How to fix Microsoft Outlook [pii_email_f4cea690933c501337c1] Error Code?

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The [pii_email_f4cea690933c501337c1] MS Outlook reporting error can be caused by two reasons: An improperly opened email or attachment and an Outlook error. Here is a simple tutorial on how to fix Microsoft Outlook errors:

How to resolve Microsoft Outlook error messages with Microsoft Outlook Express or MSE?

First of all, we will discuss the reasons for the occurrence of this error. The first step to resolve Outlook Express error is to understand your problem first.

Outlook errors happen when there are conflicts between your custom settings and some default settings in Microsoft Outlook.

The second step is to run a fully-functional repair on your Microsoft Outlook Express. Reason number one is the corrupted PST data file. To solve the problem, open the Microsoft Outlook Express and click on the Account tab.


What are some more reasons behind Outlook error codes?

The reason can be the inappropriate use of the Auto Responders in Microsoft Outlook. This is done by mistake while setting up or when deleting some items from your Outlook Express database.

For any problem, it is a good idea to troubleshoot it immediately. So, here we are going to address the second reason mentioned above – improper use of the Auto Responders in Microsoft Outlook Express.

To fix Microsoft Outlook Express [pii_email_f4cea690933c501337c1] email error codes, you will need to download and install the Microsoft Outlook Express fix software.

Outlook Express fixes software is widely available on the Internet. When you find the right software, follow the on-screen instructions to install it. It will automatically scan your computer for errors and then fix them. This can be done within minutes.

The third reason why Outlook error [pii_email_f4cea690933c501337c1] messages keep popping up is the usage of incorrect server timeouts. Outlook uses the Windows registry to help it to store email account settings and options.

When there are changes made to these settings, such as when you create new emails or change some settings in your email account, your computer will have to refresh the entire Outlook Express settings. This will take some time and could potentially cause Outlook errors.

When you receive common outlook error messages about SMTP server timeouts, the most likely cause is because you have improperly set the ‘SMTP Authentication’ for your email account.

If you have enabled the ‘use standard email account’ or if you have used the built-in ‘SMTP.defaultmail’ service option, then you may encounter server timeouts when you try to send the email.

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How to fix it?

To fix this, make sure you turn off the automatic setting of the SMTP.defaultmail feature and add-in by using your IP address and port number.

Also, if you want to test if this setting is set correctly, disconnect your email account and open the Outlook Express email client.

When you open the email program, check the ‘Envelope Delivery’ section, and click on the ‘Change’ button near the top right corner.

Some more errors that you may encounter while sending out emails are an Outlook error code 0x800ccc0f.

This error can occur for a variety of reasons such as a connection failure or when you are attempting to send an email to someone who does not accept e-mail as an attachment.

To avoid this problem, you should always use the offline folder option when sending files and folders to people you don’t live close to.

If you need to set this setting, make sure you also change the other preferences that are used on your computers such as the language setting and the time zone setting. When you receive an Outlook error code [pii_email_f4cea690933c501337c1] or 0x800ccc0f, it’s always best to contact Microsoft for assistance.