Is TRX a good investment in 2020?

TRON has been considered the loudest and most ambitious blockchain project for several years now, which seeks to ensure that Internet users have unhindered access to online games, social networks, calls, streaming, and more.

Moreover, users already now get the opportunity to control personal data and receive rewards for distributing interesting content, including various dApps.

What is TRON? How has the price of TRX cryptocurrency changed over the years and is it worth investing in? The answers are in our interesting review.

What is Tron (TRX) in simple terms?

TRON is a decentralized network that positions itself as the most transparent, secure, and fastest-growing. It is also the main competitor to Ethereum today, despite different consensus mechanisms (Proof of Work versus Proof of Stake).

Popular applications such as:

 Wink (online casino);

 Just swap (decentralized trading platform);

 Rocket Game (online casino and betting) operates on the Tron blockchain.

The list is constantly expanding as TRON develops and the community grows. TRX is a native cryptocurrency of the TRON protocol, which is used to pay for content in various applications, to make quick and cheap payments, and also as an investment tool.


Long-term holders of TRX can freeze their assets for 3, 6, 12 months and maintain the security of the project through staking. For example, on the Binance exchange, TRX staking support is implemented with a yield of up to 12% per annum.

TRON’s perspective

TRON's popularity in the second half of 2020 was fueled by the growth of the decentralized finance space. For example, the Defi app Just lends experienced a real boom, which was one of the drivers behind the growth of the TRX price.

The thing is that Just lend allows its users to issue loans in TRX tokens and receive dividends on them.TRON is very interesting for its scalability, high speed of work, and low commissions.

Compared to Ethereum, whose commissions have already exceeded $ 60, regardless of the payment amount, then TRON is definitely one of the best in this regard.


As for the price, we are quite optimistic about TRX for 2021 and forecast growth to at least $ 0.08. In the most bullish scenarios, the TRX price could reach $ 0.13, but no more.

You also need to pay attention to the announcements that are released by TRON. On a positive news background, you can make pretty good money.

The more frequent cases of regulation of crypto projects in the last year are interesting. So, TRON is already under the supervision of the Singaporean regulator, which takes a friendly position in relation to cryptocurrencies.

TRON is one of the few ( bal trx) who is constantly building up a portfolio of partnerships, thereby building confidence in its product. TRON had a goal of developing a blockchain platform for user-generated content and it has been accomplished.

The platform works, the community is large, transactions are almost instantaneous, the activity on the network is at the highest level. This is enough for us to recommend adding TRX to your investment portfolio.

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