Deception season 2 Netflix

(Deception season 2) Who does not like to see crime thriller these days? Of course, we all watch movies, and mainly the top genre we love to watch is crime thriller and drama.

If you are reading this or looking up something about Deception season 2 Netflix.

Then believe me you are also a fan of a crime drama thriller. Deception does justice with people who are into the crime drama genre; let us further discuss Deception season 2 Netflix.

Deception season 2


Deception is an American drama series which was created by Chris Fedak, this American crime procedural drama series was first aired on ABC.

The first time when it hit the screen was March 11, 2018, and soon it became pretty popular and people loved it for many reasons.

Many people loved this drama series for the cast and their performance.

Also, you would notice Greg Berlanti from the series “You” and Riverdale, which increases the reputation and fame of the series Deception.

And not to speak of David Nutter who does not require any proper introduction, but still to your knowledge, you would see his direction in Game of Thrones.

The series deception shows various crimes and their investigations and crime-solving. They also include law enforcement teaming in order to reduce or solve the crime.

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What sets deception apart from other such stories is a protagonist who joins the FBI who was actually a superstar magician.

This gives the story a more thrilling fold and it gets better on every turn. His role gets him to work as an illusionist who helps solve the crimes.

Critics did like the show as it has been enjoyable; good directed and showed series of events that have been pretty interesting as the story continues.

What is the main plot of Deception?

If you want to know about deception’s main plot and have not watched it then beware of spoilers, as the detailed discussion might disclose some of the hints or spoilers.

The main plot of deception revolves around Cameron Black who has been a very famous magician whom you rather want to call an illusionist.

He however gets involved in a scandal and ends his career as a magician. Then joins the FBI as they think it would be useful to use his skills.

Deception season 2

He then continues to use his magic skills to solve various cases, the clueless mystery cases get interesting and intense and give him a real challenge.

Not only he applies tricks but also creates more to reduce crime, what gives deception a more interesting turn is how he faces the challenges.

That not only for crimes and for the FBI but also for himself and his personal life; how it affects him and all that.

You would love the deception once you absorb it in the story, the story has its grip, and it is one of its kind. We recommend you watch season 1 first.

If you have not seen season 1 then do not move to season 2 as there is a lot you need to see before you move forward to Deception season 2 Netflix.

Also, people have been wondering if there would be any season 2 for that, as they loved season 1. Let us discuss season 2.

What would be the deception season 2 release date?

As we know that deception season was first aired on March 11, 2018, people started to love the story as it was unique and gave people something new to see.

That is especially if you love the series castle. However; ABC canceled the show on May 11, 2018. This has quite much puzzled the fans of the deception series.

Many people are claiming that the series cannot just be left out at this certain point. And there has got to be another season for that.

There are many theories too as to how the story can be continued. We are just waiting and watching if they really plan on producing season 2 of deception.


The efforts of Deception season 1 have been good, thanks to all actors and producers to give us this show, and from the fan’s perspective, we hope to have Deception season 2. If we hear about it we will certainly let you know.