How to Wear a watch the Right Way!

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You always chose to wear a belt that matches your shoes.

Well, the same thing goes with a watch.

You are free to wear your watch with whatever clothes you wear including shoes, but, for those who like decorum and fashion, wearing a watch that suits the rest of the outfit is what differentiates men from boys.

Keep in mind that the watch is an accessory that enhances your look.

How to match the watch with clothes?

It is not a very complex task, you just have to look for the things that look similar in this regard.

It is recommended to use the metallic of the same type, for example, sliver to silver.

Look carefully at the metallic components of your outfit, such as your belt, rings, or shoes, and combine them with your watch.

The strap of your watch is also very important; like shoes and belts, the leather strap should also match with other leather accessories.

That is why it is suitable to wear a brown leather strap with a brown leather belt and shoes.

Dress shoes work best with the formal watches and sneakers look great with the sports watches.

Gray, brown, or brown dials are more suitable for the evening, whereas light-colored dials are best for the daytime events.

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wear a watch

Which wrist is best to wear a watch?

Some people say that men should not wear a watch on their most dominant hand.

So, if you are left-handed, it is suggested to wear your watch on the right hand and vice versa.

The reason is that you can check the time even if you are using your dominant hand to perform other actions.

Remember that do not wear the watch on the cuff of your shirt.

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Types of watch styles

Here are different types of watch styles:

1.    Luxury watch or dress watch

The luxury or dress watch, which is facing a great moment of popularity these days, is the piece of watch you need to give a touch of beauty to your outfit.

This type of watch is usually designed with a narrow case and matching leather strap while the dial is generally made simple.

You can wear it on different events like:

  • In the office
  • In work meetings and interviews
  • Country club
  • In theatre
  • On special events like weddings and outdoor parties

If you are going to buy one watch, go for a dress watch.

Wear a watch

2.    Military watch

The innovative military watches are designed to bear extreme conditions; they are strong, resistant, and last a long time.

This type of watches have the following features:

  • Night-ready, with large, highly legible dials
  • Luminous hands
  • High-contrast black backgrounds
  • White numerals.

The military watches are specially planned for military pilots.

However, military watches are suitable for extreme conditions like hiking, outdoor sports, and gardening.

3.    Sports watches

Sports watches are average in size, have a pronounced dial, and are commonly made of anti-corrosion materials, such as stainless steel.

They are classy and versatile enough to be worn with informal and formal clothing.

Sports watches are graceful enough that you can wear them as fashion accessories.

These watches can be worn for almost all types of events, like going to the office, dining out, travel, or shopping.

4.    Pilot watches

This type of watch is very similar to military watches. These are usually medium-large in size and have a huge dial with prominent numbers that make it easy to see the time in unfavorable conditions.

It works well with casual wear watch or traveling, however, if it is particularly stylish in design, you can wear it with formal outfits as well.