Remote Work Tips: How to Make Sure Everybody Is Doing Their Job

There are many remote work tips that you can use to make sure remote workers are productive. This article will cover some of the best remote work tips, including how to monitor remote employees and what remote worker productivity enhancement strategies exist.

Check in with remote workers on a regular basis

Looking into what your remote workers do on a daily basis might seem like an unnecessary task, but it’s not. Regular check-ins help remote workers feel accountable and can identify any problems before they get out of hand.

To make this process easy, use text chat software such as HipChat or Slack to have conversations with remote workers about their tasks for the day or week ahead.

It also helps maintain high morale because remote workers will be able to stay on top of what is going on in the company without having anyone breathing down their neck constantly if you are checking in at scheduled intervals throughout the day. Also, don’t forget to still regularly check up no matter how many times per day!

A number one complaint from remote employees is feeling disconnected from people that work in office spaces. They feel like remote workers are always overlooked or left out.

When you check in, remote employees will be able to stay on top of what is going on and not feel so isolated from other team members. 

Set clear expectations for what is expected of the job and how it should be done

When remote workers know what is expected from them, they will be more likely to do their work. For them, it is important that you provide a detailed job description and outline what your expectations are for remote employees performing the task. 

A remote worker should expect clear instructions on how the tasks they are expected to perform should be completed as well as any needed materials or equipment.

Remote workers also need access to training videos, online tutorials, step-by-step guides, and other resources so that they can complete the desired duties with minimal supervision from management members at headquarters.

Install work-from-home software

A virtual office is no good if remote workers don’t have the software, they need to do their job. Software is a great solution for remote work because it can be used on any device with an internet connection. 

This software should be able to track remote work hours and remote work productivity. This way, remote workers can be accountable for their time, which will make you a more effective manager.

 There are many benefits of installing software for working from home and you should use this advantage to expand your business.

This way you will be able to know when and how much every remote employee works and know who you can count on.

Here is a list of benefits of a work from home employee tracking app:

Give feedback to employees regularly, so they know where they stand

When you give feedback to remote workers, it’s important to do so regularly. That way employees know where they stand with you and what their priorities are in terms of work.

This is often easier than giving feedback after a remote worker has been slacking off for weeks or months because then he might feel like all your criticism was just pinned on them rather than being an overall problem. 

When they learn that they need to work harder, remote workers will also feel like they have a choice.

This is of key importance because if employees don’t want to work hard and there’s no way to force them, then you may as well not hire remote workers in the first place.

Remote Work Tips

Always stay in touch with employees

Communicating with remote workers is one of the most important remote work tips you can follow. In order to be productive remote workers need to feel like they know what their goals are and that they have support from other people in the company.

Schedule weekly Skype meetings or use instant messaging tools, such as Slack or HipChat.

Or, why not both? Have a variety of emails sent out so remote employees get information at different points in time (i.e., email on Monday, Wednesday) about remote work tips.

It’s important for remote employees to know what is going on in the company so they can do their job with efficiency and without being discontented. 

Be clear and concise with all instructions

It is way harder to give clear instructions when you do not see your employee face-to-face, but it is possible. Place instructions in a location that remote employees will find them easily.

Use bullet points, when possible, to make the instructions easier to read and follow, avoiding long paragraphs where possible.

Put all of your remote employees’ contact information on their workstation homepage so they can always reach someone if there is an issue with their computer or email. 

This way remote workers will feel more comfortable making contact with a colleague when they have an urgent question.

Do you want remote employees to find it easier and less stressful to do their job?  Then, make sure that all the instructions are clear for them to follow! 

Talk about the benefits of remote work

Ensuring your remote workers that the type of employment they have with you is good is very important.

 A remote worker will likely be more productive if they are in an environment that suits them best, such as their home office. 

They can also work from anywhere with access to the internet so you don’t have to worry about offices and other resources being available for when your employees need it most. 

 The cost can make it easier for companies who want to invest in training because there are no overhead costs like rent or property taxes on the building housing remote workers. 


Remote work is a growing trend and for good reason. Employees can have flexibility with their schedules and other important things.

However remote employees should not be taken for granted either! It’s important to keep these workers in touch as much as possible by checking in often and setting clear expectations of what they are expected to do.

You may want to install software that allows them access from anywhere and always give feedback so they know where they stand. Be sure you stay engaged too and you’ll have an office full of worker bees.