How Should A Growing Company’s Website Look Like?

If you are the owner of a growing company, then you need to invest time and money into your company’s website. Today, it is impossible to run a successful business without having a digital presence.

A digital presence will make it easier for you to gain exposure and will also give you a place to make sales, outside of your physical store.

But how should a growing company’s website look (and how are you supposed to create a website in the first place?) This post will answer these questions for you, so you can create your website as effectively as possible.

Dedicated Hosting

If you are intending on creating your own website, then it’s a very good idea to arrange dedicated hosting. You’re probably asking yourself ‘what is dedicated hosting, and why should I care?’ because it’s likely something that you have never heard of before.

Dedicated hosting is your own personal server, where you are the server’s only user. If you were to use an ordinary hosting service, then you would have to share a server with many other people, which could lead to your site having slow response times. A dedicated host can be expensive but is definitely worthwhile.

Mobile Optimization

If you want your site to rank highly, then you need to optimize it for mobile use. Google, Yahoo, and Bing won’t include your site at the top of their search listings if you do not optimize your site for mobile usage, since so many of the internet’s users use their mobile phones today.

Mobile optimization is extremely simple, especially if you are using a web building service to create your website. If you are hiring a web developer, then you can ask them to do it for you.

Contact Information

Make sure that your contact information is at the top of each page of your website. Some people put it at the bottom, but this just confuses people. You never want to confuse your website’s users.

Putting your contact information at the top of the page will mean that if anybody needs to get hold of you, then they know where to look.

You should give your website’s users a telephone number and an email address. You may also want to have a live chat service, where users can interact with a customer service bot.

Easy Navigation

No matter what your site’s intended purpose is, it needs to be easily navigable. The worst thing that you can do for your site is to make it too complex for your site’s users to navigate.

Since there are likely thousands of websites that offer the same services as yours, making your site hard to use will just push users away from your site and into your competitor’s arms.

Most web-building services are very easy to use and make site navigation very simple, thanks to easily created widgets. If you are hiring a web developer, then you need to tell them to make your site as simple as possible.

Decluttering Site

Keep your site as clutter-free as possible. If you have already created your site, and it is cluttered, then remove all excess clutter as quickly as possible. If you allow your site to remain cluttered, then you will confuse and annoy your site’s visitors.

A cluttered site is nearly always impossible to navigate because there’s so much going on that it becomes very difficult to see what you are doing.

You can hire a professional website designer to declutter and organize your site’s design for you if you aren’t very good at designing.

Accurate Information

Any information that’s available on your website should be as accurate as possible. If you publish misleading information on your website, then customers could consequently fail to take anything that your site tells them seriously.

When a person reads information they know to be untrue, it significantly devalues your brand and makes you look uninformed and unprofessional.

All of your site’s information should be as accurate as it possibly can be, down to your contact information and any testimonials that you have published on your website from past customers.

Simple Design

Keep your site’s design as simple as possible. As mentioned previously, a site that’s too complicated or cluttered will just confuse and annoy customers.

A simple website design is really important because it will keep your audience’s attention, rather than overload their senses (as a cluttered site can do).

A simple design can be easily created if you are using a web design service. If you are hiring a web developer to create your site for you, then you can specify to them that you want a site that’s as simple as possible.

If you are going to do this, then make sure that you hire a web developer who’s qualified and able to deliver what you want from them.


SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is one of the internet’s leading marketing solutions and is used by website creators and business owners from a variety of different industries.

The whole idea of SEO is to increase the rank of one’s website by manipulating the algorithms of search engines. If you have no prior marketing experience, then it is a very good idea to hire a professional SEO service to represent you. SEO is a full-time job.

There’s no way that you will be able to manage your site’s SEO if you are a business owner because you will have other things to do.

Hiring Programmer

Throughout this article, independent web developers have been referenced. If you have a lot of money to invest in your website, and you don’t want to use a basic web design service, then hiring a programmer (another name for web developers) is a great idea.

A programmer will be able to create you a site that’s entirely unique to your business, and that doesn’t rely on templates or anything that anybody else has ever used before. Your site will be entirely your own.

If you are running a website, then you need to make your site look as professional as possible. If your site doesn’t look its best, then consumers might not want to do business with you or use your site.

This page’s guidance will help you to design your site effectively, so give each point careful consideration.