How can you increase DA & PA by using backlink Generator?

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Backlinks are very important for ranking websites on Google and other search engines. Backlink makers can create a good reputation for a website and help it in the long term. The backlinks give a signal to Google that this website is trustworthy and the search engines can trust it.

Suppose, in a company, there is an employee who always works for the favor of the company. That employee is very trustworthy and if he is referred for a transfer to another company. The said company will believe his trustworthiness because of his former company who referred him. Similarly, for backlinks, if a high domain authority website will refer to your website. Surely, your website will be considered very strong and the best fit for ranking.

The effect of backlinks can be understood with a simple case study. The article on a low competition keyword will rank easily in Google. But it will take almost five to six months to rank in Google, whereas if you make backlinks from good websites it will rank in a month. The time will be less and it is due to good quality backlinks. Just remember ranking on search engines is mostly influenced by backlinks.

This article will provide you a guide of 6 backlink makers that will help you to get backlinks from the high DA websites.

Backlink generator


This free backlink generator is a high-quality backlink website. The backlink builder helps to improve the domain authority of the website and also helps to rank in Google. All you have to do is to follow the site’s simple instructions.

This can really help you to rank on the first page of Google. The backlinks made are of high quality and the website is free to use. It can be used online and you don’t have to download anything for using it. You can also get a report of the backlinks that are built.

SEO Tools Centre

This link building tool has a strong algorithm for link building. This website is very fast and does not require any registration. The backlink generator of this website provides more than 2500 backlinks. Other websites may spam you with spam backlinks but this website eradicates the spamming backlinks.

It solely focuses on high-quality websites for generating backlinks. This website is free to use. You just have to enter the URL in the box and the website will start making backlinks. The report is also summited on which websites the backlinks are built.


This backlink generator is quite simple and contains a lot of features. The website is very good. This backlink builder has the ability to make very good backlinks. It contains many other tools for optimizing your websites.

You just have to paste the URL in the box and submit it and the website will automatically start generating backlinks. This website provides backlinks that are natural and relevant to the website. The backlinks that are relevant to the website give a lot of benefits and help to get a higher rank in Google.

It also increases the domain authority of the website. The website is trustworthy and reliable. It maintains the privacy of the user and does not spam you. The link building tool of this website provides a mixture of links. The work will be done without any effort and in just a matter of seconds.

Backlink generator


The backlinks from this website are very easy to build. The usage of this website is quite simple and basic. You just have to enter the domain of the website and click the button and it will start making backlinks for your website.

It is free to use and you don’t have to pay anything for using it. This link building tool has a fast website that helps you make backlinks in an instance. It is a simple backlinking website. You can use it on both laptops and mobile devices. It gets the backlinks from good quality websites.

Ast dafa

This link building tool is a great software for link building. This website is good for bloggers and website owners who have existing good websites and just want to maintain their position.

The backlinks provided by this website are mostly from web 2.0 that helps to rank the website in Google. The backlinks are taken by a private blog network.

The website is very simple to use you just have to paste the URL and it will start making backlinks. You can increase the domain authority and ranking in Google with this website. You can use this backlink maker for free.

Tools web confs

This backlink generator will help you in various ways. It will help you website owners to get good domain authority for your website.

The website helps you rank in the first pages of Google and in this way you will get more organic traffic on your site. It provides good quality backlinks. The backlink builder has a good list of websites that only provide do-follow backlinks to the website. This website can be used without registration and it is secure as well.


The link building tools stated above are all free to use and you don’t have to download or install anything prior to using. The backlink builders are quite simple and anyone can use them. The backlinks provided by these websites are very good and help to increase the domain authority of your website.

Additionally, the backlink makers are a great source for being ranked in search engines. The websites mentioned in the article will not harm your own website or penalize it. All links are naturally generated and Google will consider them as good links.

We hope this article helps in getting the essential information required for backlinks making websites. The article is written after the testing all of the listed websites, so you can use them freely.