaming, and you will automatically realize why you need it:

2. Get good equipment

No matter what you do on the Internet, if you are trying to become successful through it you must have good equipment, and that goes double for live streaming.

Of course, your connection has to be strong but there are more things than you may have thought.

Once you have everything down, you will see that it will probably cost you a little more, but do not worry because it will pay off big time if you keep at it, and if your content stays fun and entertaining for wide audiences.

So, here is the list of essentials you must have to make proper live streams on the Internet:

Also, make sure that you have additional equipment for backup because if something like your microphone dies on you, it will be the end of you and will be seen as a failure.

Make sure that everything is in good condition and have a backup just in case.

Live Streaming

3. Check if everything works before starting

The golden rule of not just live to stream, but recording things in general means that you have to make sure everything works fine before starting.

 If you do not do this, you may be in trouble and realize it only when it is too late, meaning that you are finished as a live-streamed online.

Always make sure to check all your accessories if they work and if they are set up the way you need them to be set up for every stream.

 This will ensure a successful stream that will draw a lot of audiences in and you will be one happy streamer. Here is what you need to check:

4. Monitor your stream

You will have to have an external display where your stream will be shown to you as it is shown to your audience.


This is the best way to know what they see and what they might be dissatisfied with. Also, this way you will be 100% sure that things are running smoothly, and will realize right away if something is wrong.

5. Interact with your audience

A very big feature of online live streaming is the ability to communicate with your audience, and they love that. So, make sure that you always keep the comments on, and that you read what people write there.

Then, take your time to respond to your fans, who will respect you for it, and it will make them want to come back for the next stream as well.

 Also, this is a good way to monitor the section and see if there are trolls or haters there who could spark potential trouble, so you can kick them out or mute them if that is the case.

6. Come up with a good topic and keep it in lanes

Nobody likes to watch stuff that is all over the place, and live streams are the same. If you are talking about a certain topic, make sure to create parameters that will keep everything in line, especially if you have a guest on board who may spiral away from a little.

This will make sure that everyone watching will stay interested because they are getting what they were promised. You can even ask your audience about what they would like to hear.

There, now you know the essentials of live streaming. Make sure that you have a good strategy with multiple CDNs because it is the best way to be the best.

Make sure your equipment is good and have a backup. Watch what is going on live by monitoring, speak to your audience, and stay on the topic you promised. Good luck in the world of streaming.