A Brief Introduction to Esports

The names Tom Brady, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Lebron James probably ring a bell as internationally recognized top players of their respective sports.

However, you’ve probably never heard of Lee Sang-hyeok, aka Faker, Luka Perković, aka Perkz, or Carl Martin Erik Larsson, aka Rekkles. Faker, Perkz, and Rekkles are the top eSports players globally, earning millions playing League of Legions, eSports’ most popular game.

In recent years, competitive gaming has taken the world by storm, with millions tuning in to watch players compete for big prizes.

However, betting has traditionally been reserved for traditional sports such as football, basketball, and hockey. Sportsbooks have taken notice of eSports popularity and have begun offering risk-free bets, like the FanDuel promo code, to new customers.

If you’re new to eSports, there’s a lot to learn, but a free bet offer is a great risk free way to dip your toes in the market.

Keep reading to learn all about the world of eSports. 

What is eSports?

Electronic sports, better known as eSports, is a competitive spectator sport of organized gaming. Professional gamers belonging to teams compete against other gamers playing popular video games such as Madden NFL, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Counter-Strike. 

In recent years, Esports has become so big that fans fill arenas watching their favorite teams play.

Like traditional sports, teams belong to competitive leagues and participate in tournaments band have hundreds of millions of fans. Esports is a multi-billion-dollar business with no signs of slowing down. 

Although it may seem like eSports is new, the genre has been around since the 1990s. However, it has only become a mainstream sport in recent years due to technological advances and faster internet connections, which have allowed fans to enjoy an immersive experience. 

Moreover, mobile gaming has allowed eSports to spread to communities that haven’t traditionally had reliable internet access.

Players and fans no longer have to be at home to watch or participate in eSports, allowing it to become a more common part of people’s everyday lives. eSports has become so popular that major sports channels broadcast the events. 

What Makes a Game an Esport?


Most developers don’t set out to create an eSports game when designing video games. Some of the genre’s most popular games, such as Overwatch esports and Dota 2 esports, were developed with entertainment in mind.

Community and developer support led to them becoming huge players in the eSports arena, but they started as fun multiplayer games people enjoyed playing. 

Playability and balance are the two critical components in deciding whether an ordinary multiplayer game becomes an eSports.

If a game is boring, people won’t play it, and nobody will want to watch others play it. Balance plays a role because if a game only has one powerful weapon, all players will select that weapon, and games would become redundant.

Rocket League esports is an excellent example of a game that has mastered all of the elements necessary to be a successful eSport. 

How to Get Started in eSports?

If you’re a passionate and skilled gamer, you may be wondering how you could break into eSports. Getting started in eSports is easier than you may think because there’s no barrier to competition like in traditional sports.

Becoming a top professional gamer requires hours of practice. If you’re good, you may find yourself on stage competing for millions of dollars. 

Most of the top eSport players got their start in professional gaming after playing casually for many years.

They later joined a team and started taking the sport more seriously by joining organizations and competing at higher levels. You can follow the same path to get your eSports career off the ground. 

How to Watch eSports

Not everyone wants to become a professional gamer, but they do enjoy watching a good eSport match.

If that sounds like you, download Twitch to your computer or mobile device to get started watching international eSports competitions.

Twitch broadcasts most eSports events, and several websites dedicated to eSports list competitions and tournaments throughout the industry. Almost every eSports event is streamed live, so you can watch until your heart’s content.