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10 Best Electric Stoves 2022, That Can Cook Food In Just A Few seconds

Electric stove has become a necessity in everyone’s kitchen today and even if it doesn’t, food is cooked quickly and easily. Although today the market is flooded with many models of electric stoves.

But are you choosing the best Electric Stove for your kitchen? If you are still confused then today in this post we are going to clear your confusion. Along with this, along with a guide to buying the best electric stove, we have also come up with a list of the best electric stoves.

So let us read this post till the end to understand the different models of Best Electric Stoves and their features.

What Is Electric Stove

An electric stove is a stove that runs on electricity. When the plug of the electric stove is connected to electricity, and the electricity reaches the electric stove, heat is generated in the stove by internal technology and food is prepared from that heat.

That too much quicker than other chulhas. That’s why electric stove is very popular among people today. It is good in maintenance as well as saving both time and energy, hence its demand has increased in the market. Below you will know about which electric stove is good.

How to Buy the Best Electric Stove

You may be surprised to know that electric stoves do not come with any rating. Therefore, it is very important for you to consider other aspects of the electric stove before choosing the right product for you

1. Different Heating Options

Electric stoves use as little electricity as possible. When it comes to modern electric stoves, there are mainly four options – (1) Spiral Coils (2) Magnetic Induction (3) Radiant, and (4) Solid Disks.

You can choose any of these options. Apart from this, you should also note one thing that nowadays induction type stoves are more energy efficient than spiral coils.

2. Control Knobs and Panel

You should know that control knobs are an integral part of any stove. Therefore, choose a stove that can provide you with the right flexibility. However, the whole idea of ​​control knobs and panels depends on your preferences and needs.

3. Added Features

While buying an electric stove, it is very important that you pay close attention to the additional features that come with it. To begin with, you can select the Energy Conservation option.

If you’re used to cooking in high heat, you can also opt for better insulation. Anyway, different electric stoves come in the market with different additional features. So buy them only after reviewing them like this.

Above you learned what to consider while buying the best electric stove. Now in this post we will look at the top 10 best electric stoves, which are within your budget. Some of those stoves are also available in low budget, so you can buy any of them for yourself.

Benefits of buying an electric stove online

If you buy an electric stove online, there are many benefits to it, not just one. The first advantage is that you will get the product sitting at home. Second, you also get a lot of payment options in this.

If you want, you can make the payment online and can also choose the option of cash on delivery. Apart from this, the third advantage is that if you do not like the stove, you can also return it.

10 Best Electric Stoves

1. Pigeon By Stovekraft Induction Cooktop

Made in India, this exclusive electric stove from Pigeon is affordable and comfortable for small families. It comes with smart features like induction 7 preset menus and auto shut off.

The power input of this induction is 220V and the power consumption is 1800W. This Pigeon Electric Stove will fit comfortably in your kitchen. On purchasing this Portable Electric Stove, you will be given 1 year warranty.

2. Bajaj Waco Manual Induction Cook top

This electric stove made in India by Bajaj has been trusted by many over the years. It comes with a 2000 Watt electric coil stove, which lets you cook your food in no time.

Its operating voltage is 220-230 V 50 Hz AC only, which is a great feature of this product. This Electric Stove is of Small Size. It gets three levels of heat control with a corrosion-resistant and durable body.

3. Prestige PIC 20 1600 Watt Induction Cook top

This Prestige stove has 1600 Watts of power for amazing performance. With the feature of a push-button control panel, it makes your job easy. The light design of this product gives you easy portability. It comes with automatic voltage regulator system to save electricity.

It also has the feature of Aerodynamic Cooling System. Its smooth surface helps you to clean easily. This Electric Stove Prestige delivers eco-friendly performance with flame-free heating.

This Prestige Electric Stove is perfect for an Indian kitchen with an Indian menu option. Its intelligent design automatically adjusts power and temperature. It gives good performance by blocking Surplus Magnetic Radiation.

4. H Hitech 1000 Watt Electric Stove

This exclusive and latest model of electric stove from H Hytec provides value for your money. It has a slim body, and the design of the stove is perfect.

The power consumption of this Best Induction Stove is 1000 watts, and its operating voltage is 230 volts. Its weight is about 2 kg, 200 grams.

To control its temperature, it has a controlling knob. You can use it without any hassle and can cook your food in no time. This is the best budget stove (Electric Stove Low Price) in this list.

5. Philips HD4928/01 2100-Watt Induction Cook top

Philips is considered one of the Best Electric Stove Brands. The name of this stove from Philips is also included in the list of best electric stove. It has an auto shut-off function for better efficiency. All you have to do is to set the time as per your choice.

This chulha is considered ideal for Indian cooking due to its programmable design. By providing high temperature efficiency, it can cook food very quickly. It is able to maintain the nutrition of food as well as prevent the loss of vitamins. For better performance of this Philips Electric Stove, it has a power of 2100 watts.

You can easily use this Best Induction Cook top with a simple touch. Due to the design being light weight, its maintenance is easy. This product allows you to easily cook food without any flame. This is a very durable product. By purchasing this electric stove, you will get 1 year warranty.

6. Usha 1600-Watt Induction Cook Top

This electric stove from Usha comes with great features and unique design. Its power consumption is 1600 watts. The weight of this product is 2 kg 250 g.

It also comes with an extra long cord, and can handle voltages up to 1500 volts, which is amazing for any electric stove in this range. This stove deserves to be included in this list due to its special properties. On the purchase of this product, Usha company will give you one year warranty.

7. VIDS 1000 Watt Electric Stove

This Electric Stove comes in handy while traveling. In this, you can heat food in the train and cook noodles during the journey. This product can also be used in hotel rooms and hostels.

It consumes 1000 watts of electricity. It weighs around 600 grams and can be carried anywhere. All you have to do is plug in and cook your food or heat up the food. There is no need for induction utensils in this Mini Electric Stove. If your budget is less then you can buy it.

8. H Hi-Tech 1000 Watt Electric Stove

This electric stove specially made in India saves up to 50% energy. It consumes 1000 watts, which is less compared to other stoves in this range. This Kitchen Electric Stove is shockproof and its construction is also very good. It consumes low voltage and weighs around 1 kg, 600 g, which makes it travel friendly.

9. Amazon Basic Induction Cook top 1600 Watt

AmazonBasics Electric Stove comes with 1600W of power for remarkable performance. With its multilevel power setting, you can use it well.

It also comes with push-button controls as well as an LED display so that you can use it easily. It is absolutely safe to use and has a timer of 3 hours. With multiple preset Indian options, it is perfect for any Indian kitchen.

You can also use this stove on auto standby mode when there is no pan. With residual heat indicator, it can be able to provide auto cooling. It is a very reliable product and comes with many safety features. On purchasing this great product, you will be given 1 year warranty.

10. iBell 2000 Watt Induction Cook Top

This electric stove from iBELL comes last in the best electric stove. It comes with high quality crystal glass in the market. By pressing the control button, you can use it without any hassle.

This electric stove comes with wide voltage adaptability, making it well-versed to perform a variety of functions. It has more safety, with more heat protection. The auto shut-off design in this stove can be perfect for saving electricity bill.

This Best Induction Cook top in India also comes with high quality coil. You can use it for a wide range of cooking with its versatile design.

It also has an LED display to know the Exact temperature. Power saving technology has been used in this, which helps in saving electricity. On purchasing this electric product, you will get 2 years warranty from the company.

Benefits of buying an electric stove online

If you buy an electric stove online, there are many benefits to it, not just one. The first advantage is that you will get the product sitting at home. Second, you also get a lot of payment options in this. If you want, you can make the payment online and can also choose the option of cash on delivery. Apart from this, the third advantage is that if you do not like the stove, you can also return it.

Christmas Dinner
6 Best Ideas for Christmas Dinner | What are the best places to go?

As the holiday season approaches, it can be hard to come up with ideas for Christmas Dinner. There are lots of great recipes out there, but most just don’t have the right ingredients.

This year, instead of looking for Christmas Dinner ideas, why not come up with your own? It’s easy – even if you’re not that great a cook, you can easily make a gourmet Christmas dinner for your family. Here’s what you need:

Best Dishes for Christmas Dinner

·       Baked Potatoes

Make baked potatoes a family favorite by baking them with family favorite ingredients. For Christmas Dinner, why not dig up some baked potato casserole recipes and make it a meal?

Christmas Dinner

Are you lucky enough to have a garden? Why not dig up some carrots, red peppers, a red onion, and some potatoes? Throw that in along with some peas and gravy, bake it, and serve with some crusty bread.

·       Cranberry Sauce

If you’re looking for ideas for Christmas dinner, why not head to the produce section and pick up some cranberries? You’ll need a box, or two, to make the cranberry sauce.

Christmas Dinner

Mix half a cup of cranberries with 2 cups of low-fat milk, a tablespoon of vanilla extract, and a quarter cup of cider vinegar. When you’re ready to bake, mix the sauce and flour until smooth. You can also substitute cranberries for raisins.

·       Turkey Salad with A Twist

Another one of those times when it’s difficult to think of food ideas, try coming up with side dishes for your turkey. What about dressing it up with some freshly baked rolls?

Christmas Dinner

 Or a tossed salad with mixed greens? Blueberry sauce is always a nice addition, as are crisp, crunchy rolls.

·       Thyme Roasted Turkeys

Perhaps the most traditional holiday side dish, and one of the most delicious, is turkey thyme with Rosemary.

This delicious herb-roasted turkey can be served as a filling for sandwiches, as it is very filling and goes great on cheeseburgers or turkey sandwiches. Another variation on this favorite is to use the turkey’s juices in the making of a pumpkin pie.

Christmas Dinner

 Cranberries and cranberry juice make a wonderful combination, too. A nice warm summer lunch or dinner would be a nice, healthy alternative to the turkey.

·       Creamy Chicken Pot Pie

If you’re looking for ideas for Christmas dinner but don’t have any turkey to roast, consider making this classic chicken dish.

 It’s a simple one-pan recipe that can be adjusted to accommodate either thin or thick pieces of chicken. Cooked in a thick casserole, this dish is best when served with crackers.

·       Autumn Harvest Roast

This traditional Christmas roast is delicious and perfect for an all-fall event. Made with apples, spices, and other ingredients, this slow-roasted dish is rich and creamy.

The classic apple gravy recipe makes this dish rich, and you might want to add some cranberry sauce to enhance the apple flavor.

A nice way to save money at the end of the year is to prepare this roast the day before. This will allow you to buy the apples and spices at a deep discount. You may be able to find these products in your local superstore as well.

These are just a few ideas for Christmas Dinner. There are endless possibilities, which is why it’s so important to have plenty of fresh ideas to draw from when putting together your menu.

Try some of these ideas for Christmas Dinner this year and I’m sure your family will love the variety this year and look forward to sitting down to a great meal after the holiday!

Best Places for Christmas Dinner

·       Paget

This restaurant is located right next to Star Hotel in central Kuala Lumpur. The decor looks very beautiful and the staff is very hospitable.

If you have a family, then you need to visit Paget’s before it closes for the night because there will only be left one left! If you are a meat-eater.

Then you will be pleased with their Christmas Dinner menu that includes everything from turkey and bacon, beef and veal, ham and pineapple, chicken and beef, sausage and egg, to pork ribs and vegetable.

·       Priory Dining House

This is the perfect place for those who love delicate food and who can relax and be served at the drop of a hat. Priory Dining House serves a variety of Christmas menus, which includes everything from turkey with stuffing, pumpkin pie, apple cobbler, French toast, rhubarb pie, and chocolate cake.

They also have other entrees such as their famous chicken pie. The cost is very affordable and if you get a chance to taste the award-winning suite, you will be hooked!

If you want to celebrate Christmas with a full pint of delicious s-infused English black caskets, then you need to visit Priory Dining House.

·       The Roxy

The Roxy is a great place where you can enjoy a cocktail as well as dining on some of the best tasting food. There are over 20 different kinds of entrees that can be had at this popular London bar.


The Christmas selections include their famous pumpkin pie, pecan soup, and cranberry sauce. The dessert selection includes their signature chocolate eclair, streusel sauce, which is simply amazing! The Roxy is one of the top 8 restaurants to celebrate Christmas in London with a full pint.

·       Malaysian The Lounge

Malaysia’s The Lounge is located at Clapham Common in London. Here, you can enjoy live entertainment and a free cocktail hour.

You can also choose from a variety of international cuisine such as Thai, Indian and French. The Lounge features dishes such as their famous male tikka, malai sushi rolls, and green mango salad.

·       The Tiki Bar

This pub is located at Bankside in London. This is a great place to enjoy some tasty drinks with friends while enjoying some tropical music.

There are plenty of tropical cocktails to order, and the bartenders will always make sure that your drink is served quickly and with flavor!

There are many international specials throughout the year and you can expect to receive a free, chilled bottle of beer as well as a gift certificate for a night at a local club.