14 Leadership Principles Amazon ERC Wants Its Employees to Follow

Amazon ERC is one of the biggest tech giants in the world right now. They are providing their services to billions of customers all around the globe.

For companies as big as Amazon, it is essential that their employees perform at their best, regardless of the department that they are in.

This is what Amazon has introduced a set of 14 principles called the Leadership Principles that they want their employees to follow.

You can find these principles on the Jobs section of the Company’s website as well.

Let’s take a deeper look at the Leadership Principles that Amazon ERC expects its employees to follow 

Customer Obsession

Leaders are obsessed with their customers and solving the problems that they are facing, in the most effective way.

According to Amazon, the leaders start with customers and work their way backward. Leaders analyze the competition and use the insights to serve their customers.   

Invent and Simplify

A leader’s job is to invent and simplify. Leaders inspire creativity in their teams and expect innovation from them. Leaders are not afraid to try out new ideas and innovative approaches to some old process.

This is one of the reasons behind Amazon’s success. They are not afraid to think out of the box.

And now that Amazon ERC is a big success, they are offering opportunities for employment to worthy candidates all over the world.

Amazon has introduced the Amazon ERC Number (Employment Resource Centre) that employees can use to contact amazon HR for their queries about employment.

This one of the examples of innovation and simplification standards that have been set up by Amazon. 


Leaders take ownership of their results. They think in the long term and don’t walk away from their values. They give their all and they have the company’s best interests in their minds.

They don’t care whether a job that’s assigned to them is of a different department. Leaders give their input regardless of any kind of bias about their department.

Learn & Be Curious

Leaders keep on learning. For a leader, curiosity is one of their greatest assets. They are always exploring new ideas and opportunities that might be beneficial for the company. 

Amazon ERC

Are Right, A Lot

A leader should have good judgment. They should have the instinctual capacity to do the right thing. Leaders are right a lot in their decisions.

This doesn’t imply that leaders are perfect. It simply means that a leader is better at judging a situation than a person who doesn’t have leadership capabilities in them.

Hire and Develop the Best

It is a leader’s job to hire the best employees for their team and further develop their skills to raise the standard of performance.

They can come up with unique ways to spark an interest in their employees for the job that they are doing. Leaders develop leaders that they can pass their responsibilities on in the future. 

Think Big

Leaders don’t think small. When they achieve something, they immediately set a higher standard of success for themselves. They take on bold directions and love to explore unexplored territories. They think unconventionally and try their best to come up with unique ways to serve their company. 

Insist on the Highest Standards

Leaders who perform at unbelievably high levels set ridiculously high standards of performance for themselves.

These standards sometimes even seem unreasonable to people but this is just how leaders operate. Leaders demand from themselves than their employees and act as an inspiration for their team.

They keep things on track with the team they are managing, for the greater good of the company and its customers

Dive Deep

Leaders are strongly in touch with all the details of their job. They don’t miss out on anything.

They operate on all levels, from decision-making to employee audits. They don’t care how small the task may seem; they are actively engaged in all the activities that come under their leadership.


A leader’s job is to try and accomplish more with fewer resources. They have to fix expenses and try to make the most out of the resources that they have been given to them.

They have to come up with facilitative yet economic ways to help their company in terms of finances. 

 Earn Trust

Leaders earn trust with their teams through their actions. A leader listens carefully and is always respectful towards whoever they are talking to.

They earn trust and create an inspirational environment for their team which makes them want to go all out towards common company goals.


 Have Backbone

Leaders are expected to present their points in the most articulate way. They are obligated to ask questions if they have any kind of reservations about a certain decision.

They are not afraid to disagree, and their conviction is exemplary. And once they make a decision, they make sure to see it through the end.

 Bias for Action

There are certain decisions that need to be implemented at once, even if you are not sure about the consequences.

Leaders are often faced with these kinds of situations. It is the job of a leader to take calculated risks and take action in the face of uncertainty.

 Deliver Results

Lastly, leaders are committed to delivering results. They put the company goals first and try to reach them to the best of their abilities.

They deal with challenges along the way and once they achieve a result, they immediately set their eyes on the next goal.

End Notes

This is it! These are the leadership principles that Amazon ERCand all their employees follow every day.

 According to a statement on the company’s website, they follow these principles every day in all their operations i.e., whether it is working on a new project or solving a particular kind of problem.

And if you look at it objectively, these principles can help employees of every business to up their performance.