Quitting Tobacco? Here Is What You Should Do

It will always seem easy the first day, but as the days go by and your body drains all the residual nicotine, that is when you will feel it.

– The dry throat.

– The reflexive gesture of your hands whenever you hold something cylindrical.

– The headache, the jittery feeling, the scent of smoke still lingering.

It is all going to come back like a bad breakup!

But, at the end of the day, you must remember that these are, after all, feelings. Feelings that you cannot be a creature of and should know how to control. In this excerpt below, we will be talking about the different ways you can quit tobacco.

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Why You Should Quit Tobacco

Although nonsmokers do not need to be reminded, chain smokers can get clouded with the high of nicotine and often forget the lethal effects of smoking.

So, here is a quick reminder of why you should quit smoking today!

  • To prevent an endless series of life-risking diseases like heart disease, lung cancer, high blood pressure, ulcers, kidney disease, and even erectile dysfunction.
  • You will be more prone to sickness since you constantly hurt your immune system while smoking.
  • Your respiratory system is in danger, not just prone to lung cancer but other breathing issues like asthma which can slow you down in your daily productivity.
  • Vigorous physical activities, whether it is exercise or simply walking a mile extra. Swimming a small patch of water could also be a challenge when you are running your lungs with the constant smoke and tar.
  • Your passive smoking can also harm others exponentially, especially if you are smoking in close quarters with someone who is sick or a child with a still-growing immune system.

How Can You Quit Tobacco

Here are some of the common ways with which you can quit smoking.

1. Finding Alternatives

In The first few months, it is going to be difficult. Therefore, you should immediately find alternatives that will mitigate the dryness of the mouth. These could be normal sugar-free gums or even nicotine gum.

Some even take help from nicotine-free herbal cigarettes. However, that is not a long-term solution because you are, after all, putting smoke inside your body, and that will have its own consequences.

These alternatives should be to distract your mind and not give you another permanent addiction. So, do not try to nullify addiction with addiction. Rather, take that extra step and quit indefinitely.

2. 30-Day Challenges

These challenges are not just fun, but they prevent us from being overwhelmed. They can help you see each day at a time. For example, you see that today I simply take five deep breaths whenever the thought of smoking arises or read a book that will motivate me toward a healthier life.

This is an excellent way to incorporate small goals, which lead you to the bigger one rather than looking at it all at once.

These challenges are well crafted to get rid of the bad habit by incorporating good habits slowly. You will often see watching good movies, practicing self-care, and eating healthy because when you feel better about yourself, you will not consume poison deliberately. 

3. Holistic Treatment

Holistic treatments are therapeutic treatments that help you connect with your subconscious self and practice positive thinking.

Some holistic activities in which doctors and psychologists treat every addiction recovery patient are yoga, picture therapy, acupuncture, and even aroma therapy some go more extreme buy yoga paddle board.

These help you to see things differently. For example, something like smoking a pack every day was what helped you relieve the stress;

these holistic activities will show you much healthier alternatives to achieve the same result. Something which can get all the good chemicals flower without nicotine activating them. 

The Power Of Therapy

We will end the blog with a short note on why therapy is important for treating any addiction. Sometimes the reason why we smoke or drink is more deep-seated than we know, and unraveling or treating them can rid us of the addiction as well.

So, if you are dealing with any addiction, try Cognitive Behavioral Therapy today, and maybe you will find some relief from the obsessive thoughts of addiction.