How to watch Marvel Netflix order in 2021?

Thanks to Marvel and Netflix which have brought the unknown superheroes onto our home small screens.

One of the world’s pioneer superheroes character-based Entertainment Company, owned by Walt Disney, marks successful record-breaking hits in the marvel cinematic universe.

Thereafter, it also collaborated with Netflix and created a mind-blowing series of breathtaking action and mystery series.

Although the streaming giant has concluded its superheroes series with Season 3 of Jessica Jones.

There are no updates until either of the companies announce an official statement about what are their future plans?

In the meantime people who are still unaware of how to see the Marvel Netflix order?

Get ready, here we will be listing a proper guide on how to start watching all the 13 seasons in ascending order.

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A guide to watching Marvel Netflix order

Marvel Netflix order

Daredevil season 1 April 2015

It’s the first-ever Marvel superhero that debuted on Netflix.

In season 1 it stared Charlie Cox as Daredevil, a man fearless.

A lawyer by day and turns out to be the observant at night.

He tries to sweep away the New York streets crimes, through his superpower abilities.

The story revolves around the character who has lost his sight but can use his extra heightened skills of senses, touches, hearings, smells to protect the streets from crimes.

Marvel Netflix order

Jessica Jones season 1 November 2015 

Right after Marvel gets charmed under the umbrella of Netflix debuts the second superhero in another Netflix series.

This time the superhero is a female character known as Jessica Jones, starring Krysten Ritter.

In this series, Jessica jones happens to awoke from a car accident that claimed the lives of both her parents and siblings.

Thereafter she starts her life over by running a private investigation agency in which she looks into cases that have some extraordinary abilities in New York City.

But the interesting part comes when she suddenly stumbles upon a case where she has to revive her past and her own real identity.

Marvel Netflix order

Daredevil season 2 march 2016

It starts from where season 1 was left.

In this season Matt Murdock gets reunited with her ex-girlfriend Elektra.

Although he struggles to balance in leaving a double life, he embraces his role in this season as a crime-buster especially as he busts the organized Crime Empire to the ground.

However, he has still much life-threatening things to face in his life.

Season 2 is divided into 2 half, the first one is full of action-packed and highlights the arrival of the Punisher John Bernthal, whereas the second half consists of romance between Matt Murdock and his ex-girlfriend.

Anyhow the seasons 2 might not be as good as season 1 but still, it’s quite entertaining which makes it worth watching it.

Luke Cage Season1 September 2016 

After months of revealing Jessica jones, yet another superhero is highlighted on small curtains known as Luke Cage.

This Marvel superhero can’t be killed with bullets, or one can say he is a bulletproof superhero.

He is also known as Carl Lucas an ex-cop, who was unfortunately accused of a murder which was not by him.

He tries to follow a simple life by working at a local barbershop and tries to stay away from troublesome life, but no matter how much he stays away from the troubles, still, some sort of shit happens in his life.

marvel netflix order

Iron fist season 1 March 2017

Yet another superhero comes on to small screens known as Iron fist as well as Danny Rand.

Initially thought to be dead in a plane crash along with his parents but survives.

Later on, he is raised by monks and becomes the Immortal Iron fist.

After mastering the art of Iron fist he revisits his hometown, New York where he finds all his family’s fortune has been taken over by his dad’s business partner.

Thereafter he tries his best to take whatever rightfully belongs to him.

marvel netflix order

The defenders limited series August 2017

In this limited series, all four superheroes collide on the same platform.

They are brought together by a series of events just like The Avengers.

Although it’s not as entertaining as viewers were expecting but still watching it seems exciting.

marvel netflix order

The Punisher Season 1 November 2017

The punisher gained respect and at the same time popular among the fans Since he was introduced in Daredevil season 2.

Here in this season, Frank Castle returns with his standalone series

Moreover, the Punisher is loved by all fans and viewers due to the nature of this character stays true with the name of the series.

It includes unstoppable brutal action, full of intense and right on the stop that makes this season must-watch.

Jessica Jones Season 2 March 2018

She returns in season 2 as a hidden superhero and being accused of murderer.

Hence, still struggles to find a place in her surroundings.

This sequel consists of 13 hours episodes, in which viewers get to see how the superhero struggles to come out of the past and attune herself in the present.

Luke Cage Season 2 2018

Luke cage returns with another season of action.

In this season the Luke Cage has to face off with the Bushmaster who has the powers to harm the superhero.

Further, this season is enriched with Superhero Vs. Supervillain moments that left the audience glued to their seats.

Iron fist Season 2 2018

Danny Rund comes returns on Netflix with a second run.

Although season 1 wasn’t able to meet the expectations of the audience, still this was another try to entertain the audience.

In this season the Iron fist has to face off a new villain which is a female character consisting of multiple personalities who makes a surprise addition to the show.

Marvel Netflix order

Daredevil Season 3 October 2018

After the defenders season, it was perceived as daredevil is dead, but in season 3 Matt Murdock comes out alive and kicking bad assess off.

It was just a matter of the time that Matt Murdock was taking refuge in the Saint Patrick’s Cathedral to recover from his wounds.

While he is still recovering from his injuries, he comes to know that his arch-nemesis has struck a deal with the FBI.

Resulting in rid from jail.

Thereafter, Daredevil does everything within his power to save the people of New York City.

The Punisher season 2 January 2019

After a long break, the audience’s favorite badass superhero returns with another great season.

In this season The Badass Punisher battles out against all the odds but this time with a marred jigsaw.

Moreover, it has some new guest appearances which bring a twist to the season.

Jessica Jones Season 3 summer 2019

Last but not least Marvel concludes its Netflix superheroes series with Jessica Jones season 3.

In this season Jessica comes to know about the loss of her mom.

Moreover, Jessica’s mom is shot to death by her best friend Trish Walker.

As a result, their lifelong friendship turns into revenge and rage.