Marketing Strategies: How to Validate the Phone Numbers from Your Database

(Marketing) Have you ever been annoyed with the redundant promotional text messages that continue to land on your cell phone?

At this moment, you begin to ponder what went wrong, you dread all the times when you dropped your cell number in a marketing survey. This is a classic and one of the most relatable examples of SMS marketing in real life.

Although SMS marketing is considered to be one of the most intimate forms of marketing, it can easily lead to a bad reputation for the recipient of the service provided that the execution of this technique was poor.

For this reason, it is essential to understand the importance of the minuscule details that can disturb your overall marketing campaign and follow the industry’s best practices.

What is SMS Marketing and How Does it Work?

SMS marketing is the concept of utilizing the text message service for running promotional campaigns for businesses.

The motive of using such an exclusive form of marketing medium is to engage users with time-sensitive offers of a business and increase customer engagement.

Since email and other forms of marketing cannot be considered to bring instant results, the dynamics of SMS marketing provide the possibility of instant and exclusive results.

Generally, there are two types of SMS marketing, general campaigns, and transactional messages.

Campaigns are generic messages that are sent to multiple users with similar interests as mentioned in the copy of the campaign.

Whereas, transactional messages are triggered after the occurrence of an event like notifying the customer upon confirmation of shipping of their order, etc.

Maintenance of Phone Number Database

For a business that invests a significant amount of marketing budget into mobile marketing, maintaining the phone number database is essential.

This is why businesses tend to implement the necessary practices that will improve the efficiency of their database and keep the database free from any inaccurate information.

However, this can be a costly activity for businesses to perform at regular intervals. For this reason, businesses are now exploring the possibility of using mobile number validation services that will help them identify if the number is valid and can be contacted or not. Let’s go over some reasons why mobile number validation is necessary.

· Ensure Minimum Wastage of Resources

Every business wants to minimize the wastage of its primary resources, the employees, and the incoming money. For this reason, businesses want to have a proper method to minimize the additive step of collecting invalid information.

· Quality of Your Data

In the modern-day of data dominance, any business that does not follow a data-driven approach is bound to perish.

This is why it is essential for businesses to maintain the quality of their data to ensure they remain in business without falling behind.

Now that we know why mobile number validation is necessary, here are some ways to ensure there is no invalid phone number in your database.

· Apply a Validation API on Phone Field in Your Data Collection Form

Integrate a validation API in your online form to monitor the validity of the phone number to ensure no wrong information enters your system.

· Avoid Duplication

The validation services available online can help you identify the duplicate numbers in your database and remove them.

This prevents you from investing an extra resource into the same lead and yielding no productive result. Furthermore, this could also help in decreasing the irritation levels of customers who despise multiple sales calls.

· Regular Data Cleaning

Perform regular data cleaning at a significant interval of time to ensure the process is cost-effective yet keeps your data clean from any invalid information.

This small redundant process stops a butterfly effect from being triggered and saves the company a significant amount of money in the long run.

· Try to Avoid the ‘Do Not Call List’

Contacting a mobile number that is on a ‘Do Not Call List’ can be expensive for the business considering that it will be a waste of resource(s). This is why you would want to avoid such numbers.

Considering the importance of relevant marketing for potential customers that can be converted with ease, it is important to focus on the fact that your database doesn’t have garbage values.

 In this regard, according to the folks at, businesses need to ensure that they use phone number validation services to make sure their database remains safe from wrong information.

will help the businesses to maintain the efficiency of their database and track their marketing statistics without any anomalies.

Benefits of SMS Marketing


For marketing professionals, cost-effective techniques that work are better than popular techniques that are expensive but have the same level of work efficiency.

This is why, with the passage of time, SMS is gaining more importance for marketing professionals than other marketing techniques.

· Better than Emails

The biggest flex of SMS marketing is that in comparison to emails, almost 98% of the time text messages are opened by customers upon receiving them.

Whereas, the open rate of email is nowhere near. This shows the dominance of text messages over emails.

Furthermore, the probability of your emails ending up in the spam folder or a customer getting rid of your flyer is greater than a message being deleted without even reading it.


· Cost-Effective Solution

When comparing with its counterparts, SMS marketing is considered to be one of the most cost-effective solutions that exist in the circuit. Moreover, it is especially helpful for small-scale businesses that are just starting out and do not have a huge marketing budget.

· Flexible to Changes

Due to its flexible style, SMS marketing has the tendency to be versatile in nature with promotional plans ranging from temporary discounts to promoting new products. Furthermore, the versatility allows businesses to ensure an increase in customer engagement.

Considering the vast reach and exclusivity of SMS marketing, it is safe to say that it is still an integral part of the majority of marketing campaigns for businesses.

In comparison to other marketing mediums, text message marketing is considered to be one of the cheapest ways to convert relevant users with the right copy.

This is why it is essential for businesses to understand the core importance of text message marketing and showcase relevance to the user for increased conversion.