How much does the PMP certification exam cost?

The PMP certification course will always depend upon the type of training institution, mode of training in the country in which people are interested to get themselves trained.

The project management professionals’ training will always provide the people with the best possible exposure to the top-notch practices of the industry in terms of leading, managing, and directing the projects.

The certification provided by the project management institution will always provide the people with global recognition so that they can secure the job very easily and avail several other advantages in the whole process.

 Following is the comprehensive overview of the cost associated with PMP certification:

  • The training and preparation costs: As per the project management institution to complete the PMP certification on the very first attempt the people need to have 35 hours of training. The first component will be the training cost. This particular course will involve whether the candidates go with the option of online or classroom programs. The cost will always depend upon the country of residence. For example, in the cases of India, the classroom training will be near about 15,000-Rs.40,000, the online training will be near about 10,000-Rs.40,000 and the self-paced training will be near about 5000-Rs.15,000. Similarly, in the case of the US, the classroom training will be near about 1500-US$3000, the online training will be near about 800-US$900 and the self-paced training will be near about 500-US$600. Hence, the PMP certification fees will range between anything US$50-US$3500 in the whole process depending upon the training format and country.

 The entire overview of the PMP examination:

 This particular certification exam is a multiple-choice exam that will include 200 questions. Out of 200 175 questions have to be scored and 25 will be pre-test questions.

The exam duration will be four hours and giving the examination will always be based upon calculative, theoretical, and logical questions in the whole process.


 The component of PMP certification exam and re-examination fees:

  1. PMP certification with the PMI membership will be 405 US$
  2. PMP certification without the project management institution membership will be 555US dollars
  3. Project management institution membership fees will be US$139 which will include 129+ $10 which will be one-time application fees.
  1. Re-examination fees for the PMI members will be $275
  2. The re-examination fees for the non-PMI members will be US$375
  1. It is also very much important for the people to be clear about the PMP certification renewal fees which will be 129 US dollars and has to be undertaken after earning 60 professional development units into the cycle of three years.

PMP certification will always allow people to get the most lucrative roles in the world of finance, healthcare, information technology, manufacturing, and several other kinds of related fields.

Depending upon the Project Management Institute is the best possible way of ensuring that people have proper access to the guide of this particular examination that can be directly utilized in the preparation process.

A further choice of a good training institute is also very much imperative which is the main reason that people need to pass this particular examination with the help of best practices highlighted in the guide.

Apart from this depending upon the expert practitioners in this particular industry is very much vital for the people so that they can clear the examination in the very first attempt and there is no problem at any point in time.

 Hence, being clear about the cost element in the whole process of PMP certification is very much important so that people can make the right decisions at the right time.

 Every element of the PMP certification cost has been explained above so that people can make adequate decisions that will justify the investment.

It is very much advisable for people to be clear about such things so that people can deal with such things professionally.