How To Properly Advertise Your Real Estate Business

The housing market is a booming industry with many opportunities for enterprising individuals. There is never a dearth of new homes or buildings, so there will be plenty of clients looking to buy or sell the property shortly!

As a real estate agent, you know that success in this industry hinges on two key factors: client satisfaction and generating profit. So how do we ensure that our clients are happy?

By advertising! The old-fashioned way of using print ads or radio commercials is still an option for those who want it – but there are also more modern methods available, like online marketing, which can substantially help with spreading your message even further through social media platforms and real estate SEO.

To know what platforms and methods will make your property stand out, let’s jump into this article.

Know Your Target Audience

One of the most important things for any business is to know their target audience because that’s a major contributor to growth. Audience selection plays an integral part in running a successful campaign.

Before creating an appealing and effective campaign, you need to know your target audience. What are their needs and wants? What are their demographics?.

Let’s suppose you run a campaign through ads or social media or newspapers for audiences of the age group 15 to 20 or for people who aren’t interested in buying property or have less purchasing power; this will have a negative impact, and your million dollars will be spent in vain because of inaccurate audience selection. So choose them wisely!

You can target your audience through social media or real estate search engine optimization because SEO helps to find keywords to target your audience.

It also gives an overview of competitors’ websites which allows you to know their target policy and enables you to foster organic growth and increase your leads by targeting the actual audience.

Have a Professional Website

Without a doubt, having a well-built and professional website that speaks to your audience, is a surefire way to success.

Your first impression can definitely make or break the deal with your potential customers, and there is a significant difference between a mediocre website and a professional one. To attract customers, it is essential to create a website with a great user experience.

Most research has shown that users only stay on specific websites for 15 seconds on average. So to attract them, it is essential to build a website with easy navigation bars, high-quality photographs, mobile optimization,  fast loading speed with fewer pop-up advertisements, and last but not least, great content because the content is king.

Without a doubt, real estate search engine optimization will help in this regard. It will help write the kind of content needed to place your website on Google’s first results page. Content optimization helps your website by incorporating the proper meta descriptions, meta tags, and SEO backlinks.

Maintain a Strong Presence

Setting up a blog post will help you to generate more leads. You have to write high-quality and informative articles for your site to rank highly on the SERPs and to gain more leads.

Also, it is essential to connect it with your main website. In the blog, you can talk about tips and tricks related to real estate. You can also share relevant news, write on current topics affecting the real estate world, and post new listings. 

Another important thing is to make use of the latest real estate SEO tools. Nowadays, Zillow has become a great platform, and many buyers and sellers turn to it.

Zillow allows you to share your listing and your profile with a larger audience, thereby creating opportunities for growth and attracting potential clients.

But there is another tool that outperforms Zillow’s functionality and features, i.e. Showcase IDX. It happens to be the latest tool, and Showcase IDX helps users find new homes and perhaps is the only one that’s giving competition to Zillow.

Real estate SEO will require you to add essential and relevant keywords, link building and credible sites, high CTR, and the keywords that users are most likely to look up, within the content. 

Google Analytics, Semrush, and Keywords everywhere can help you find related keywords and long-tail keywords, which makes the quality of your content better and in turn helps you rank higher.

Have Spot On Email Marketing 

Email marketing is a great way to keep your customers and clients updated on your latest listings, open houses, news, and events.

But, as with any marketing strategy, there are certain best practices you should follow to get the most out of your efforts. Here are some tips for email marketing success in real estate.

  1. Send them newsletters and emails on a daily or weekly basis.
  2. Keeping a list of potential and up-to-date users is essential for email marketing.
  3. Include images, links to new listings, and videos to inform and attract the user. Keep an eye on unengaged users and remove them from the list. 

This will help you to wisely invest your time. This will help you grow your audience on a bigger scale with less time consumption.

Hire a Professional Photographer 

People are more likely to be attracted by visual stimuli rather than verbal stimuli. Studies have shown that around 40% of people respond better to visual information.

In case you are thinking of running an effective advertising campaign for your business, you need to add content that includes mainly photographs or videos.

For optimizing the clicks on the photographs, use a wide-angle lens to capture an image. A wide-angle lens will capture your whole room and give a professional and sophisticated look to your pictures.

Take close-ups of places like the fireplace and use natural lighting. If you want your listing to truly stand out, hire a professional photographer. 

Go Socialize!


Social media has become a significant part of people’s lives, and if you need your business to grow, then it’s crucial to have your presence on social media.

Social media is one of the effective ways to connect with potential clients and is also a great way to stay up to date by keeping a watchful eye on the real estate world.

One way is to set up your account on various social platforms and you can easily increase your engagement by posting religiously and by interacting with others through Q and A.

You can advertise your page through social media influencers but make sure they have an organic following and that their typical content is similar in nature to your business niche.

Run Ads Campaign 

The goal of any ad is to get people interested enough in your business so they’ll feel compelled to access your product or use your service.

There are a few things you will have to keep in mind. Firstly, you have to know what audience the ad seeks to target. Know their needs and wants specifically, so they will be able to read them easily.

When individuals see something that interests them (because there’s always someone out there looking!), they can quickly glance over what was written without getting lost in too much detail.

Keep things simple! Do not try packing as much information into each message because research has shown that simple statements trigger much higher response rates.

So keep things easy to understand. This means less clutter! Be concise yet detailed enough. Don’t forget to use a killer heading and copywriting art to attract more users.

Open House & Virtual Tours

Host an open house, a tour of your building, home, or property you are listing. Arrange some fun activities like face paintings and some other sort of contest to attract more buyers. In an open house, guide the buyers on the pros, benefits, and future of that property. You can also attend webinars and seminars to grow your audience to a larger platform.

It’s good to give a sneak peek of the property through a virtual tour. You can use a 3D model or VR for this. Providing a virtual tour helps the client become familiar with the property from the comfort of their home. This also saves your time and energy.

Other Tactics to Stand Out

Design attractive business cards that are visually catchy with some solid hooks. Reliable business cards will add a taste of professionalism.

They help you connect with new people and potential clients. Maintaining a certain uniqueness will help you arrange it and differ from your competitors. Give deals and discounts and introduce new trends and creative advertisements to stand out in the market.

Drone Videos 

Videos help to give insight into the house more realistically than images. You don’t need to spend much on recording or need to hire a professional.

You can shoot videos on a simple camera, or you can invest in a drone (it will be a long-term investment) to shoot videos; it will give buyers an opportunity to see what the actual house will look like without having to physically visit it.

Twitter Hashtags Make or Break It 

Twitter hashtags are also a great way to interact with users. You can also find related posts to comment on or like, thereby developing more connections with them.

You can search for related content through Twitter hashtags, but don’t use too many of them. You can use twitter’s search tool to find relevant hashtags to use in your post in order to stand out and connect with new people.

Don’t be Shy to Ask For Referral

A referral system is simply a process by which you give incentives to your past clients to refer your businesses to your new clients.

You can ask them to refer you by exchanging some gifts or discounts in this way; you make it easy for them to refer to you when their efforts are recognized and appreciated. This will help ensure that they continue to recommend you to others.

One can build a truly successful real estate business if sufficient time is dedicated to learning how to grow it effectively.

We’ve outlined some of the best approaches that will help you to grow your business and advertise it more effectively to get leads and long-term clients.