How to Pick the Right Coding Classes for Your Kids

You recognize that your child has an interest in programming. You also acknowledge that they may gain many useful soft skills through coding classes.

But how do you pick the right coding school for them?

While there are many online coding classes, not all are ideal for your child. Some only provide students with a superficial level of training, while others are taught by instructors who aren’t adept at teaching.

Here are some characteristics you should watch out for in a good coding school for kids:

Top Coding Languages

Some coding schools only teach programs that have no real-world applications. Avoid such schools as your child will not gain any practical skills.

Please ask a school about the coding languages taught in the courses. Remember, courses in coding for students should feature standard programming languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, and C++.

Skill-Based Programs

Avoid schools that only have one or two programs. A good coding school must have multiple programs to suit the needs of its students:

  • Introductory: An introductory program should help novices develop fundamental computer skills and introduce them to basic programming concepts.
  • Beginner: Kids who have passed the introductory program or are already comfortable with computers should start with a beginner-level coding course.
  • Intermediate: Students with a grasp of basic coding concepts should have the option to study Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, and more at an intermediate level.
  • Advanced: An advanced course should help students dive deeper into C# and C++.

Some schools may also offer elite-level courses that teach advanced students even further. A coding school should be ready for all types of students, from beginners to advanced.

Small Class Size

Numerous studies show that students benefit from small class sizes. Here, they can freely ask questions and learn at their own pace. To optimize teaching, the best coding schools for young students limit their class sizes to a maximum of four students per class.

Free Trial

Pick a school that offers a free trial class. You and your child can use the free class to gauge whether the school or the course is right for them.

Young Yet Experienced Teachers

Look for a school with young yet experienced instructors, as young students are more likely to feel comfortable with younger teachers. And the more comfortable students feel during classes, the less anxious they’ll feel asking questions or making mistakes.

After all, in coding, errors are inevitable.

In addition to being young, teachers should also be highly qualified and capable of imparting valuable knowledge regarding sophisticated concepts.

Coding Classes

The Gaming Angle

There’s no better way to get students excited about coding than through gaming. Young students are compelled to learn more about programming when they believe they can develop their own game one day.

The best coding schools start students interested in developing games with Java and Python. These programming languages are excellent for students who are comfortable with computers yet new to programming. Students can make rudimentary games from scratch to gain confidence for more advanced courses.

In addition to learning about programming when motivated by games, students also learn essential math concepts such as circle geometry and Pythagoras’s theorem!

Your child’s first coding school may be their first experience with programming. Pick the right school to set a lasting impression.