How much Does it Cost to Rekey a House: Factors affecting the cost to Rekey a House?

A study found that approximately 2 million people were locked out of their homes in just one year. You’ve most likely used a locksmith at some point in the past if that’s what you’ve done.

You might be wondering, “How much does it cost to rekey a house?” “If it is necessary to rekey it.” Most home locks are rekeyed for about $80 to $160. There might be a $50 to $100 trip fee if you call the locksmith to your home.

You will pay $30 to $60 per lock for rekeying, bringing your total to that amount. Locks can be rekeyed at a lower cost than they can be replaced.

Rekeying involves moving the pins inside of a cylinder, which results in a new key. In this article, we will discuss completely the cost of rekeying a house, factors affecting the cost of rekeying a house, and the benefits of hiring an expert locksmith for rekeying a house.

Rekeying locks in a locksmith shop

In cases where it is possible, taking the locks to a local locksmith shop is the least expensive option. Having locks rekeyed at a locksmith’s shop costs a fraction of replacing those locks.

When it comes to rekeying your locks, having a locksmith come to your home versus placing them in a lock shop, the main differences are:

  • This will save you the cost of the trip charge (a locksmith’s time and travel)
  • Because you will be removing and reinstalling the hardware, a rekey will be less expensive.

A locksmith shop is a great choice if you:

  • Keep the number of locks on a door to one or two
  • If you’re at the locksmith’s getting work done, you can have someone watch your house while you’re there.
  • Remove and replace the hardware yourself if you feel comfortable doing so.

Rekeying a house lock at a lock shop costs about $13 per lock cylinder when done with an existing key. You save money by removing and replacing the lock on the door when bringing it in to a shop.

How Much Does It Cost to Rekey Locks at My House?

It might be worth your time and money to hire a locksmith to come out for larger jobs with multiple doors and cylinders to change. If a locksmith has to come to your house to perform the rekey, you will have to pay about $85-110, according to your location.

They will charge you around $21 per cylinder, plus trip fees, to rekey the locks at your location. Since the locksmith is removing and replacing the hardware, rekeying a lock on your premises is more expensive.

The cost of living in Arizona is lower than in many other states, so Arizona Locksmiths charge 5% less than the national average. The costs can also be slightly higher in some circumstances. If you lost the key to a door lock, all is not lost—locksmiths can still rekey it, but they must take the lock apart to get to the cylinder.

You will have to pay about $8 to rekey the lock if you do not have your current key. There is also the possibility of having specialty hardware in an upscale home, such as profile cylinders or complicated 3 – point lock systems that will require more time to be rekeyed. The lock system you have may be highly secure.

A high-security lock will make you aware when it is installed in the home. You will not recognize the keys when they are made. The external moving parts of these lock systems must be retooled during rekeying, and the keys are generally more costly.

However, they are more expensive than normal key blanks, even though they are great for security.

Rekey a House

Factors Affecting the Cost of Rekeying a Horse

Number of Locks

The number of locks that need to be rekeyed is one of the biggest factors in determining the price of your service. The price of each lock will differ according to its type and complexity.

Therefore, you will need to add up the price of the locks when calculating the total cost of your rekeying service from an experienced locksmith. The majority of Los Angeles homeowners likely use high-security locks to make their homes or apartment complexes as secure as possible.

This would be a more cost-effective solution for clients whose locks simply need to be rekeyed. The cost of master key systems for commercial customers may be higher if they require access to all locks using one key.

Complexity of Locks

Rekeying services are also priced according to how complicated the locks are. Rekeying your locks is something many people attempt on their own, but not every lock is easy. Rekeying can be more or less expensive, depending on the lock mechanics involved.

It all comes down to how much time the locksmith spends on a job. Depending on the type of lock, different skills are necessary to rekey a pin tumbler, deadbolt, or high-security front door lock.

If you are given a price estimate and are not sure why a certain lock is more expensive than another, you should ask your locksmith for clarification.

Variation of Locks

When determining the price of your rekeying service, a locksmith will take into account the variation of locks in your house. In most houses, there are multiple types of locks, ranging from a deadbolt on the front door to an automatic garage entrance lock and a sliding glass door lock in the backyard.

Changing the locks will require different time and resources because they use different mechanisms and have different keys. Take inventory in advance of this change in price so you are prepared.

You can track the price of each lock by asking a locksmith for an itemized receipt so that you know what type of locks you need to have repaired.

Tips for Hiring a Locksmith

Your house locks need to be rekeyed so you need a locksmith to assist. You’ve done some research to find out what the cost will be. Which locksmith should you choose? Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

Speak with several locksmiths:

You should compare estimates if it isn’t an emergency. For the most accurate cost estimate, you should contact at least three locksmiths.

Be diligent:

You cannot count on getting a locksmith’s services just because you found them online or called them. Ensure your pro has the training and credentials to back up their claims.


Ask about their technology, insurance, and some of the latest projects they have completed as well as their price.

Rekey a House

Where to go in an emergency:

Roadside assistance may be able to contact a locksmith to come to you in an emergency and let you back into your car if you get locked out.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Locksmith

Rekeying your locks with a locksmith has many advantages, including:

Avoid mistakes.

Many times, rekeying your locks yourself results in the lock being completely ruined. It would have been easier and cheaper to hire a professional locksmith rather than spending money on new locking mechanisms and hardware.

Ensure security.

It’s important to ensure that the old key doesn’t work when rekeying your locks for security reasons. You will increase the security of your home or business by hiring a professional to rekey your locks.

Save money.

It is more economical to have your locks rekeyed than to replace them, along with the benefit of achieving the same level of security.

Rekeying your locks and making a new key for them is a task that is best left to locksmiths who have specialized equipment. Please only give your new key to people you trust and make sure to make as many copies as you would like.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a locksmith cost for a house?

According to HomeGuide, the average price of hiring a locksmith ranges anywhere from $85 to $175, regardless of the nature of the job. Changing the lock on a car goes from $75 to $220, and unlocking a house costs between $65 and $185.

Is it cheaper to rekey or replace locks?

Most of the time, rekeying your lock costs less than replacing it. Because the key pins inside locks are a lot cheaper, as opposed to replacing the whole lock.


Even though rekeying locks is relatively simple, each situation is different, which is why you should consult with a qualified locksmith for a proper estimate and truly trustworthy work.

When completing a project, you need to research prospective locksmiths, estimate the costs, and know what you need.