Corey Harrison Net Worth

(Corey Harrison Net worth) If you have not yet known Mr. Harrison then it is time, yes, we are talking about Corey Big Hoss Harrison, and also talking about Corey Harrison Net worth.

So, let us start this from his introduction. Corey Big Hoss Harrison is a famous star of the history channel’s reality show known as “Pawn Stars”.

The big news is that it has been one of the most popular and successful shows on TV since its debut which was in 2009.

 Corey is also a partner with his Father in his shop and he manages it along with other businesses such as pawn shops.

What makes him even more famous is his reality television show. Let us explore some of the amazing things about Corey Harrison and you would not have known these things before.

He started his pawnshop at 9:

You might feel surprised to know Corey Harrison began working with his dad at the age of 9.

He started his work at a pawnshop which is of course his family business situated in Las Vegas.

 And that is no ordinary shop, it has a pretty recognized reputation, this popular gold and silver pawn shop was established by his grandfather namely Richard Harrison in around 1989.

 So even while attending his school Corey Harrison net worth started working for his family business helping his Dad and Grandfather, and that can also be one of the reasons why he became a successful businessman.

He tried his luck on different jobs:

Corey did try many other jobs before when he was a school going he started doing other jobs which include electrician, construction worker, and also he worked at a sawmill.

But of course, life had different plans for him. He had to return to his pawnshop, as not only it was his family business but also he was good at it.

Corey Harrison net worth

Now he manages about 30 employees at the shop and also a shareholder at his dad’s business.

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The business Corey run now has worldwide fame, the pawnshop Richard Harrison started soon got a brand image.

They keep the best jewelry items, and along with that they also sell the best antique and unique things.

The shop also got filmmakers’ attention, and around 2001 and 2003 they got featured in PBS and HBOs documentary too namely “Insomniac with Dave Attell”, so from this you can infer how much fame his pawnshop got.

Reality Shows:

They got the idea to feature a show namely pawn stars, which was first aired on the history channel, in 2009.

Also, the filmmaker found it pretty perfect concerning the setting and cast.

And how Harrison actually wanted it made it more famous, the show pawn stars got instant success.

Corey childhood friend also helped a lot to get the show on fire, he helped to create the best-rated reality show

Corey Harrison Net worth

 Now talking about one of the most favorite questions you, people wonder that how much he has made from his family business.

And since his involvement with media and the fame he has got, what is his net worth? So the quick and short answer is that he has the best career.

According to the statistics and his net worth is about $5million. This can be related to his success of pawn stars, Corey Harrison also purchased the Quizno franchise and his friend bought it with him.

And of course, he made a great fortune because of his appearance in pawn stars, he appeared in more than 500 episodes, and on the other hand, the pawnshop itself had to close down.

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Even though it was 24 hours shop, but due to the full-time pawn stars show it had to close down. But of course, the perks of it was he made a lot of money out of his pawn stars show.


We discussed some of the amazing facts about Corey Harrison who is also known as Big Hoss.

We also shed light on his net worth which is $5million. We moreover discussed his pawnshop and pawn stars show.

Apparently, he made the most out of his business and switched to pawn stars and created a dream life for him.