How to get the PayKun payment gateway for the website?

It is essential that you provide your customers with an easy and secure payment method to make online payments through your website and online store.

The best customer experience is at the center of this and so it is also necessary that an ideal payments solution is there at their service.

At the same time, it needs to be perfect for your business. The overall benefits could be obtained by using a payment gateway for website.

PayKun payment gateway provides the best services with the lowest transaction fees (TDR) in the market. It also has affordable international payment fees supporting multiple currencies.

Payment acceptance with multiple payment modes including credit card, debit card, wallet, net banking, UPI, QR code, and EMI gives you and your customer the best user experience.

Meaning of the payment gateway

The medium used to collect the payments with the digital payment modes is called an online payment gateway.

Technically speaking, a payment gateway is a medium that sends the request and response between the various parties including the issuing bank (customer’s bank), acquirer bank, merchant, and card networks when a payment is initiated by the customer at the checkout.

The payment gateway is the source where the transaction is initiated.

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Methods to use Paykun payment gateway

Your business needs would decide the method of using the PayKun payment gateway. It can be integrated with the mobile application, a payment button can be added to the website or blog page, or website integration can be done.

There is another option of using the payment links (this is when you would accept payments without a website or app).

If you have an online presence then giving the payment solution to your customers in the form of the Paykun payment gateway is the best option.

With PayKun payment gateway, online payments become incredibly efficient due to multiple reasons like you can provide multiple payment modes to pay, the highest level of security, reliability and reputed, global reach, etc.

PayKun payment

Reasons to use PayKun payment gateway for your website

If you have an online place for your business in the form of a website or eCommerce shop, giving the online payment facility becomes compulsory so that your customer can finalize the purchase through the payment on the spot.

Integrating PayKun with your website or app includes the following advantages:

  • It follows the best security compliances. PayKun is PCI DSS compliant, SSL certified, and follows AES encryption standards
  • Accept the secured card payments from international customers easily
  • Offers 120+ payment modes for your customers to pay with their preferred payment method
  • EMI payment option is available
  • Get your payments directly in your bank account
  • Multiple currencies supported with the settlements in INR
  • Easy and fast onboarding facilities with one-on-one support and guidance
  • Offers the payment retry option
  • No setup fee, zero maintenance charges, and free integration assistance provided
  • Reliable customer support through chat, email, and calls
  • The smooth PayKun payment checkout provides the best payment experience
  • It provides a high success rate in transaction processing

PayKun is the easiest to integrate with your website

Integrating PayKun does not mean that you have to go through a lot of coding and do technical stuff. The ready integration kits of PayKun enable you to integrate it with no hassle.

Putting it simply, PayKun provides the ready codes in the form of developer-friendly ready integration kits known as plugins and SDKs. These are available online for free.

PayKun has everything ready and covered for the integration, the detailed technical documentation guide will enable your developer to integrate in no time and you can start accepting the payments in just a few minutes.

The free technical support in the integration assistance is the added advantage from the PayKun side. The ready codes and plugins available to integrate payment gateway – PayKun for its supported platforms are as follows:

Web integration


JS Checkout



eCommerce plugins




PrestaShop Modules

PayKun WHMCS Kit


Procedure to get the PayKun payment gateway for your website

The process of using PayKun with your website or in any other method includes 3 easy steps:

  • Register the account with the basic required details and documents
  • Submit them for verification to get the account activated
  • Go ahead with the integration to start collecting the payments

Before the registration, you can use the Sandbox mode to try the test mode of PayKun.

Credentials for integration

You will need certain details for the integration like merchant ID, Access token, and Encryption Key. Also, you will need to take care of certain aspects mentioned below-


  • Log In to the Dashboard
  • ‘Go to’ the Merchant Account under the ‘Payment Gateway’ section
  • Click on your Profile in the top right corner
  • Copy your Merchant ID from the drop-down


  • Then click on Setting>Security>Generate API Key (web or device as per your platform)
  • Download the Access Token and Encryption Key(API Secret Key)

Adding the Payment Button

Another option to be used is the payment button. You can choose this option to use the payment gateway through your website or blog page.

It is very easy to add it. You simply need to generate an embed code from the merchant dashboard and add it to the website.

You need not have any technical knowledge to create an embed code button. This ready code can then be added to the website with the help of your developer.

Steps to generate the embed code:

  • Create Payment Link for multiple customers from the merchant dashboard
  • Click on the Payment Link ID
  • Select generate embed code
  • Create the customized code for the button

You may customize and set the color of the button, select the color of the text, and write the text that would like to show on the button.


With the fact that an online payment gateway is essential for the website, it is also important to have an ideal payment gateway for a website suitable for your business.

It needs to be reputed and reliable like PayKun. To discuss your business need to connect with the support team of the PayKun today.