Helpful Tips and Advice to Attract More Traffic to Your Page

(Tips) You create a website with the sole intention of having hundreds upon thousands and even millions of people visiting it, browsing your content, and making purchases.

When this does not happen, and traffic slows down to a crawl, you may be perplexed and wonder why that is. Maybe your site never took off to begin with and you’re left with your hands tied. Don’t give up. 

Here is a complete guide that will help you optimize your WordPress website for better speed.

If you haven’t tried the following suggestions, do so. You may be very surprised just how important little actions and changes are.

Website Accessibility

It is a no-brainer that once you start a company, there should be a virtual presence of the same. There is no reason to limit your business to a physical location.

 With so much more commercial activity taking place online than ever before, you would be cutting off a large part of your possible revenue should you decide to forfeit this move. 

When designing your page, do so with the intent of making it suitable for both mobile and pc access. Get on board with creative web developers who have the skill to deliver this effortlessly.

There is nothing more frustrating to a customer than to try to access a webpage on their smartphone only to have it load partially.

Instead of waiting to access that one site on a computer, a large percentage of users would simply opt for a different site.

Very few people will go the extra mile to download an extension software to be able to better access a site on their handheld device. Be advised accordingly.

Speed Is Key

This is two-fold. Your website needs to load quickly, and process actions speedily. We live in a very impatient world. Waiting minutes for a site to load is a thing of the past.

Ensure your network responsiveness is on point. Otherwise, this is an easy way you will lose traffic. You also want to be fast in responding to users.

If your site is equipped with a chatbox, then there should always be an employee attentive to any incoming messages. Users want to feel heard and don’t want to wait extended periods of time for assistance. 

Focus On Content

The battle is not won once you get more people to visit your site. You really win when they keep coming back. One thing that would make them eager to check your page every time they’re online is your content.

Grab their attention with eye-catching and intriguing headlines. The more thought-provoking and entertaining, the better. You don’t need to go down the line of posting salacious headlines but keep things interesting. 

Follow up those captivating titles with entrancing content. If you are not a skilled writer, outsource that task. Some people have a way with words that others don’t.

You need someone who can get your consumers hooked. Ensure spell check is activated, the content is perfectly edited, and most importantly, not plagiarized.

The more loved your content, the more it will be shared and re-shared. The number of backlinks you get this way will make you dance for joy.

Overloading your page with keywords is not the way to go and may even get you penalized by Google. 

Yes, To Internal Links

If you keep delivering good content that is enjoyed by the public, you can begin to insert internal links to other articles you have written.

Because your name will be attached, the same love and trust they have for the articles they have seen will transfer over to others you recommend.

Surely, some of your articles, if you’ve written past a certain number, will overlap and share interlocking content. No shame in drawing your readers’ attention to one of the other posts that speak to something they’re already interested in.

By doing this you open up their horizon to enjoy more of your work and give them the opportunity to share even more of it.

Utilize social media


If you’re a business owner who only uses Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook to post funny memes and comment under pretty pictures, you are majorly missing out.

Millions of people are on these platforms at any given period. Talk about an amazing opportunity for free advertising. Instead of posting inspirational quotes or funny pick-up lines, use your page to promote the business that pays you.

Are you a clothing designer? Post your sketches, have friends model your designs, and upload those pictures. 

Ask your customers to tag you in their photos.

The more your brand and content is out there, the more people see it and will be interested but also, the greater the chance to catch the attention of bigger clothing designers.

Who knows, an opportunity to work together could arise. You cannot be shy about marketing yourself. 

Hire An SEO Agency

Why not leave the heavy lifting to those who specifically dedicate their professional lives to such? There are a lot of intricacies that go into search engine optimization.

The tips and tricks the experts know will be non-existent to us ordinary folks. They will be able to take a look at your website, analyze it, generate a report on what needs work and how the page can be optimized to entice more visitors. 


This will not happen overnight but can be a drawn-out process depending on how much help your site requires. For this reason, it will be best not to drag your feet.

Once you observe that there is a stagnation of traffic, make the instantaneous decision to get the SEO gurus on the job. These persons will know the right way to use keywords so as not to offend Google. 

As you would have seen, getting more people to visit your page will take some more work from you, but you may also need to enlist the help of others in your quest to increase traffic.

Takeaway points: produce good content that will draw people in, shamelessly plug your business’s overall social platforms, ensure your site is fast and easily accessible.

Well-placed links and keywords will give the page a boost. Delegate that task to the experts.