Impact of the era on human life & Galaxy education

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The field managing artwork or technology of making use of clinical know-how to sensible problems.  The word technology comes from two Greek words, Techne and Logos. Galaxy education Services offers Engineering, Medical, Dental & Master in Business Admissions in urban center and throughout Karnataka.

Techne method talent or the manner through which a factor is won and symbols method expression of inward thoughts.

Human beings use technology in different categories of life such as in travel, to do business, and to live in comfort.

In modern times technology has greatly affected our communication, transportation, learning, Galaxy Education, and health.

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Types of technology

* Agriculture and business technology

* Transportation technology

* Medical technology

* Energy and power technology

* Manufacturing technology

* Information and communication technology

* Construction technology

Technology is important because it secures  Modern technology has enabled us to make things easier.

The positive impact of technology

Galaxy education

 In Medical

Health technology is the application of prepared understanding and talent within side the shape of medicines, gadgets, and enhance pleasant of  Medical technology to help in preventing disease and injuries.

It helps patients in checking the status of a disease or chronic conditions. Various medical technologies like surgeries, better monitoring systems,  and more comfortable scanning equipment enable the patients to recover faster. Some medical technologies are :

1 Virtual reality

2 Artificial Organs

3 Robotic surgery

4 smart inhalers

In agriculture

In recent years technology has brought about many changes in the field of agriculture which have enabled the farmers to get higher yield  Modern machinery such as tractors, harvesters, and fertilizers have made the agribusiness profitable, easier, and safer.


Technology has completely changed transportation. It has made our journey easier and the journey of an hour can be completed in minutes.

Technology keeps us in touch with different parts of the world as we travel. It has made it easier and safer to travel abroad. Here are some technologies that have made transportation easier.

-Self-driving automobiles

-Smart cars

-High-speed Rail network

-Gyroscopic vehicles

In Business

Business technology refers to the application of science, engineering, and information for business purposes.

Modern technology allows businesses to increase productivity or speed up the production process. Business technology improves communication in the workplace and with clients.

Electronic file technology saves paper, space, and printing costs. Common types of business technology are

-Computer and laptops

-Software and productive tools

-Telephone Communication

– Finance accounting system

– Inventory control system

Business technology allows organizations to improve the performance and effectiveness of products and services which, in turn, enable businesses to expand quickly.  It also provides security to a business.

In Galaxy Education

Galaxy Education technology has enhanced teacher_ student relationships. In traditional galaxy education, it is difficult for students to get the concept.

Digital simulations and version assist college students to recognize numerous disciplines.

Technology has proved to be an assisting hand for instructors who from time to time discover it hard to give an explanation for various things within side the classroom.

With the assist of virtual simulations and models, instructors are capable of put together instructions in a green way and recognize the development of their students.

There is a software program to be had with which instructors can acquire assessments.  Common types of education technology are:



– Electronic whiteboards


Negative impacts of technology

Technology causes physiological,  Psychological, and social issues. *Physiological disorders

Physiological sickness is a situation wherein the organs within side the frame malfunction reasons illness. Physiological issues include.

  • vision problems
  • Headache
  • Neck strain
  • Hearing loss
  • Heart troubles

Psychology disorders Psychological ailment is a situation characterized through ordinary thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Psychological disorders include:

  • -Addiction
  • Depression
  • ADHD
  • Social issues: are lack of skill development


Technology has made our lives easier and it has completely affected people, the environment, and society.

It has improved communication, Galaxy education, health, Business, and transportation. Technologies are developed for making our life, hurdle free but it also causes various disorders and diseases.

Thus this discussion shows that technology has good as well as bad effects on human life.