Here’s How To Find The Right Trading Strategy That Actually Works

( Trading Strategy) When it comes to financial trading, as a beginner, there are many things that you need to consider. These are strategies that will work for you and ensure you don’t lose money while you trade. But it can be a challenge to figure out the right strategies. 

This is because even the right strategies, ones that are implemented by pros, tend to fail at some point. None is sure that you won’t lose some bit of your investment, but you will keep most of it even if you lose. Here’s how to find the right trading strategies that work. 

Learn More 

Before you dive into anything, you need to ensure that you have all the facts in line. That means that you have to do a lot of research and learning. To get the right trading strategies, you need to ensure that you learn as much as you can. 

When you learn more, you have the edge over those who didn’t spend any time learning. You will get to see what has been working for the successful people in the business and what hasn’t. Then, you can use this newly acquired info to get the best out of each trade. 

When acquiring knowledge, you also need to ensure that you learn about the laws that govern the trade. The events that affect the stocks, too, are also something that you need to know. Learn more about the Fed’s interest rate, economic outlook, and much more. 

You can also make a list of some of the stocks that you wish to trade-in. Study their patterns and seek to exploit them. Lastly, ensure that you read the business dailies and financial websites – you’ll have a knack for trades when you are read more.

Use A Well-known System

It would help if you also considered that some known systems have been working for years. For example, the Renko trading strategy has been tried and tested. You can easily go for this to shore up your chances of success in the market. 

Other systems in the market have been used to great effect. You only need to learn more about them and how they work. It isn’t a one-day course, and you won’t get everything at first, but over time, you will. 

Set Time Aside For Trading

When you are trading, you need to be able to spot opportunities from afar. This will give you an edge in the market. You need to set aside time to go through the market and track the progress to see any opportunities. 

This will require a lot of time, and you even have to give up most of your day. You can also have trading days where you go through the market the various aspects of it.

It would help if you could spare some time because the market has opening and closing hours to see the trades. 

When you invest your time in the market, leave alone money, you will spot opportunities. And these opportunities will make you an even better trader as you will have the right strategies at the back of your hand. 

Have Some Funds Aside

Before you trade on the market, you need to ask yourself how much you are willing to risk. If you are a smart trader, you should never be in a position where you risk all the funds in your account. This will mean that you have risked your capital. 

Trading Strategy

The smartest traders only risk a percentage of their capital in the market. You need to follow their example, and they only risk around 1% or 2% of their capital per trade. This will mitigate the risk you can face in the market significantly. 

For example, when you have an account of $80,000, you risk around 0.5% on each trade. The maximum loss you are likely to face for each is around $400. This is quite a huge save than if you lost more. 

It would help if you had surplus amounts that you can trade with. This should be an amount that you are willing to lose. If you gain some, that’s your gain, and when you lose, you won’t be stressed out.

Start Small

You don’t want to get in the market with aplomb and lose everything in the process. As a beginner, you need to start small. This will ensure that you suffer no significant losses that may make you give up on trading. 

It would be best if you started with one or two stocks during your first sessions. You can easily track and find opportunities when there isn’t too much to deal with. When you have smaller dollar amounts in the market, you will easily keep track of it too. 


You can even start with fractional shares in the market when you are new to the market. Today, this has become quite common as many starters don’t want to lose too much. At times, they are unable to get the full amount for a share. 

Most brokers have acknowledged this, and they will allow you purchased a fraction. For example, if a stock is worth $200, a broker may let you get a 1/5 of the stock. That means you can invest $50 for it. 

Stick to the Plan

This whole process here is your plan, and if you have a trading strategy that you have identified, the better. It would help if you now saw the plan through to make any significant moves in the market. 

You don’t need to chase after profits while you trade; you need to be patient when you have the right strategy. Once you have a great formula, follow it closely and see how it turns out in the end. 

The simple rule you need to follow is “plan your trade and trade your plan.”


Getting the right strategy that works can be challenging if you don’t know where to look. Here are some simple follow-up steps that will ensure you have the right trading strategy that works.