Discover Which Type of Gambler You Are in Less Than 10 Minutes

(Gambler) Although many consider gambling a risky activity, some get fulfillment from trusting Lady Luck and betting their savings on a series of amazing games.

The times when gamblers were predominantly rich high-class men are long gone. Nowadays, anyone can try their luck at winning a fortune.

It’s not uncommon to see wealthy socialites trying to win at the blackjack tables, while barely a few meters away, your average Joe or Jane Doe put their faith in one of the countless slot machines.

Sex, status, and affluence aren’t the only factors differentiating gamblers from each other. In fact, now that gambling has firmly established itself as a global phenomenon, the most striking differences are often punters’ mentality and their approaches to the activity.

We can distinguish between several types of bettors, including professional gamblers, casual and serious social gamblers, relief gamblers, compulsive gamblers, and even conservative gamblers.

Read on and learn just where exactly do you lie on the fortune-seekers’ spectrum.

Casual Social Gamblers

Casual social gamblers are those who simply like to bet and gamble every now and then, in between work and family responsibilities.

They often visit casino floors and betting shops with friends and enjoy a few rounds of roulette, the slot machines, or just a simple game of poker.

Casual social gamblers like to bet and play, but they don’t tend to get carried away by the thrills, and they don’t usually look for ways to improve their odds. They play for fun and don’t engage in betting as a way to increase their funds.

Casual gamblers can also be divided into two subcategories: first-time players and experienced players.

The former is usually somewhat reserved about gambling, while the latter are more willing to take risks, sometimes dream up strategies for winning, and do whatever it takes to get to the top.

If you are one of the latter, you are probably quite familiar with the ins and outs of the activity, its rules, and tricks.

However, if you’re a newcomer to the world of gambling, make sure to learn as much as possible about this form of entertainment before you start playing for real money.

Online casinos review platforms like A2Z Casinos can be of great help as they provide essential information to help you choose a reliable online gambling platform to test your luck at.

Serious Social Gamblers

On the other hand, serious social gamblers are those who put more effort into betting than casual players.

These types of gamblers are determined to win big by using various tactics that have proven successful for them.

Some of them have even mastered specific skills that help them win large sums of money at blackjack tables or slot machines.


Relief Gamblers

Relief gamblers are those who gamble as a way to relieve stress. They might choose to bet their credit money on sports events or play online slots instead of watching TV when they want to unwind after work.

These types of gamblers might not even like any form of gambling all that much; they simply use it as a method for de-stressing themselves. For them, gambling is just an effective way to blow off some steam after a long day at work.

Compulsive Gamblers

Compulsive gamblers are those who gamble for different reasons than their social or relief counterparts.

This type of gambler is looking for ways to win big bucks at roulette tables or online casinos because they need money to pay debts or cover household expenses.

Compulsive players are also prone to bingeing on particular games, especially sports betting, regardless of whether or not they possess knowledge about them.

They keep placing massive wagers irrespective of how much money they’ve already lost.

These gamblers also experience a rush of emotions when betting large amounts of money on a particular event or game.

They might place a bet based on pure intuition or gut feeling rather than relying on statistics and other relevant information about the event in question.

One excellent example of a compulsive gambler is legendary British footballer George Best. The talented soccer player turned out to be an avid casino player who liked to spend his free time playing roulette.

He was so enamored by gambling that he would often drink heavily before heading to casinos. Once there, he would often bet £5,000 on a single spin of the roulette wheel. Sadly, his love for roulette got him into trouble many times throughout his life.

Conservative Gamblers

Conservative gamblers are those who avoid taking risks and placing bets whenever possible.

They prefer to put their money on games that they’re familiar with rather than playing something new.

Conservative bettors like to stick to known quantities rather than taking chances on unknown outcomes, which is why they often play the same games over and over again.

These types of gamblers can be found among both casual and serious players, with the latter being more inclined to have a conservative approach towards betting.

It’s not uncommon for them to have a set amount of cash that they keep ready for times when they feel like playing a particular game. In most cases, they also use betting strategies that have been proven to be effective in the past.


As you can see, there are many different types of gamblers out there. If you’ve often wondered where you lie among the hundreds of others who also like to place bets, then you now have all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

The next time you find yourself at a roulette table or online casino, you should better understand your approach towards gambling and control your emotions. Try to use your newly learned knowledge to your advantage, and it will soon pay dividends.

Nevertheless, always gamble responsibly. If you start behaving like a compulsive gambler, try changing your behavior or seeing a therapist to overcome the addiction. This way, you will enjoy the benefits of gambling without going broke or damaging your social life.