How to Use Technology to Improve Your Fitness

(Fitness) We all know that working out is vital to staying healthy, both mentally and physically. There are countless types of workouts out there, including ones based purely on cardio or strength, as well as longer workouts and faster HIIT workouts.

With the internet at your disposal and gyms on nearly every street corner, there are so many resources available for you to find the right workout for you.

From workouts that use commercial equipment to those that require no equipment at all, there is a way for everyone to boost their health levels depending on their preferences.

You might think equipment is all you need to improve your overall fitness, but you can also use technology to your advantage.

These days, tech is more than just a bulky computer or a basic cell phone. Smart technology is now a part of life, and there are numerous ways you can use it to improve your fitness and enhance your workout. That’s right, it’s not just for scrolling endlessly!

Here are some of the ways you can combine tech and fitness.

Aid your workout with supplements

When thinking of technology, we mostly think of electricals, but it’s more than that. Modern advances have allowed us to identify key drivers in aiding workouts and bettering recovery rates through the form of supplements.

By incorporating an add-on like Axe and Sledge supplements into your workout routine, be it pre or post, you can prime your muscles and body for exercise. 

Supplements use smart technology to target specific areas, such as gut mobility or muscle recovery. Some even better your concentration, ensuring you’re in the best possible headspace to do your workout. If you haven’t already, look into supplements as part of your fitness journey.


Track your workouts

Now, onto technology that is a bit more familiar and isn’t based in a lab. Using your phone, smartwatch, or app, you can track your workouts to see your progress.

For example, most smartphones and watches allow you to track how many steps you’re doing a day or how many miles you’re covering.

If you’re looking at cardio-based workouts such as long-distance running, you can also see the route you’ve taken, track how long it’s taken you, and see your progress over time. This is ideal for those who want to continually improve and see how far they’ve come.

Monitor your heart rate

There are a number of reasons why monitoring your heart rate is a good idea, but mostly because it gives you a better insight into your health overall.

Exercise can be taxing and for some people, heavy cardio can be dangerous. Whilst you should always discuss any exercise plans with your GP before you start, you can also use an app or heart monitor to keep an eye on your heart rate.

You should find that it improves as time goes on and you get fitter, but if you notice anything getting worse, you can tailor your workouts around this.

Listen to music as a motivator


Finding the motivation to work out can be tough, but one thing that could help is listening to music.

Whether you stream music on a speaker at home or use wireless earphones to listen in the gym, putting on an upbeat, motivational soundtrack can give you the spring in your step you need to complete a comprehensive workout and increase your fitness levels.


There are many other ways you can use technology to aid your exercise and fitness goals, but we hope these four tips help you get a good start on your workout journey and make it slightly easier, safer, or more rewarding for you.