Important Points to Consider before Buying CBD Dog Treats

(CBD Dog) Over the past years, CBD has gained a lot of popularity due to its medicinal application and therapeutic versatility. It is used to treat different health issues ranging from anxiety to chronic pain.

Since dogs have the same kind of endocannabinoid system as humans, many dog owners are using CBD products to treat their pets’ ailments.

CBD or cannabidiol is an active ingredient extracted from the hemp plant. Unlike its counterpart THC, cannabidiol does not produce the ‘high’ effects on the body.

Therefore, it is safe for humans and pets. It can come in different forms like oil, pills, and edibles. The most popular form is the oil or tinctures.

Many dogs do not like the taste of this oil. Fortunately, there is an appealing option available – CBD treats.

There are many brands that produce CBD treats that your pet will love. You can buy from their online stores or a retail shop. If you’re not sure of how to go about this, you can go to holistapet for some help.

Now, let’s discuss the factors to have in mind before purchasing these treats and why dog treats are better for your pet than oils.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing CBD Dog Treats

Many new brands have sprung up in the CBD industry. Since the market is not fully regulated, you will need to be careful when buying treats for your pet. Here are a few factors to keep in mind when doing so:

The Extraction Method

Cannabidiol is extracted using different methods. These methods include solvent and carbon dioxide extractions.

In solvent extraction, chemicals like propane or butane will extract the active compound from the hemp plant. The downside of this method is that these solvents could enter into the extract and reduce its quality.

But in CO2 extraction, high-quality extracts that are free of toxic residue are produced. This is why many reputable companies use this method. Make sure the treat you purchase is made with CO2-extracted CBD.

The CBD Type


Cannabidiol comes in three types: Full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolates.

Full-spectrum offers all the cannabinoids in the hemp plant including cannabidiol and THC. The broad-spectrum, on the other hand, contains all cannabinoids except THC. Isolates contain only one cannabinoid which is CBD.

Isolates might give your pet high dose of cannabidiol than the other types, but it is not as effective as them.

This is because it lacks the other cannabinoid compounds. Since full-spectrum contains THC, some dog owners are hesitant in buying full-spectrum products.

To help you decide which type might be best for your furry friend, ask a vet doctor for advice. For more information on which type is the best, you can check here:

The Hemp Source

The hemp plant is a bio-accumulator. Simply put, hemp absorbs substances around them. If planted in clean and healthy soil, it will produce rich cannabidiol that is safe and non-toxic. But if the soil has contaminants, the resulting product will be poor.

Many hemp plants grown overseas might not follow good farm practices. This can affect the quality of CBD. So if you are buying treats for your pet, ensure that the product you are getting uses locally grown hemp.

Check Their Certificate of Analysis

This certificate is a third-party lab testing result on a brand’s product. The laboratory in question does not have any affiliation with the brand, so the results are credible and trusted. The analysis should contain the product’s CBD composition.

Any reputable brand will offer its COA without being asked for it. If they do not, you can request it. But if they are hesitant in providing these test results, do not buy their product.

Also, always check the date on the certificate. A few dishonest companies run tests on their product once and never consider doing so anymore.

Why You Should Choose CBD Dog Treats Over Oils for Your Pet

Although the oils are popular, many pet owners discover that their dogs prefer the treats better. This is one reason to choose treats over oils. What are some other reasons? Here are a few of them:

Dogs Enjoy Treats

The flavor and smell of treats make dogs happy. They hardly whine about it. Oils, on the other hand, can be an issue when administering to your pet. These tinctures must be placed under your pets’ tongue using a dropper and must remain there for few seconds.

 To open your dog’s mouth and administer the oil is not easy. There is no telling if it would allow the oil to sit on its tongue for seconds. A treat is a much better option for your dog.

Treats Has More Natural Ingredients

The tinctures contain only cannabinoids, but treats can have other natural ingredients like minerals and vitamins in them.


It Can Come In Different Flavors

You can buy soft and hard ones with different natural flavors that your pet will love. Treats can keep your dog’s mouth busy and still improve its health. It has been found helpful in treating pet separation anxiety.

These are some important considerations to keep in mind before using this medication. If you need other tips to help keep your pet healthy, you can watch this video.


Buying treats for your dog in this unregulated CBD market is risky. That is why we discussed the important factors that can help you out when making a purchase.

These treats are a more tasty and healthy choice for your pets than oils. You can be sure that your dog will become stronger and healthier by regularly taking it.