7 Best Health and Fitness Tracking Apps in 2022

Every year people promise themselves that they are going to start a fitness journey or make their health a priority only for it to last a month or less.

If you are not one of these people and would actually like to take your fitness and health seriously then a health tracking app is definitely the way to go.

Businesses who provide IT Support Services London companies use have said that the best health tracking apps keep their users motivated to stay on track and follow through with their goals. We live in uncertain times where our health and fitness should be a priority.

If there is something you would specifically like to prioritize then there is probably an app for it. There is a large variety of health and fitness apps that can either help improve your body and mind.

Often people do not last long on their journey of improving themselves because they have no idea what they are doing.

That is exactly what the apps are there for, they serve as reliable sources for motivation and learning. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not easy, especially when so many people are stuck at home.

Before you start your health and fitness journey you need to understand what it is you want from it and then you can choose the right apps.

This can range from fitness, mental health, or even eating. There are apps for all those options but choosing the right ones are not always easy either. That is why we have put together a list below that ranges across all three selections.


Mental health is a major hurdle that many people struggle to overcome and a major reason for that is because they do not like to discuss things with other people.

A lot of people are also so consumed by their everyday lives that they cannot find the time to see a mental health professional.

Well, with TalkSpace individuals will no longer have this problem because they are provided with licensed therapists.

People who wish to use TalkSpace will start off with a questionnaire that identifies user’s needs, preferences and goals. By doing this TalkSpace can identify exactly what it is their users need support with.

They can then allocate a therapist that will match the users’ needs best.  Every session is online so users have access to their therapist via their mobile device or computer. Every therapist can also be contacted up to five times per week so users have the extra support if required.


It can be really difficult to keep up with a fitness journey when you are someone who works. There just never seems to be enough hours in the day to get around to it. This is the exact issue that the Freeletics app caters for.

It provides its users with quick but efficient bodyweight workouts that they can perform wherever they want to.

This is perfect for users who want to improve their fitness because it uses high intensity interval training that really gets the heart racing.

The workouts are simple as the users are instructed through audio coaching. Users who opt for the free option can expect 20 bodyweight HIIT workouts, 20 audio created workouts and 25 individual workouts.

MyPlate Calorie Counter

If you are serious about your fitness and health, then you need to be serious about your daily calorie intake. Your calorie is intake is important for either losing weight or putting on weight.

This is not just your regular calorie counter app; it goes the extra mile to support its users.

They are provided with peer support, motivation and tips to help make the process easier. The hardest part to any fitness journey is eating, that is why MyPlate Calorie Counter provides meal plans and recipes.


MyFitnessPal has made a name for itself in the fitness industry as one of the best food tracking apps.

The platform is extremely user friendly as it provides a simple database on nutrition information. The biggest attraction about MyFitnessPal is the range of foods that it covers.

When users make use of this app, they need to set a personal goal of how much calories they would like to consume in a day.

MyFitnessPal will then provide a breakdown of the number of calories you would have consumed after each day. The detail of what a user consumes daily is nothing short of spectacular. The food database covers more than 11 million different foods.

The app can also be used to record exercise stats and what is needed to achieve personal health goals.


If you are someone who constantly has health concerns and cannot find the necessary information on google then you will love HealthTap.

Reasons being that you will have access to millions of questions and answers from doctors. Should you encounter an issue where you cannot find the answer to your questions you can post the question for a doctor to directly reply to?

The doctor will reply within 24 hours so the wait is short and you can book a consultation with a doctor, dentist and psychologist.


If you are a runner then you will enjoy Runkeeper because it tracks how far or how much you are running. As a user of Runkeeper you will receive a personalized training plan that is fitted to your schedule.

This app aims to help you reach your running goals even if you are busy on a regular basis. It is able to track your runs whether you are outside or even on a treadmill.


Everyone wants to work with a personal trainer but is not willing to pay for a personal trainer because it can cost a fortune. Fitplan alleviates this stress by providing its users with the experience of having their own personal coach.

The workout plans are broken down extremely well and they range between 20 to 90 minutes. There are various programs to choose from so you never need to worry about doing the same old boring workouts.