Effective Writing: Meaning and 10 Essential Tips

(Essential Tips) Writing is an essential element in an academic’s career. You need to know and understand what effective writing means to make a good impression on your instructor.

Students refrain from learning the correct ways of approaching an essay or an assignment.

But it will not help you in the near future. You cannot ignore this aspect throughout your life. A person who can express well through writing is often seen to be successful in life.

Your assignments, essays and all other tasks are the stepping stone towards the greater good. Ignoring it will not be fruitful for you. Presently, you have the service providers to help you with such projects.

But you will not have anyone to help you in the long run. Before you learn the tips for effective writing, understand what it means. 

5 Important Features of Effective Writing

An assignment holds no value if the write-up is not good. It is necessary to communicate your views properly to the readers.

Often students face trouble writing assignments and wonder, “who will write my paper?’ You will be unable to justify the paper if you do not understand effective writing. Having the following five features will make the essay impressive. 


A writer expects that his book or article will be popular among readers. When you create something, you expect everyone to appreciate it.

But only a few get applauded for their work. Why is it so? It is because they were able to state their view to the readers clearly. Clarity is one of the most essential features of effective writing.


The readers must be in the same line with the write-up. As mentioned earlier, communication is the key to effective writing. Therefore, you need to have the ability to communicate your thoughts well through the write-up.


The words you use in your write-up play a significant role. Some write-ups are very difficult to understand because of the words used in them. Therefore, it is better if you use simple words and construct simple sentences while writing.

Use of voices

It is essential to write any text in an active voice. The readers find it easy if the write-up is in active voice. It also avoids any complications.

 If you go through the works of any renowned authors, you will see that the maximum portion of the write-up is in active voice. It, therefore, is one of the essential features of effective writing.


It is not possible to be perfect on the first attempt. So, when you complete writing a paper, you must revise what you wrote.

However, it will help you rectify minor errors and make the write-up perfect. It is one distinguishing element of effective writing. Famous writers never skip this step while writing.  

It is not always possible to read and understand the features and then write a paper. You need to learn the correct ways of writing to write a good article.

Following the ten writing tips mentioned in the next section will help you with the process.

Effective Writing: 10 Essential Tips

Effective writing is not an easy task. You need to invest a lot of time to write a paper correctly. The write-up must have all the elements to establish proper communication.

You can write effectively if you follow the ten essential tips mentioned below.


Understand the topic well

You need to have a proper understanding of the topic or the information you want to communicate. For example, a student comes across many essay topics in his/her academic curriculum. Some topics are narrative, while some others are argumentative.

The writing becomes easy once you understand the topic and type well. An author must first understand what he wants to communicate before writing a book or article.

Know your target audience

It is essential to understand who will read the book or the article. Any write-up has a certain level. You cannot ask a kid to read and understand a book written for elders.

 So, when the author writes, he/she must be aware of the audience who will read the book. Therefore, it is essential to write anything effectively.

Maintain a proper structure

Every write-up must have a structure. You cannot justify effective writing without maintaining a proper format. If you look at any essay, you will see that each of them maintains a proper structure.

You must understand this while writing and learn the importance of each section before putting in the information.


Avoid lengthy sentences

Most people have a habit of writing lengthy sentences to explain a certain point. But, these sentences do not help the readers understand the points. Instead, it makes things too complicated. So, you must write short sentences to make them easily readable.

Use the correct tone

You will come across different types of write-ups in your career. For example, a professional, while writing an email, must use a formal tone.

On the other hand, when you want to connect well with the audience, you can use an informal tone. The write-up must be appropriate. The readers must understand the significance of the write-up while going through it.

Be confident

There are articles available online that helps students and professionals understand a particular lesson or provide necessary guidelines.

The authors of such essays do not beat around the bush while explaining a specific topic. Therefore, it is essential to put forward your views confidently so that the readers get convinced by reading the write-up.

Please keep it simple

It is the most important element of effective writing. You must try not to use difficult words or frame complicated sentences.

 The readers enjoy reading something they can understand easily. You must be well aware of it and keep the entire write-up simple.

Be correct grammatically

Grammar is an essential part of any write-up. You need to have a stronghold over grammar while writing any paper. To produce a good quality write-up, you need to keep it correct grammatically.

Any minor error can ruin your chances of getting a good number of readers. For students, it will harm your grades if you do not use correct grammar.

Find a place to write

You must avoid any distractions while writing. It is not possible to achieve effective writing if there are a lot of distractions. Hence, it is essential to find a place to write the paper. It will help you produce a good quality article.

Proofread and edit

It is not wise to skip this step. You need to go through the entire write-up once you complete the same. It will help you identify minor errors and rectify them. The process helps in making the article a perfect one.

The ten tips mentioned above will help you write any paper effectively. You must learn and follow each tip to write well.

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