Mehtabjit Teja is Striving to Make eCommerce More Accessible

In this digital world full of opportunities and possibilities, more and more people are opting for becoming their own bosses so they can work on their own terms. Advanced technologies and the internet are making this objective more accessible and achievable.

eCommerce is a lucrative and exciting avenue for ultimate success these days starting an online business comes with no to fewer limitations.

Launching an eCommerce venture is not always easier but a mentor and thought leader like Mehtabjit Teja makes the entire process a lot easier.

Who is Mehtabjit Teja?

Mehtabjit Teja also known as Ronnie Teja is a renowned eCommerce business expert and serial entrepreneur who was once a freelance digital marketer. He started his journey as a digital marketer and polished his skills to become an industry leader in the digital sector.

Mehtabjit is a self-made business owner running 15+ businesses at this time. With over 10 years of experience in the digital market, Ronnie is on a mission to make eCommerce a more accessible space so everyone can reap the benefits offered by the industry.  

After becoming successful in the eCommerce field, he decided to share his experience, knowledge, and skills with people who are entering to the market.

Mehtabjit is an expert in building great brands and scaling remote working teams as he currently has a team of 75+ professionals working for Mehtabjit Teja eCommerce websites from different corners of the world. After learning all the dos and dont’s of eCommerce, he launched his own online watch store Branzio Watches

How Mehtabjit Switched to eCommerce?

When Mehtabjit was working as a digital marketing expert after migrating to Vancouver, CA, he learned eCommerce carefully and realized that there is huge potential in this industry and anyone can become a successful online business owner by doing hard work.

He launched Branzio Watches to deliver watch lovers an excellent online shopping experience. As he is a strong supporter or eCommerce beginners, he is a great asset for people who are entering to the electronic commerce field for generating greater revenues.

He knows all it takes to land success whether it’s a matter of buying an online business or staying on top of the market trends. Ronnie’s e-commerce empire is currently running efficiently and he is looking for opportunities and possibilities to expand it in years to come.

He is a well-known eCommerce expert and coach because of the implementation of proper strategies and the use of the right people with the right skills.

Mehtabjit Teja’s Mission is to Make eCommerce Accessible

After running online businesses generating 8 figures, he is on a mission to help new entrepreneurs build successful online brands to outpace their competitors.

His mission is to make eCommerce a more accessible space for all looking for opportunities in this digital landscape to grow greatly.

He shares his knowledge and expertise with beginners via public speeches, eCommerce events, online interviews, and podcasts.

He actually wants to lend beginners a helping hand so they can make their dreams of financial liberty come true. The Internet is full of his speeches, eCommerce coaching conferences, podcasts, and blog posts that beginners can find to learn from him.

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Mehtabjit is a role model for people who are taking a start in the online business world as he knows what it takes to be successful. Below are the social profiles of Mehtabjit Teja that anyone can follow to never miss any single industry update, eCommerce tip, or strategy.

Twitter: Ronnie Teja (@roaringronny)

Instagram: Ronnie Teja (@ronniesteja)

LinkedIn: Ronnie T. (ronniesteja)

Mehtabjit is always ready to respond to questions and queries raised by eCommerce beginners as he believes in sharing knowledge with others to make eCommerce more accessible.