8 Best Methods to Solve the Error of DNS Probe Finished No Internet

The DNS Probe Finished No Internet error in Google Chrome is one of the most commonly occurring errors. There have been many reports of users experiencing this issue regularly.

If your computer or device’s DNS server isn’t working correctly, there is a high likelihood that an error of this nature might occur.

If you want to fix this problem, you can simply choose another DNS server to use such as Google’s DNS, OpenDNS, or another more suitable one.

Nevertheless, this error might sometimes be caused by other factors as well. Because of this, you cannot simply change the DNS server to solve the problem.

To resolve the problem, you may choose to delete all Google Chrome cached files, run a few commands in the Command Prompt program, uninstall apps, or reset the router or modem.

In this article, we are going to discuss all these methods to resolve the issue of DNS Probe Finished No Internet.

What Does DNS Probe Finish No Internet Mean?

Domain Name System is a service provided by the Internet that helps your computer to connect to certain web addresses. Your computer only understands numbers, which are IP addresses.

With the Domain Name System, the browser determines the IP address when the user types in a website name.

Once the translation of host to IP or IP to host has been completed and there has not been an issue with the DNS probe, there won’t be any internet errors popping up.

A similar message might also appear because a computer virus has been infected or a malfunctioning website has been opened.

It does not matter what the cause may be, here are a few fixes that have been tested and evaluated to work although DNS probing does not appear to have a problem.

Using Command Prompt

There is a simple command-line that you can use to resolve the problem. In the Windows search box, type cmd and press enter to open the Windows command prompt. The shortcut “Windows Key + R” can be used and then write cmd, and then you can press Enter to go to its window.

When you do this, the command prompt will be opened. You will need to type or copy and paste the following codes into it. After pressing Enter, please restart your computer to ensure the changes have taken effect.

I hope that this will solve the problem for you. You may also experience connectivity problems if the command line above doesn’t resolve the issue, so you might be able to release your IP address and renew it, which might help you resolve the issue.

Enter the command ipconfig /release in the command prompt again and then tap enter. You will need to type in ipconfig /renew once you have completed the process. Ensure that the forward-slash is separated from ipconfig by a space.

To solve your problem, we will have to flush the DNS because that might be the solution. Using the same command prompt program, type once again ipconfig /flushdns into the command window. You should restart your computer once you have completed all the preceding steps.

Make sure that your Internet connection is up to date and run some basic fixes

You should check your internet connection to make sure that it is functioning properly. To do so, restart your modem, router, or PC Once this is completed, run a scan to see if there is any malware on your system.

If you are using an optimizer to clean up your computer’s cache, cookies, and junk, it can also fix the registry entries that are broken. Try accessing that page once again after restarting Windows and see if it works.

Additionally, you should also verify that the DNS client for your domain is running. This can be done as follows:

  • Press the Windows icon as well as the R button simultaneously
  • To open the Windows Services window, type services.msc in the Run window and then press Enter.
  • Search for a DNS client by scrolling down the page.

Check if it is working properly, and if it is working then right-click on it to restart, and if it is not working then you need to double-click on it to change to startup type from manual to automatic and then click the start button next to the service status.

Changing DNS addresses to Open DNS

DNS Probe Finished No Internet

A third-party DNS server, such as Google’s DNS or OpenDNS, replaces your computer’s or device’s default DNS server. Your Internet service provider usually provides the DNS server that is used by your computer as the default server.  

It is worth noting, however, that sometimes these default DNS servers are unreliable and do not respond. It’s one of the reasons you got this problem, as well as so many other problems you may be experiencing.

If you checked the radio button marked ‘Use the following DNS server addresses, you should enter into the preferred DNS server box and into the alternate DNS server box. Then click ‘Validate settings upon exit and you’re done.

The DNS server addresses will be changed to Open DNS, one of the most well-known and reliable free DNS servers. In addition, there are some other free public DNS servers that you can select from.

It is now possible to load the website that was showing the error and see if that has resolved the problem.

Flush your existing DNS

If you are experiencing this error on your computer then it is quite probable that the DNS in your computer has become outdated and you will be seeing the error message. As a result, using the flush command, it is easy to get rid of the outdated DNS cache.

In addition to this, there have also been reports from Mac users that they have encountered this issue in their Chrome browsers, but they have not reported it to Microsoft.

This method can be used by anyone to try to solve their problem, so anyone can use this method. If you need to flush the DNS from your computer manually, the steps are summarized below.

  • You will need to simultaneously press the Windows and R keys
  • Enter cmd into the search box and click “OK “
  • In the command box, type the command and click on Enter to submit it

 I am sure that you will be able to resolve this issue with this method. Nevertheless, if this problem is still occurring in your browser, just move on to the next step if the previous step did not resolve it.

Turn off DNS protection service

In Chrome and Firefox, there is an inbuilt DNS protection feature that provides security against malicious attacks. It may also cause other issues associated with the internet, so it must be taken into account.

Therefore, it becomes extremely important to try to disable it as soon as possible. I suggest that you try this method as it is a reliable way to solve the issue related to DNS Probe finished with no internet.

You need to try this method once. The following steps will guide you through the process.

  • In Chrome, go to the Settings menu
  • The next step is to click the Advanced Settings option
  • Changing the checkbox to “Use Prediction Services” will make the page load faster.

It is now time to restart your browser and check whether or not the error has occurred again.

As I have mentioned above, this was another method that proved to be highly useful and effective in solving this issue. But, if you are still facing the issue, do not worry. There are other methods you can try to fix your problem.

Clearing the History, Cache, and Cookies in Google Chrome

To verify that the error is not caused by your browser, before removing any data from Google Chrome, you can try using another browser like Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, and UC Browser to determine if the issue is caused by your browser.

There is a good chance the cause of this DNS error is coming from your Google Chrome browser if you can access websites normally with any of these browsers. In this case, you need to clear the history, cache as well as cookies of your chrome.

If, however, you cannot access the websites using these browsers, then it is likely that there are other causes for the error. The history, cached files, and cookies of Google Chrome do not need to be deleted.

Back up your Google Chrome data before you uninstall the browser in case you change your mind and would like to restore any saved data, like a website you visited previously but no longer     remember.

Update the Network Driver

It might be a good idea to update your network adapter. There is a chance that you will encounter several problems with your internet connection if you do not update your outdated network driver.

With a third-party software updater, it is quite simple to update the drive on any type of PC with any type of OS. You can also manually update the drivers if you have time, but it will take more time.

Moreover, I would like to mention that this method will eventually be able to fix the problem of DNS probe Finished no Internet after. You can continue with the process of updating your network driver by following the steps.

  • Press the Windows button and the R button simultaneously (Windows+R)
  • Enter the command devmgmt.msc and press
  • Enter Search for Network Adapter in the device manager menu of your computer
  • Select Update driver software from the Network adapter option by right-clicking on it
  • Next, you would need to choose between the manual and the internet-based updates based on your choice
  • Restart your computer once the update has been completed.

In the end, updating your network driver will eventually solve this problem because it will be able to reinstall all of the latest network files as well as erase all the network settings.

Nevertheless, if you are still unable to eliminate this error, proceed to the next method and follow the steps explained.

Update your browser and try disabling Extension

This error is noted various times in the Chrome browsers, and this appears to be the result of the use of third-party extensions which are primarily used to deal with internetwork. This may be the case for those who use VPNs and other extensions.

If you want to check if the error has been resolved, you will need to disable them once and see if the problem has been solved. You may also need to update your browser just to make this happen.

You could try using another web browsing program, and if it is a problem with any particular browser, you may try uninstalling the software you are using. All these things will certainly help you to fix the DNS probe finished no internet.


In addition to all these steps, you might also want to try disabling the antivirus software and the firewall that is installed on your computer.

However, if you follow any of these steps, you will certainly be able to solve the problem on any computer that you have. Therefore, to obtain the best results, be sure to follow all these steps properly.