Expert Solutions Revealed — Unlock the Disabled iPad with Ease

(IPad) Did you recently give the iPad to someone? Or, do you have a kid in your home?

Then, there is a high probability that this iOS device might have been unknowingly locked by them for providing incorrect passcode repetitively.

So, if you are unable to remember the lock screen password of the iPad, don’t proceed, take professional help to unlock it.

When you enter an incorrect password consecutive six times, it will automatically get locked. As a result, you won’t be able to access the device any more.

And, in this technology-driven world, we have almost become dependent on high-tech gadgets like the iPad.

 Therefore, to remotely access it again, it becomes important to know the possible troubleshooting method that can unlock the device.

Apple, being one of the most renowned tablet manufacturing companies has also enforced high-end security features.

And, this helps iOS users to safeguard their essential data from breaching. But, such an overprotective security system can at times get you into trouble.

So, it’s important to acknowledge what actually needs to be done when the iPad gets disabled after typing the incorrect passcode too many times. Here, we are compiling a few effective DIY solutions that can help you to re-access the device, within a short span.

How Long the iPad will Remain Disabled?

Well, how many incorrect passcode entries can completely disable the iPad is still questionable.

Though the associates of Apple Support have exemplified, it takes 6 attempts before the iPad completely gets locked.

But in reality, Apple seems to have incorrectly measured this accidental disabling process of the iPad.

iPad repair

However, initially, after inserting the wrong passcode for the first time, the device will get disabled for one minute.

After the completion of the 1 minute, when the user provides an incorrect password again, it becomes disabled for another 5 minutes. For the third wrong attempt, the device gets locked for 15 minutes.

After that, this unlocking time gets extended to 1 hour. So, simply, consider getting in touch with the nearby iPad repair services expert to get an immediate solution.

However, you can also consider trying the basic solutions to overcome this problem, it’s pretty easy and worth implementing.

Unlock the iPad with these Easy-to-Use Troubleshooting Methods

Are you still unable to remove the passcode? Then, you need to go ahead and reset the device to its factory default state.

 But before that, you have to restore the stored data of the iPad to another device. This way, you can prevent the accessible media files from getting completely lost.

However, resetting the device sometimes can turn out to be a risky process. So, it will be better, if you consider implementing the other DIY solutions to resolve the problem, without any sort of hurdle.

Want to know what are the other easy ways to fix the disabled iPad? Here, we are including a few effective solutions that need utmost consideration:

1.    Disable the iPad with iTunes

After providing an incorrect password 10 times, you will be prompted with the “iPad is disabled, Connect to iTunes’” message.

In certain circumstances, you have to consider fixing the issue by connecting the iPad with iTunes.

 But this solution is only applicable for the iPad owners who own a PC or haven’t yet updated their macOS to Catalina. Also, you need to have a backup.

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Moreover, it’s pretty simple and requires less time to fix the completely locked iPad using iTunes, here’s how you can do it:

  • Initially, you have to connect the iPad with the PC using a high-functioning USB cord. Right after that, look out for the iTunes application and tap on it.
  • You might see a list of the devices, after getting into the iTunes tab, simply choose the iPad model that you own.
  • Now, head towards choosing the “Summary” option, and then tap on “Restore iPad”.

Did you get an error message before the initiation of the restoration process? Then, there is a high probability that you have somehow turned off the Find My iPad option.

In certain cases, you have to either go with the iCloud feature or Recovery mode to restore the data.

2.    Opt for Getting into the Recovery Mode

When it comes to unlocking the iPad and other iOS devices, the contribution of advanced features like Recovery mode is inevitable.

Even when the device becomes completely unresponsive, consider enabling the Recovery mode, it’s effective.

iPad repair

Basically, with the help of this iOS feature, you can easily reset the iPad to its factory default settings.

But, before intervening in the solution, you have to check whether you have — an iPadOS 13, and the iTunes need to be updated to its latest version (basically 12.8 or the later version).

3.    Is a Force Restart Essential!

Wait! Hold on! Before you get into the Recovery Mode, it’s highly important that you have opted for a forced restart first.

Basically, this process forces the device to shut down, within a short time. This works when the normal shutdown process refuses to respond properly.

However, the steps to force the iPad to restart completely depend on whether you own a device with or without a Home button.

For the iPads With a Home Button:

If the iPad has a Home Button, then simply consider pressing and holding the top button and Home Button simultaneously. Release both the buttons within a few seconds and the Apple logo will appear on the screen.

For the users of iPads without a Home Button:

Do you own an iPad that has a Face ID feature? Then, initially, you have to consider tapping the Volume Up button, and then hold and press the Volume Down button as well.

Right after that, tap and hold the top button and wait until the Apple logo pops up on the screen.

Did the iPad freeze at the Apple logo? Then, quickly force it into Recovery Mode using these instructions:

  • Go ahead and connect the iPad and the computer or Mac with the assistance of a USB cable.
  • If you are using a Mac with macOS Catalina, then you have to force open Finder. However, the Mac users with macOS Mojave (10.14) or earlier and PC users have to open iTunes.
  • After successfully accessing iTunes, the iPad users with Face ID have to hold and release the Volume Up button first. Then, within a few seconds, hold and promptly release the Volume Down button. Now, it’s time to tap and hold the top button for a few seconds to get into the Recovery Mode.
  • Alternatively, the iPad users with the Home button need to press and hold the Home and Top buttons simultaneously to enable the Recovery mode.

If you have successfully reached here, then as soon as the Recovery mode opens on the computer, watch out for the correct iPad model. Consider tapping on it, and then choose the “Update” option.

Well, it might take a while to complete the update process, so don’t turn off the device, it might cause hindrance while unlocking the iPad.

After the completion of the system update, you can set up the device again. This simply indicates that you can set up a new and hard-to-assume passcode on the iPad.

Still Unable to Unlock the iPad? Get Professional Help!

At times, you might not be able to fix the disabled iPad, so don’t take any further risk.

Get in touch with the nearby Apple service providers and avail immediate solutions to retain the functionality of the device.

Simply search “iPad repair center near me” and book assistance from a leading iPad repair company.

They can help you to unlock the iPad owing to their immense technical skill and expertise.