Can I Continue To Work If My Spouse Receives Social Security Disability Benefits?

If you have a spouse who is disabled and receiving Social Security Disability benefits, it is only understandable that you probably want to do all you can to care for your spouse, while still also providing for your family.

After all, although a disability can make life feel as if it has been turned upside down, the truth is that life keeps moving even when you feel like your world has stopped. Bills keep coming in. and Needs must be met. You have to put dinner on the table. 

All of that is understandable. As a result, a common question we are asked is – can I continue to work while my spouse receives Social Security Disability benefits?

At Law, we understand the vital importance of this question to many families. Generally, the answer to this question will depend on which type of Social Security benefits your spouse receives for his or her disability –SSDI and SSI benefits:

SSDI Benefits: Generally, SSDI benefits are awarded in situations where an individual has a qualifying disability and has a work history that includes paying into the Social Security system for a necessary period of time.

In those cases, recipients who are receiving SSDI benefits can typically continue to receive those benefits even while the spouse continues to earn an income. 

This is generally because the SSDI benefits are provided based upon both your disability and a personal work record during which the recipient paid into the system.

SSI Benefits: In contrast to SSDI benefits, SSI benefits are typically awarded to those who have a qualifying disability and limited income and resources.

In determining whether to award SSI benefits, the Social Security Administration will typically evaluate the recipient’s household income, which will include income earned by a spouse.

If the total income coming in exceeds the income limits that the Social Security Administration has set for SSI, then benefits may be reduced, or even stopped.

Understandably, any legal process can be complex and confusing. While these are general guidelines, you may have questions about your specific circumstances for which you’d like to have answers.

That’s why it’s essential to contact a knowledgeable and experienced attorney who understands all of the nuances associated with applying for and receiving Social Security benefits for a disability, and who can guide you through the process. At The Law Firm, we’re here to do exactly that. 

The Law Firm – Your Social Security Disability Attorneys

If you are disabled and either receiving or seeking Social Security Disability, or if someone you love is going through that process, we understand that it can be complex, and can raise many questions.

At The Law Firm, we’re here to help answer those questions and to guide you through the process in a way that minimizes stress and maximizes your chances of receiving the benefits that you truly deserve. 

We are proud of our reputation for excellence in Social Security Disability law, and we would be honored to have the opportunity to represent you. Wherever you are in the process, we’re here to help.