Alejandro Fernandez Net Worth (Complete Biography)

Alejandro Fernandez is an award-winning Mexican singer who has won Latin Grammys for his work. Alejandro Fernandez net worth is 20 million dollars. He’s one of the most successful Hispanic music artists, selling over 20 million records worldwide. 

His father is Vicente Fernández, one of the most popular Mexican singers. His original specialty was traditional, earthy Mexican folk forms like mariachi and charro, but he later branched out into pop. He’s won two Latin Grammys and a Hollywood Walk of Fame star. 

Alejandro Fernandez’s Net Worth Trend Over the Year 

It’s an estimation of Alejandro Fernandez’s net worth. In this evaluation, we’re looking at 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022. 


The revenue for Alejandro Fernandez in 2016 was $6.22K. A range of $4.8K – $7.5K could be projected based on this forecast. 


In 2017, Alejandro Fernandez generated $387K in revenue. There’s a range between $38.6K and $60.3K, which approximates. 


In 2018, Alejandro Fernandez generated $54.9K in revenue. A range of $54.4K – $85K could be expected from this forecast. 


The revenue of Alejandro Fernandez for the year 2019 is $36.3K. Although this is only an approximate prediction, the figure may vary between $35.1K and $54.9K in the future. 


Alejandro Fernandez will earn $93.4K in revenue in 2020. The range could be between $92.1K and $144K. 


According to Alejandro Fernandez, he’ll make $106.7K in 2021. There’s no guarantee, but it could range between $104.7K and $163.6K. 


Alejandro Fernandez will earn $96K in revenue by 2022. This approximate forecast could vary between $93.7K and $146.4K based on the circumstances.

Personal Life 

Originally from Mexico City, Fernández was raised in Guadalajara. Originally, he wanted to be an architect, but his dad encouraged him to sing in 1991. In his family, he’s the youngest. Vicente Jr. and Gerardo are his older brothers, and Alejandra is his sister. 

In Mexico, they’re known as “Los tres potrillos”. A gang of organized crime kidnapped Fernández’s older brother Vicente, Jr., in the late 1990s. As a warning, his kidnappers cut off one of his fingers. 

A substantial sum of money was allegedly paid by Vicente Fernández for the release of Vicente Fernández, Jr. It was never disclosed how much it was. In Guadalajara, Fernández co-owns a shopping center called Unicenter, which houses more than 170 businesses. 

He built the 11,000-seat Arena VFG with his family. Usually, the arena is used to host performances such as musical concerts and competitions such as charrerias. Among Fernández’s many talents, he is an expert in the art of horse riding and charreria. 

As a fan of the Atlas football team and a good friend of legendary player Rafael Marquez, he is an avid supporter of Mexican football. 

He has five children: Alejandro Jr., América, and Camila, born to his ex-wife América Guinart, and Emiliano and Valentina, born to Colombian model Ximena Daz. During the mid-2000s, he claimed he had a vasectomy.

Alejandro Fernandez Net Worth

Career Beginnings 

The first album Fernández released in 1992 contained the songs “Brumas,” “Wrongly,” and “Necesito Olvidarla. Afterward, he traveled to Mexico and the United States. 

The next year—in 1993—Fernandez released his second album of all-new songs called “Piel de Niña. This album put him on the map for the hit singles “Cascos Ligeros” and “A La Vera del Camino. 

In the following year, he released the album “Grandes Éxitos a la Manera de Alejandro Fernández,” which included classics by artists like Agustin Lara and Armando Manzanero. 

International Breakthroughs 

Fernández made his international breakthrough with his fourth album, “Que Seas Muy Feliz. He hit it big with “Como Quien Pierde Una Estrella. 

In 1996, Fernández was nominated for a Grammy for Best Mexican/Mexican-American Album for “Very Inside My Heart. Among the hits were “Moño Negro,” “Nube Viajera,” and “Abrazame. 

The biggest hit Fernández ever had was in 1997 when he released “Me Está Enamorando. This marked a change in Fernández’s musical style, as it was more pop-oriented than his ranchera-influenced past. 

The album spent 12 weeks at number one on the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart as a result of this creative decision. For this album, Fernández was nominated for a Grammy award in the category of Best Latin Pop Performance. 

Further Albums 

In 1999, Fernández released his first ranchera album, “Mi Verdad. In the following years, he released albums like 

  • Entre Tus Brazos 
  • Orígenes 
  • Un Canto de México 
  • Niña Amada Mía 
  • Viento A Favor 
  • De Noche: Clásicos A Mi Manera 

He released a double album in 2009 called “Dos Mundos: Evolución + Tradición. After that, he released “Confidencias,” which had duets with Rod Stewart and Christina Aguilera. 

Fernández returned to recording in 2017 with “Rompiendo Fronteras,” a ranchera infused with reggaeton and Latin pop. In 2020, he released an album called “Made in Mexico. 

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Music Collaborations 

Fernández’s career has also included collaborations with many other recording artists. During the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, he was one of a group of singers who contributed to the theme song “Puedes Llegar. 

Several years later, he contributed to Plácido Domingo’s Christmas in Vienna live album. His 2000 collaboration with Julio Iglesias was “Dos Corazones, Dos Historias. Some of his other collaborators include Amaia Montero, Malú, and Diego El Cigala. 

In 2011, Fernández toured Latin America with Marc Anthony and sang “Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti. Later, he covered the theme song for the telenovela A Que No Me Dejas with Alejandro Sanz

Over the years, Fernández has shared the stage with many other artists. Beyoncé, Nelly Furtado, Nelly Furtado, Chayanne, Joan Sebastian, Gloria Estefan, Miguel Bosé, Ednita Nazario, José Carreras, Chayanne, and Mon Laferte make the list.

Film Acting 

In addition to his music career, Fernández has also acted in several films. In 2004, he played the role of Emiliano Zapata, a revolutionary who plays a prime role in Alfonso Arau’s “Zapata. 

According to reports, this was one of the most expensive Mexican films to be produced in history. ” Zapata ” was first shown in the United States in Santa Fe, New Mexico, at the Center for Contemporary Arts, which was the premier venue for the painting. 

Relationship, Married, Affair 

There has been a lot of turmoil in Alejandro’s love life. The first time he went down the aisle was with America Guinart, the woman he fell in love with years before. 

Their marriage took place in 1992 and they have three children: Alejandro Jr. and the twins America and Camila. Even though they had the perfect marriage, they divorced in 1998, but remain close friends.

After that, the Mexican singer was connected to Linda Alarcon and Paris Hilton. After dating Ayari Anaya for seven years, he began dating Ana Paula Valle at the end of 2019. Alejandro’s current girlfriend is Karla Laveaga Vuilleumier. 

Alejandro Fernandez Net Worth


It was Alejandro’s 1992 self-titled debut album that introduced the western world to his musical prowess as it placed second on the Billboard Regional Mexican Albums charts. 

The album’s two singles “Necesito Olvidarla” and “Brumas” reached the 19th and 11th spots on the 1992 Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart. 

In 1995, he recorded the album “Como Quien Pierde Una Estrella” which launched his huge popularity in other English-speaking countries with the single “Si Tu Supieras”. 

Despite all these happy memories, the 1990s remain a dark chapter in the Fernández family’s history due to Vincente Jr, Alejandro’s eldest brother, being kidnapped by organized criminals. 

After the final straw, Vincente’s father was forced to pay an incredible amount of ransom after he received a mail that contained one of the dismembered fingers of his son. 

The 2004 film Zapata: El Sueno del Hero, despite not doing well at the box office, received much critical acclaim for Alejandro’s portrayal of Emiliano Zapata, one of the most famous Mexican revolutionary heroes. 

Alejandro’s vocal range is at the level of that of a Baritone tessitura; which translates into an unbelievable vocal versatility, which has always been evident in his live performances and collaboration albums. 

He always begins his live concerts in a ranchera-themed ambiance wearing a charro outfit, an homage to Alejandro’s charreria expertise, but soon removes it as he begins to sing romantic ballads and pop tunes from his library. 

Formerly associated with Sony Music Latin, Alejandro Fernández left the label in 2008. Nevertheless, Alejandro’s former label was accused of attempting to release some of his unreleased songs without the consent of his present label, Universal Music Latino.

Sony’s office in Mexico City was raided by the Federal Police after the illegitimate album was discovered at the end of the year. 

In terms of his social contributions, Alejandro Fernández is the proud co-owner of Unicenter in Guadalajara, a shopping center that houses over 170 businesses, providing employment opportunities for more than 170 people. 

A 4-year hiatus from his music career was followed by the release of an 11-track album titled “Rompiendo Fronteras”. The newest EP from Alejandro Fernández, Rompiendo Fronteras, was released on the 10th of February 2017. 

It features famous Mexican songwriters like Mario Domm and Leonel Garca, as well as a collaboration with the Colombian band Morat.

This album, which combines all of his previous musical styles, was certified platinum by AMPROFON after selling more than 60,000 copies in its first week of release.