7 Best Spare Wheel Carrier for Vehicles

Spare wheel carriers are essential vehicle accessories when planning a long road trip or off-roading adventures.

As automobile manufacturers have created spaces for placing spare tires, most modern vehicles don’t include spare tire carriers.

However, spare tire carriers provide a secure way to mount your spare tire and offer additional interior space, which is essential when planning to travel with your family.

Mounting your vehicle with a suitable wheel carrier is as essential as carrying a spare tire.

Spare tire carriers include tire mounts, locking bars, or bolts, which hold the additional tire in place.

They also come in various shapes and sizes, adding a sturdy look and feel to your vehicle.

If you are looking to add a spare wheel carrier to your vehicle or overhaul your vehicle, here are the seven best spare wheel carrier options available for you.

1.   Front Runner Land Rover Defender Spare Wheel Carrier

This wheel carrier by Front Runner is an ideal option for your Land Rover Ute. The spare tire carrier comes with supplied brackets and hardware to secure the chassis and load bed body.

The carrier is easy to open and allows full access to the rear of your land rover and roof racks.

Front Runner tire carrier supports a load capacity of 60 kilograms and has a strong build, making it perfect for rough terrain.

2.   Extreme Max Heavy-Duty Spare Tire Carrier

Extreme Max spare tire carriers are heavy-duty steel constructed with zinc coating to prevent corrosion.

It offers a bolt-on design for easy installation and comes with all the mounting equipment required. The tire carrier is ideal for carrying 4, 5, and 6 lug wheels up to 16.5 inches.

Spare Wheel Carrier

These tire carriers by Extreme Max are perfect for mounting on any trailer tongue 3 inches wide and 5 inches high.

3.   Fulton Economy Spare Tire Carrier

Fulton offers cheap and reliable spare tire carrier options that keep your tire safely attached to your vehicle.

The simple design ensures maximum space is available in tight situations. It also comes coated with zinc to resist corrosion and rust.

Fulton spare tire carrier fits wheels of sizes between 8 to 15 inches with a 4 or 5-lug rim. The carrier offers easy installation and includes long nuts to keep your wheel secured.

4.   Eaz-Lift Spare Tire Carrier

Eaz-Lift spare tire carrier is a robust, powder-coated steel mount, which offers a universal fit.

The zinc-plated hardware easily attaches to your vehicle and provides an easy way to create space for your spare tire.

Eaz-Lift eliminates the need for drilling, making it easier to install the tire carrier.

Spare tire carrier by Eaz-Lift easily fits trailer tongues that are up to 6 inches tall.

Spare Wheel Carrier

5.   MaxxHaul Spare Tire Carrier

Maxxhaul spare tire carrier is among the best and reliable tailor spare tire carriers available.

It offers zinc-plated mounting hardware that can fit most tires easily. The durable, powder-coated finish makes it resistant to corrosion.

Maxxhaul spare tire carrier can be easily installed on any 4 or 5-lug trailer wheels. The raised, angled mount design makes it perfect for boat trailers as well. These spare tire carriers are sturdy, carbon steel constructed, and can handle up to 100 pounds.

6.   Yakima Spare Tire Carrier

Yakima spare tire carrier is perhaps the best spare tire carrier for mounting your spare tire atop your vehicle. It can carry up to 35 inches of the spare tire, providing you more space inside your car.

The spare tire carrier offers a quick release, making it easier to install or remove the carrier.

It is compatible with specific roof cargo baskets and can be mounted on various vehicles, such as Jeeps and Land Rovers.

7.   Curt Trailer Hitch Mounted Spare Tire Carrier

Curt’s trailer hitch-mounted spare tire carrier provides a secure and reliable mounting location for your spare tire.

It is a universal spare tire carrier and fits any 2✕2 inches trailer hitch receiver. Multiple holes on the carrier will provide you with added clearance as per your requirements.


The tire carrier is high-strength steel constructed and comes with a black powder coat finish to resist corrosion.

Curt tire carrier is designed explicitly for two vehicles and gives an edge on off-roading conditions.


The chances of having a flat tire are significantly less, which is why most vehicle owners don’t carry it.

However, when traveling on vacation, you don’t want to get stuck in an isolated place with a flat tire.

Spare Wheel Carrier

In such situations, spare tire carriers save you a lot of grief. They offer a safe and affordable place to carry your spare time without limiting the payload.

When purchasing a spare tire carrier, always consider the type and size of tire you’d be carrying.

Also, determine the suitable tire mount kit for easy installation and removal of spare wheel carriers if you don’t require them.