MindOnMap Review – Features, Pros, Cons, and Guide

Can MindOnMap suffice to draw common mind maps or charts for your daily work? Creating a mind map or flow chart can boost your productivity during work or planning.

As an online diagramming tool, MindOnMap allows you to access across devices, but you may also want to know more about it.

Therefore, to solve the puzzle above, this post here will present a detailed review of the online mind map diagramming tool – MindOnMap in terms of main features, pros, and cons. You will also learn a step-by-step guide on drawing a mind map with the MindOnMap

Part 1: What Can MindOnMap do For You?

As a diagramming tool, the basic function of MindOnMap is to offer you a simple platform where you can visualize your ideas and thoughts.

Besides the general mind maps, you can also use this online tool to make up a plan for better workflow or a family trip.

To be more specific on the MindOnMap review, the following content divides the main features of MindOnMap into three parts. Go on and learn more about this free mind map tool.

1. Visualize Your Ideas with Ample Elements

Although the MindOnMap is a free tool, there are still enough templates that can cover the basic requirements of different kinds of charts or maps.

This feature allows you to start your brainstorming anytime you want and no longer need to spend time starting from scratch. Meanwhile, you can enrich your map’s content with the built-in icons and themes on MindOnMap.


2. Collaborate with Co-workers or Friends

You can cooperate or brainstorm with your colleagues with one click. Simply click the Share button, and you can create a link for sharing.

Then you can share the link on social media or share it with friends. Besides, the link can also be private or has a time limit. Consequently, only people who know the passcodes can view the mind map, and your mind map stays private after the date expires.


3. Easy Operations and Great Flexibility

On the editing page of the MindOnMap, you can use the hotkeys to make different actions like save the file, delete a node, withdraw the action, insert nodes, etc.

These operations give you great flexibility when drawing the mind map on the computer. Even if you forget these shortcuts, you can always click the keyboard icon to check.

Besides, the templates offered on MindOnMap will not restrict your content since there are no fixed texts in the nodes. You can also get a straightforward vertical structure of your content in the Outline section.


Part 2: Detailed Review of MindOnMap

Apart from knowing the significant features of MindOnMap, the advantages and disadvantages are also essential facts to review the tool.

This will give you a thorough understanding of the tool, and you can better decide whether it is worth a shot.

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Automatically save the file after you make changes on the map.

Many export formats include JPG, PNG, SVG, Word, etc.

Easy shortcut keys enable you to perform actions quickly.

A straightforward layout with a quick visual tutorial for beginners.

Customize a colorful mind map with various editing tools.


The collaborative feature is not real-time.

The images can only be inserted in nodes.

Requires registration for diagramming.

Part 3: How to Draw a Mind Map with MindOnMap

There is not enough to only see the features, pros, and cons of the MindOnMap, you also need a detailed guide to see how you can employ it so that you can know if it is helpful for you or whether it can fulfill your basic needs.

Therefore, take the most fundamental and frequently used mind map as an example. Here is a detailed tutorial about how to create a mind map online with MindOnMap.

Step 1: Please go to the official website of MindOnMap. Then create an account or log in with your email to access its full features. Next, click the Create Your Mind Map in the middle of the web page to see the dashboard.


Step 2: Next, you should click the New button on the left side. Then, you can choose a theme to start your mind map or choose a structure for your map. After that, you will automatically enter the editing page. 


Step 3: Now, you can add more nodes to present your main topic by clicking the Node button on the menu above. Or you can click the Sub Node button to add smaller nodes to explain your topic. Once you finish editing, click the Export button to save the file to your device. 



All in all, MindOnMap may not be as professional as paid software like XMind, but it is a pretty good free alternative when you want to draw a mind map on your phone or computer quickly.

And most importantly, you cost nothing to try this diagramming tool since it is free. Moreover, this online diagramming tool can fulfill your basic needs, which is enough for beginners and requires no fancy features.