How to fix err_cache_miss error

8 methods to fix the err_cache_miss error

The err_cache_miss is an error in Google Chrome that only occurs in the Google Chrome web browser. You might encounter this issue while using chrome.

Generally, err_cache miss appears when your google chrome browser is having a few problems with the caching system an issue within the cache system, or when something goes wrong in the web browser like corrupted extensions and bugs, etc.

Here we are providing you the most popular methods to fix the err_cache_miss on google chrome. You just simply have to follow these methods to fix the err_cache_miss error.

Two situations of occurrence of err_cache_miss error

The two common situations that cause err_cache_miss error.

  • When accessing your personal and business or commercial website err_cache_miss error could occur.
  • This error could occur while using the chrome developmental tool.

 How to fix err_cache_miss

You can put one of these methods to avoid the occurrence of the err_cache_miss in Google chrome. This will be going to help you to fix the error in Google chrome.

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Update the browser

When you update the version of chrome it’s the best way to avoid the err_cache_miss.

This will help you to eliminate the issue or any inefficiency in the chrome that might be the cause of the err_cache_miss.

  • To update it open the browser go to settings in About chrome when you will open this you will be able to see that you are using the latest or old version of chrome.
  • If you are not using the updated version then the update button will appear simply click it to shift to the updated version.

Disable the browser extensions

When you have installed the extensions in the browser that is corrupted would interfere with the function of the chrome.

  • Top-left this errors you have to disable each of the browser’s extensions. Go to the chrome’s setting option have over the more tool options and select the option of extensions and disable them.
  • By disabling the browser extension, you can easily get rid of err_cache_miss.

Refresh the page

The prior choice is usually to refresh the page when the err_cache_miss error occurs. This is the best method to avoid the error.

  • Simply you have to select the reload page button in the top-left corner of the chrome browser or press the F5 on your keyboard.

The problem while refreshing the page with this error is that it will input previous data. To avoid this you can reload the web without refreshing it.

 But you have to ensure that no data is resent. Now you can do that by selecting the address in the URL bar and pressing the enter key instead. It will also avoid err_cache_miss and also avoid resent of the data.

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Check your network

Sometimes you got network issues that also cause several errors. One of the errors includes err_cache_miss. Bad network or bad network settings also give the err_cache_miss.

  • To overcome this problem, you have to reset the settings of the network in chrome or reset your network device to check that either the problem is solved or not.
  • This will help you to avoid the err_cache_miss.
  • A good network will help you to find the solution to this error. If it will not then follow the other steps mentioned below.

Reset the browser settings

If you are still facing the problem and err_cache_miss error then you should give try this step. Reset your browser settings and then access the page you are where you experience an error.

  • If your browser is only the issue that causing err_cache_miss then go to the settings, which is followed by advanced >Reset settings then simply click on the reset button.
  • Finally, you can restart your browser and now you can give try to access the page again.
  • If the problem is the browser then you will no longer see the err_cache_miss error by applying this fix.

Disable your cache system

The err_cache_miss error is generally the error provoked by an issue in the caching system. Simply when your google chrome having a few problems with the caching system.

If the other, fixes didn’t work for you then, by disabling the cache system you can get rid of the err_cache_miss error.

  • you can use the method as a solution to fix the problem.
  • It requires you to use the chrome development browsers. In the browser’s settings, sure to open the developer tools and under the network section, you can find the option to disable the cache.
  • Now simply disable the cache system to remove the err_cache_miss error. You will no longer see the error.

Clear your browser data

Sometimes in the cache system browser is amassed with the corrupted files. That results in the err_cache_miss error. To resolve the problem, you have to clear your browser data.

  • You can find this in your chrome setting in the section of more tools you will find the clear browsing data option. Then hit the clear data button to clear the browser data.
  • Once you will clear the data then refresh the browser and see that err_cache_miss is no longer.

Give try to another browser

If you still get err_cache_miss after applying all of the above methods then the final step could be to use another browser just give a try to the other browsers.

  • The last option would help you to get rid of the err_cache_miss error.
  • Or you can open the page in another browser.


There exist many reasons that cause the err_cache_miss on Google chrome. There could be many reasons like problems in the caching system, network problems, and browser settings. The err_cache_miss error could be fixed by resetting or disabling many features in chrome that is causing the error. The mentioned steps would help you to get rid of err_cache_miss.

  • Update the browser.
  • Disable the browser extension.
  • Refresh the page
  • Check your network
  • Reset the browser settings
  • Disable your cache system
  • Clear your browser data
  • Give try to another browser