7 best email lookup tools to find an email address

Email lookup is a tool that gathers information about others that is based on their email address. It helps to find out where the email address has been used before.

Simply it works as an email finder. It reached out to a variety of online sources and established links used by the email address.

The main reason why people use these email lookup tools is that to look up the background checks, for marketing purposes and risk analysis.

If you also want to use the email lookup tool to find the email addresses of others or you are struggling to find someone’s email address then you are at the right spot.

Why it is important to find an emails address

Sometimes it becomes necessary to find someone’s email addresses if you are sending important emails then you have to get in front of the right person. Because it’s difficult to get the attention of others that are sometimes impossible to receive a response.

To find the right person or to get in contact with the person to read your emails can exactly create a chance of getting the response that you want from them so, finding an email address then becomes necessary.

Email lookup tools specially built for that purpose to find the email address to reach out to the person then you can use them but before using these tools you should know that how the email lookup tool works?

How email lookup tool works

When it comes to using email lookup tools people search for how it will work? The answer for this is that it will include the name, the social links on social media, and the place at the work.

It parses HTML pages to find the email address of others which might be published somewhere on the internet.

By using this tool, you can search for a single email address or you can find it in the bulk of the email address.

The 7 best email lookup tools- Free & paid

Here is the list of the 7 best email lookup tools that will help you to discover email addresses along with other information.


People look for free email finder tools. Hunter is one of the best free email lookup tools that will help you to find 50 email addresses per month for free.

Now it comes to how to use it. All you need to do is to enter the domain name in the search bar and click on the search button to find the results.

Email lookup

Now if you want to search a bulk of email data then you have to do is to upload the domain list in CSV the format which will in return give a list of the email address and other sources.

Find that lead

This tool has also a free version and is available in the paid version. It is also the best tool to find an email address. Its search features include domain search, bulk domain search, company profile search, and social network search.

To find these all you have to put domain names in the search bar and click on the search button to get the results.

Email lookup

It also works as an email verifier but sometimes users find it not very accurate and it becomes difficult to filter their search for finding target people.


Its paid version pricing starts at $15.00 per month. Find that lead also offers a free version.

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Finder.io – Email Finder Software


500apps Finding.io is a powerful email finder and verifier tool for growing small, medium, and large businesses.

Use smart bots to mine leads from LinkedIn like Salesrobot and Google, receive insights on the top five profiles from your targeted network and interact with them to close more transactions, or generate qualified leads from a large database of 430 million emails updated monthly and turn them into prospects.

Save time in your lead acquisition cycle by using bulk support, validating your leads with email verifier, and exporting them to your preferred CRM, CSV file, or a list you can manage on finder.io.

Finder.io gives API keys for its features, allowing you to integrate finder tools on your website. It also supports integration with the top 25 CRMs. Get access to 37+ apps with finder.io at just $14.99/month per user. Try before you subscribe with our 14-day free trial.

Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert is a very popular email lookup tool that helps to find professional emails just via by the name and company name.

They also have an enrichment tool that helps to find more information about the companies, social media, and job profiles.

Email lookup

It can be integrated with Google, salesforce, Drip, zapier, etc. You can find the email address of the prospect if it is single or in bulk as well.


Voila Norbert provides 50 attempts in your account free of cost. After that, you can update your account if you want.

Anymail finder

It is available as a chrome extension and also as an app. It can search mails by their domain names, from email names. It also works as an email verifier.

You can easily search the desired email by entering its domain name in the search bar and simply click on the search button to get results.

Email lookup

It can find emails by searching billion of web pages by performing with a direct server. But sometimes users get confusing /misleading results.


Its pricing starts at $49.00 per month and user. Anymail finder also gives free trials.


Lusha is one of the best email lookup tools that is used by thousands of companies to find out or reach their prospects.

It gives updated information because they keep their data up to date so whenever you search you will get updated information.

Email lookup

Moreover, Lusha is a very easy-to-use tool. You just have to put the domain name in the search bar to get results. By using it you can discover and reach out to desired social media sites.


Lusha forever has a free plan which gives 5-credits per month free of cost. You can find the emails for free.


Aeroleads is the best email lookup tool that collects business emails along with company names & URLs, locations.

Email lookup

In this tool, you can signup to get results or can use it by installing a chrome extension. It has amazing features that allow you to export data into CSV file format and also provide professional support.


It offers free trials for its users.


The snovio email lookup tool is an amazing tool available on chrome and in the web app. It is best for sales reps, recruiters, freelancers, and start-up CEOs.

Email lookup

This tool will help you to find leads, leads progress, verify contacts and automate outreach. It’s one of the best features is to show full prospect profile, bulk domain search, domain search.


The pricing of synovial starts at $39.00 per month, per user. Therefore, there is a free version of snovio that offers free trials.