How to Make Successful Online Course

You have probably seen a lot of advertisements on the Internet for different online education courses. Their variety is impressive: people can easily learn foreign languages, digital marketing, programming, and even play musical instruments online.

Nowadays, the online learning trend is gaining momentum and attracts a huge number of clients every day. So why not create your own online training course?

As you can see there are a lot of reasons to make an online course. Our guide will show you step by step how to do it at the highest level.

Choosing the Course Topic and Research Content Around It

You should start creating your course by choosing a suitable topic. Think about what you are good at and which of your skills would be useful for other people.

The range of suggested topics is practically unlimited. Do you play musical instruments, love humor, train your pet, go hiking? All of this can be a topic for your course.

Create a lecture series about dog training or stand-up comedy writing. You can determine the most promising directions using Google Trends, where you can find out what online courses users are looking for the most.

Once you’ve decided on the topic, take care of the content of your course. Check out the relevant literature and available webinars on your topic.

If possible, talk to professionals in your field of activity. Thus, you will be able to avoid many pitfalls and make a high-quality course.

Defining the Structure of the Modules and the Course Plan

Having decided on the topic and content of the course, it is necessary to structure the available information and draw up a detailed plan.

It is better to break the information into small topics that will be easy to learn and remember in one lesson.

One module on a specific topic can contain several lessons. At the end of each lesson, remember to give your students homework for independent study.

This will help your clients stay involved in the educational process and increase their level of professionalism and independence.

Choosing Most Effective Content Delivery Methods

Use the most up-to-date communication methods. Thanks to the services available on the Internet, you can easily create educational videos on YouTube, interactive notebooks, presentations, group conferences, virtual classrooms, and much more.

Internet services will help you easily distribute assignments to students and receive feedback.

You can film your lectures and create video presentations with screen recording software.

Your students will appreciate your desire to keep up with current trends, which will certainly increase the popularity of your training courses.

Taking Care of the Technical Part of the Online School Creation

Having thought over all the nuances and having prepared the necessary material, you should proceed to the direct creation of your online school. You need to determine where you will provide your services:

  • Online course marketplaces. Marketplaces often dictate their own rules of the game, which you will have to adjust to. This choice is fraught with possible depreciation of your course and constant monitoring of marketing. This method is quite simple, but not effective.
  • Learning management systems. The learning management system gives a greater degree of freedom and simplifies the very process of promoting and creating courses. This method is the most optimal. You can find more information about the LMS on the net.
  • Plugins or software on your website. Creating your own website with services is the most difficult technically, but the most promising and profitable.
Online Course

Determining Course Pricing

Explore the competitors in your area providing similar services and see their prices. Determine your costs of creating and promoting the course. Establish how your clients will pay for training.

  • Will clients pay for the entire course at once, or will they have to pay separately for each lesson?
  • Will premium content be provided for a group of VIP customers?
  • Are you going to introduce a system of discounts?

Only after answering these questions can you start setting prices. It is important not to set the price too high compared to competitors, but also not lower, as your services may look less attractive and professional than others.

Launching and Marketing

Regardless of the choice of the way to sell your services, a thorough brand strategy and online marketing are necessary for the success of your endeavor.

In the 21st century of internet technology, it is foolish to advertise in the newspaper or advertise your courses through word of mouth.

Use email marketing for customer acquisition and online advertising. Develop a mail notification system. The Mail Chimp service provides many convenient solutions for doing business online.


In this article, we briefly described the process of creating your own online educational programs. Make sure that the topic for training is well-familiar to you, otherwise, you risk losing student confidence and failing.

The use of modern video processing, text editing, and communication would greatly help to create a competitive product. Email marketing, solid promotion, and branding strategies will help to ensure you a constantly increasing flow of new customers.