Awesome Old and New Games to Help You Pass Some Time

Despite the uniqueness of video games in their style of providing entertainment, these games are still frowned upon by a large number of people due to a few disadvantages.

According to many parents, games are time-wasters, and some educational professionals even claim that they can damage the brain.

 This premise is only based on violent games, which make up a fraction of the entire gaming industry.

For this reason, it is important to understand the impact of video games on society and to outline a list of games that can be played by everyone without risking the probability of any harm to the brain.

Impact of Video Games

The significance of video games isn’t something that can be measured in numerical figures. Video games have implicit advantages that can only be observed and recognized in a gamer’s behavior. This is why the majority of video game developers promote the following advantages of video games:

·        Enhancing hand-eye coordination and motor reflexes

When playing an action or horror game, there are certain situations where a player has to perform multiple actions at once, such as shooting at moving characters. In this situation, the player has to maintain coordination between the hand and eyes to accurately analyze the position of the targets and shoot them.

·                  Improving logic building and problem-solving skills

Generally, video games encourage and promote creativity which allows the player to think outside the box and come up with strategies to solve the puzzles or overcome decision-based obstacles.

·                  Speeding the ability of decision-making and real-time situation analysis

Speedy decision-making is one of the most common and greatly emphasized sectors of modern games. The gameplay forces the player to make fast-paced decisions that include rapid analysis to train the player’s mind for quick thinking.

 Games to Help You Pass Some Time

If you’re looking to pass some time while relaxing in your leisure time at the office, you can whip out your phone and hop onto any of these games for the perfect boredom companion.

·                  Candy Crush Saga

If we were to list the most popular mobile games, Candy Crush would have surely found the spot in the top ranks. With its simple yet sticky gameplay, this game manages to obtain great user retention metrics.

The elevated user retention metrics allow us to understand user behavior and gauge the level of entertainment a game has provided.

 It is none other than the flashy swiping mechanics that have helped the game gain this much traction.

·                  Color Road

Roll a ball and hit the same color to survive. How difficult can this idea be, right? Color road uses the same mechanics and has managed to develop exciting gameplay that dismisses monotony and provides express entertainment to its users.

·                  Snake vs Block

This game combines the retro snake game that we used to play in old Nokia feature-phones with improved mechanics and modern-day graphics to keep you glued to your screen while protecting your snake from crashing into the blocks.

·        Subway Surfers

Some might say that it’s gone extinct, but when it comes to passing some free time, there is no better alternative than the OG Subway Surfers that transformed the concept of endless runners into a world-class game.

·        Two Dots

With over 1000 levels of mind-boggling puzzles, this game’s simple concept of connecting same-colored dots is challenging and exciting. The game increases its level of challenge by reducing the number of moves to make the user plan and strategize their tactics.

The above-mentioned games are diverse and detailed in nature and allow you to get submerged and enjoy them with complete concentration.

Moreover, if you plan to follow the classic card games that were overshadowed by the dominance of video games, you can find the classics at, which will help you ride the nostalgic tides and reminisce about old times.


Although card games have faded in their significance due to new developments in the category, the classics still hold great importance for their old players.

Types of Games

Video games are divided into a variety of categories that can account for long lists. However, there are some parent categories that can summarize the overall types of video games.

·        Action Games

Action games allow users to be in control of the overall narrative, and the game’s story revolves around the main character.

The majority of action games’ missions are based on certain physical activities that showcase the main character’s dominance over their obstacles and enemies.


·        Adventure Games

The category of adventure games is extremely exciting due to the diversity in this domain.  The adventures in these games can be in the shape of scares if you’re playing a horror game, clues if you’re playing a puzzle-based game, and more.

Adventure games are purely dependent on the quality of storytelling and the guidance of the storyline throughout the gameplay. This is why they aren’t as popular with mainstream gamers.

·        Role-Playing Games

As the name suggests, Role-Playing Games (RPGs) rely on the main character’s actions and choices to continue the story. They allow the player to come across Y-end points where they have alternate choices to continue to different storylines. If there is any category that stands a chance against action games in popularity, it’s the RPGs.

·        Strategy Games

The category of strategy games is heavily based on traditional board games which demand focused and strategized gameplay. These types of games help the players to improve their analytical thinking and logic-building skills.

·        Sports Games

Sports games include video games that allow the players to experience a real-life playground in a virtual setting with the rules of their respective sports.

The variety of video game categories is a testament to the fact that video games can be helpful and supportive in our mind’s growth, and if need be, we can avoid violent games.

It is absurd to dismiss the concept of gaming, as it brings a healthy exercise for the brain and allows people to strengthen a variety of skills such as analytical reasoning, logic building, and problem-solving skills.