Get Help with Managing Your Lodging Clients with These Tech Solutions

(Lodging Clients) The hospitality industry is not often associated with technology, but recent developments prove otherwise. The hospitality industry is increasingly embracing tech solutions to become more efficient and profitable.

You may be pretty conservative if you own a hotel or lodging facility since it is a service-based business, not a production one.

 However, you cannot ignore how technology can impact your business both positively and negatively. 

Technology can be particularly helpful in managing lodging clients. The following are some tech solutions that can help you: 

1.  Energy Management Software

When you run a lodging facility, your business probably consumes a lot of energy. It would be in your best interest to monitor the energy expenditure of your business to save energy. 

Intelligent devices such as thermostats and occupancy sensors monitor energy consumption in your facility in real-time.

 Smart energy systems can reduce a hotel’s energy costs by as much as twenty percent; hence, energy savings are not speculative. You can use the technology to optimize energy consumption all year round. 

The energy savings from using energy management software will encompass heating, entertainment, ventilation, lighting, and air conditioning. Machine learning algorithms will continuously learn about your facility’s energy needs and adjust the energy consumption accordingly.

Having smart lighting or heating devices can reduce consumption by half. 

The information generated by the software will be valuable in helping you manage your facility. It can help you be less wasteful with energy and increase occupancy rates. 

2.            Predictive Maintenance Systems

The maintenance of a hotel or any lodging facility is paramount to its success. Anticipating and handling your client’s and your facility’s care will be crucial.

A predictive maintenance system is a tech solution that will be valuable in this regard. 

A predictive maintenance system will connect to the Internet of Things, enabling the engineering staff of your facility to anticipate maintenance needs.

It is undoubtedly much better and cost-effective than to wait until something breaks down and it has to be serviced or replaced. 

You can fit all your facility’s systems with intelligent sensors that relay data to the predictive maintenance system.

The system will appraise your staff of the issues that they need to handle, which they can do before the problems become serious. 

If you can use a predictive maintenance system well, you can manage your clients’ affairs in a better way. You will not only be able to handle their needs but also those of your lodging facility. 

3.            Software

Reservations are a vital component of a lodging business, and you need to have an efficient system to manage them.

The old way of taking reservations by pen and paper can no longer suffice in a digital world; hence, you should consider using the software. 

There is stand-alone software that you can use to manage reservations. However, you will often find reservation software as part of a broader hotel management software.

Regardless of what you prefer, it would help if you got the software to handle your reservation needs. 

There is software whose design is to handle the reservation needs of a large hotel that can house thousands, while there are others whose design is for small hoteliers and lodging facilities.

The cost of the software will have a substantial effect on which software you use. You should first use the demo version of any software before committing to the paid version. 

4.            Pricing Software

Unlike products that are identical and you can price easily, pricing in the service industry is slightly more complicated than that.

Today, more hotels and lodges choose not to set their prices manually and instead have AI (Artificial Intelligence) based software to do it. 

AI can take a lot more factors into account than any person can; hence, it can come up with a more suitable price for both the facility and its clients.

By analyzing plenty of historical data, it can make forecasts of future demand and dynamically change the facility’s prices to optimize the revenue and profits of the lodge. 

It used to take plenty of work for hoteliers to figure out the correct prices to charge their clients but no more. Managers and other staff involved in the price-setting work can work on other things to develop much more accurate results. 

5.            IT Support

Every modern business uses computers and other intelligent devices; hence they also need IT support.

 IT support is a tech solution that various hotels and lodges have not fully utilized in the past. However, with the increase of smart devices in hotels, IT support will be critical in managing clients’ needs. 

Customers of a hotel or lodge will constantly call the front desk for help about many issues. You can automate the service to be directed to IT support whenever it is an issue with the hotel’s smart devices. 


You may decide to hire an in-house IT support team or outsource it. Choose the best option for both your clients and the hotel. 

6.            Smart Room Service


Room service is one of the services that clients expect when they stay in a hotel or lodge. Customers previously had to order for room service but no more manually. You can automate room service, which will save you and your clients a lot of trouble. 

You can have an app through which your clients can order their room service. They can order whatever they want and receive notifications whenever room service is ready, and they would like to have it.

One thing automated room service will eradicate is the interruptions to clients. 

Smart room service is similar to a food delivery service but much better since they get to order from the exclusive benefits of the lodge or hotel.

You can also present your clients with options based on their history which will be fantastic in managing their needs. 

Managing clients in a hotel or lodging facility is a challenging endeavor. Using technology will improve the speed and efficiency with which you handle your clients’ needs.

 The above is only the tip of the iceberg, as many tech solutions, you can use to benefit your clients and business. The key is knowing which to use.