How to get a criminal justice degree

Earning a degree in criminal justice can lead to an exciting and rewarding career in the legal system that requires a level head and calmness to succeed.

A criminal justice degree can enable you to land a variety of fulfilling careers as an FBI agent, criminal justice educator, correctional officer, detective, or probation officer among many others.

Majoring in criminal justice

Criminal justice majors include some core subjects like law enforcement, court, and corrections to familiarise students with their theory and practice. Students, typically, choose any one of these specializations for a meaningful career in public service.

How to get a criminal justice degree

You must first finish high school and earn a diploma with good grades to increase your chances of getting admission to the college of your choice.

You can even try to get an online criminal justice degree for more flexibility to adhere to your schedule without having to sacrifice time for work and family.

Schooling in criminal justice usually involves a broad spectrum of courses including politics, history, psychology, philosophy, and sociology.

The criminology and criminal justice field is an extremely crowded marketplace, but a bachelor’s degree in law from an accredited university or college can lead you in the right career direction, which is usually completed in four years of hard work.

Once students have earned their bachelor’s degree, the door is open for them to access improved professional opportunities to work for law enforcement agencies. Students can learn practical skills, such as CPR, that can be of great help in future jobs.

Some more academically inclined criminal justice students pursue higher studies to obtain a master’s or doctoral degree to further their prospects in other fields of law.

These could include the most sought-after positions in forensic psychology and post-secondary teaching. These are some of the most high-paying posts in criminal justice according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Moreover, master’s graduates may obtain leadership positions with high salaries as emergency management directors, forensic anthropologists, or information security managers.

Look for opportunities to gain experience

criminal justice degree

Experience in the criminal justice field is an invaluable asset, so during your study years, look out for an opportunity where you can get first-hand experience.

This can be achieved by either working with a law office or volunteering for an assignment with the local police department to come to grips with the legal system.

Consider earning certification to establish credibility

While you are completing your degree course or even after you have finished the education program, try to earn a certification in the field you prefer to specialize in.

This certificate will not only confirm your credibility but will give you a head start among other aspirants vying for positions as bailiff, jailor, or corrections officer.

You can earn a certificate by opting to take additional subjects and passing the exam in order to demonstrate your abilities and knowledge.

A successful student of criminal justice will eventually enter the legal scene with an understanding of the working of the criminal system and how to gain a better insight into its depths through critical thinking.