How to Convert PDF Files to JPG Images Using PDFBear

PDF files to JPG images are two entirely different file formats that have specific purposes. PDF is a document format that preserves the format, spacing, lettering, and other aspects of the file while allowing a few edits to be made at the same time.

JPG, on the other hand, is an image file that projects photographs, infographics, and other visual material.

There are ways to convert PDF files to JPG images, and that includes the use of a website like PDFBear.

This article will explain how to use PDFBear, the benefits of using this website, and the reasons for converting PDF files to JPG images.

How can I use PDFBear to convert PDF files to JPG?

Not everyone can afford to use Adobe Acrobat Pro since converting files from PDF to JPG or other formats with the standard Adobe Acrobat Reader is usually complicated.

 This is the case because the software has no separate setting or option to convert PDF files to JPG.

To solve this problem and to make PDF to JPG conversions more accessible to everyone, a PDF to JPG converter like PDFBear was created to allow users to convert their PDF documents to JPG images, among other formats.

 This website is easy to use, and it only takes a few steps to convert these documents into images:

PDF files to JPG
  1. Choose the PDF document that you wish to be downloaded. Upload it to the website by dragging the file into the website or clicking the “Select A File” button.
  2. Once the file has been uploaded, the website will initiate the process of converting your PDF document into a high-quality JPG image.
  3. Wait for the conversion to finish. Once the process is done, you may finally download the result to your computer or mobile device.

The Benefits of Using PDFBear to Convert Your Files

When it comes to converting PDF files to JPG images, PDFBear is a reliable website that is accessible and easy to use.

You don’t need to create an account, download an app, or even pay monthly subscription fees just to use this website.

PDFBear is not only free to use, but it can also be used on any web browser such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge and any platform, such as Windows, Android, and iOS. Furthermore, it only takes a few steps to convert PDF files into JPG images compared to Adobe Acrobat Reader or even Adobe Acrobat Pro.

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If you are worried that your files might be hacked, compromised, or even viewed without permission on the internet, you can expect security and privacy with PDFBear when converting your PDF files into JPG images.

About an hour from the time when you converted your PDF file to JPG, your file will automatically be removed from the website’s servers, ensuring that no one else could access your file except you.

Finally, PDFBear also has tools that will allow you to select any image in your PDF file and then convert them to JPG.

Reasons Why People Convert PDF Files to JPG

Converting PDF files to JPG images is no easy task, given the difference between the two file formats and the tools needed to perform this task.

 However, many people still convert PDF files to JPG images for several reasons. For one, PDF files are not that difficult to share, but they cannot be effectively shared on all platforms, such as websites, blogs, and even social media apps.

You would need to download the PDF file first before reading the data inside the document, making it a little harder to obtain the information inside it.

Furthermore, not all websites and apps accommodate PDF files or allow these types of documents to be uploaded to their platform.

This is solved by converting a PDF file to a JPG image. JPG images are easier to share since they tend to have a smaller file size compared to PDFs and they could be readily uploaded on almost all social media platforms and websites as well.

If a PDF file of legislation needs to be shared with a huge number of people through social media, converting it first to a JPG image makes the file easier to upload and more accessible to read.

PDF-to-JPG conversion is a great solution for people who wish to share documents in a high-quality format but do not wish to experience the limitations presented by PDF files.


Several tools and methods could be used to convert PDF files into JPG images, whatever the purpose of the conversion.

These tools, however, either need complicated steps to be performed so that PDF files could be converted to JPG images or you would need to pay a monthly subscription fee just to get access to this service.

 With these limited tools and options, it would not certainly hurt to try reliable alternatives for converting PDF files into JPG images, which like online converters such as PDFBear.

There is no doubt about the importance of converting PDF files into JPG images.

 It is easier to share JPG images on any website, blog, or even social media platform compared to PDF files, and it is also easier and quicker to access information in a JPG format compared to a PDF file format.

 For these reasons, online converters exist to make PDF-to-JPG conversions simple, easy yet accessible, and free for everybody.