Civil Discourse – Only Way to Fight Fake News

(Civil discourse)Contrary to popular belief, fake news has been manufacturing the opinions of the masses long before the advent of social media.

There is no denying the fact that social media has made the spread of fake news quick and easy, but it doesn’t mean that in the past, fake news was not used to manufacture the opinions of the people. 

Social media or not, the only way to combat fake news once in for all is civil discourse. For people to see the other side of the picture.

It is important to bring the other side into the mainstream discourse, and it is simply not possible if we don’t create room for civil discourse in the chaos that is fake news. 

If you want to play your part and put a leash on the fake news that might be affecting the social fabric of our society as we know it, then this blog is just the thing that you need to read. 

I’ve narrowed down some of the ways through which discourse can help in combating fake news and help people to have an unbiased and clearer opinion on the pressing issues of the society that fake news is generating. 

Here’s how you handle fake news with healthy discourse:

Discourse Helps People to See Other Side 

To combat fake news, the first and the most important thing that needs to be done is to bring the other side of the picture to the limelight.

 It can’t be done if the civil discourse is discouraged. If you want to play an important part in the society you live in, and then you have to use your voice to educate the masses about the reality of things.

It is the only way to let them know fake news that tears down our society’s social fabric.

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It Brings Clarity to Issues for Common People

People will continue to believe in something that was manufactured unless they get to know that there can be other possibilities.

However, it means that the issue of fake news needs to be addressed to bring awareness and more clarity about the severity of the problems. 

Civil discourse

Discourse on a larger scale can help to bring much-needed clarity, and it’ll encourage people to do their own research before believing something.

There has to be a counter-narrative available when they search for something, and that’s not possible people don’t start talking about it openly.

It Helps People to Have a Unbiased Approach 

When you search about fake news on Google, more often than not, it only shows the results that are on top.

Unfortunately, most of the results are fake news because there is nothing that provides them with another narrative.

You need to talk about the other side of the picture if you want people to have a neutral and unbiased approach to the issue. 

Therefore, it is important to use your voice and let people decide on their own about what is right and what’s not.