Top 3 free & paid best article spinners for students

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Are you a student and looking for an article spinner tool? Then you are landing at a right page. Students often use this tool to generate a new and unique article for their assignments or projects.

Numerous tools offer article rewriting but selecting an efficient one might be a difficult task. However, this article would help you in choosing the most effective tool for article rewriting.

Article spinner becomes famous amongst the students because of the fantastic benefits they get out of it. Those who are using it, gets numerous benefits out of it.

Things you will know after reading this:

  • Why is article spinner used?
  • Benefits of using best article spinner.
  • Types of best article spinning
  • Best article spinners for students

Best article spinner

Why is article spinner used?

Article spinner tool replaces the words by its synonyms through maintaining the meaning of the content.

The primary purpose of an article spinner is to make a new article out of the original one. It generates the material into a fresh and unique look. In College or University, students usually come under the pressure of assignments and presentations.

Completing the project of your own in a limited time is a tricky thing. However, article spinner helps to make another content out of the original. Article spinner tool is usable in different aspects including freelancing, blogging or use it as a teacher.

In the publication, the article writer is used to avoid the risk of plagiarism. Plagiarized content is not allowed to publish online on websites or blogs. However, the writer sometimes needs to copy the content from other authors. They do this by spinning them using tools.

It happens sometimes; article spinner ruins the sentence structure of the content as it replaces the words by inappropriate words that causes the problem.

Benefits of using Article Spinner

  • Teachers always seek for original and unique content in the assignment to mark maximum. If you copy or use straightforward content, then it might not impress the teacher or it would be rejected. Article spinner might help you in making your content unique and free of plagiarism.
  • Sometimes students need some to use research work as a reference. However, copying directly from the author’s website and using it in your research would create a problem. The article spinner will change most of the words of the content, and this way, you get the solution.
  • Students can use rewriter to complete their assignments and projects on time. Online article spinner takes seconds to generate a new article that contains individuality.
  • In some situations, students reuse their previous assignments. The submitted assignment which was used previously, can be detected for plagiarism. However, this can be resolved through an article spinner.
  • Students aren’t able sometimes, to use attractive words in their content. This makes a dull and unattractive impression upon the teacher as they find it inappropriate. However, article spinner replaces the words with the most effective synonyms.
  • Students need to be smarter after being a hard worker. Working smarter is much efficient to attract the teacher’s attention. The smarter way of giving efficiency to your article is to use article rewriter.

Types of Article Spinning

Manual Spinning: Many users hire freelancers to spin their content. Manual spinning contains some benefits like maintaining the meaning and structure of the sentences. On the other side, it includes disadvantages like a time-consuming process and expensive.

If you are doing the manual spinning, then it might need repetitions as well as extra time. The efficiency of manual spinning is low because you have less encyclopedia of synonyms as compare to the AI based tool.

Automatic Spinning: Automatic spinning is done via online gear that may be paid or free. Its benefits consist of the processing time of seconds and a higher wide variety of words to be replaced.

However, there are some drawbacks of automatic spinning. First of all, there are chances regarding the change of meaning in the sentence because of using similar wording. Like it can replace “Site” with “place”, whereas the site can mean to be a place or a short form for website.

Best article spinner for students

Several automatic spinners are available online that can be used for quick spin. However, these include both free and premium versions and both of these are discussed below:

This is one of the fantastic articles rewriting tool that gives you high quality of the sentences. This is a paid tool that requires a subscription, but it also gives the free 14-trial for checking the tool. This tool is based on Artificial intelligence along with the combination of Natural language processing (NLP).

Chimp Rewriter generates complex content out of the original, whereas it also processes the visuals in the material. The tool is capable of spinning the article in multiple languages. The price of their premium version starts from $15 per month.

Price: $15 per month or $99 per year

Coder duck is another useful and efficient tool that generates a new article through the original one. This is an online tool, whereas it can’t be used online for a quick spin.

It’s a paid tool with a free personal use trial but under limitations. On a single click, you can generate the article that is enriched in human readability. It’s artificial intelligence, and natural language processing uses modern way techniques to spin the articles.

free-article-spinner provides one of the best article rewriters that enhances your article. You can use this tool for free, whereas it gives the result instantly. It uses the advance algorithm for artificial intelligence.

The fantastic tools bold the words that are replaced, and it doesn’t change the meaning of the sentence. In this way, you can indicate the words changed and analyze them. It gives the option of pasting the text, whereas you can also upload the file directly.


Article writing is a useful tool for students as they need to copy the content sometimes. If you are doing the rewriting to avoid the plagiarism, then you should know that some plagiarism checker tools can detect the spun article too.

Most of the teacher doesn’t use tools for detecting plagiarism, and this way, article rewriter is best for students to use. As a student, you can easily attract your teacher by showing them a unique and better article.