What are Backlinks and how to help the SEO of the site?

Knowing what there are backlinks is essential for wanting to make your site or blog stand out on the internet. This is because they are links from an external page. Oh yeah, how do you know estivesse making reference to a pioneer within your publication?

To make it clearer, imagine that you are writing an article about female singers, where the topic is “I burn the best Lady Gaga or Beyonce”. So, in this case, to help the argument, you create links that go to specialized pages about the life of these artists.

The truth is that many people do not fit this naturally, but still do not know the thermos. In the end, it is indisputable that the best way to explain a content is with examples. But, if you’re really new to the network and want to better understand how it works, find out all about what backlinks are.

What is the importance of backlinks for SEO?

In practice, the importance of backlinks is the same as an indication. Or maybe, normally, when people want to buy a mobile or even request a delivery, they tend to ask third parties for suggestions.

Following what was affirmed, when a third party indicates the acquisition of a good or services, it can be deduced that he has not experienced it here. Logo, you have an authority on that product. So, in the same way, the backlinks work for the SEO.

When you make or receive links, it means that the site that is being indicated has official authority. In this way, in relation to SEO, or Google will attend to the affirmed situation and likewise, or your site will be able to rank with more ease. Oh yeah, it will attract a larger audience with a reduced time.

What are the types of backlinks?

It is not an exaggeration to say that, you are welcome to know or that there are backlinks and I do not know two types of them. Isso because, each one of them serves a purpose. Logo, if there is no definition, you will probably be lost at the time of applying it. Then, see who are they:

For text-ancora;

Determining sources you can trust and have authority;

For sites related to his branch.

At first glance it is very common that the types mentioned are a little confusing. In this way, to make it clearer, discover how each one of them works separately.

What are backlinks for text-ancora?

In summary, the texts are anchored, not true, only those clicked. Oh yeah, they are those names in blue that appear when you access a subject in a blog. This type of backlink is highly valued by Google.

As I said, knowing what backlinks are and how they work is essential. Following this line, a good word is trying to fit very well into the text-anchor. It is because, some people want to place this element so much, that they end up fitting it in any way, but it can be done with it being disconnected or changing the meaning of the text.

Every time you want to use an anchor-text, reread or paragraph that was inserted in it. Thus, once it is possible to place it in the place of the reader with the greatest ease and consequently, the case or text will be strange, it will be easy to identify.

How do you determine backlinks from sources you trust?

When an individual wants to emaciate with health, it is natural that they seek a nutritionist. In the end, this professional, by authority on the subject, will know how to identify what he needs to achieve the objective. This analogy can be applied within these tools.

In practice, it is impossible to say that only the backlinks are associated with the impact that you have for third-party sites. In the end, many people pass to access these contents due to the indications, which are available on another site.

When you find a backlink on your site, always try to look for those that are really relevant on the internet. Oh yeah,read the content and see if it appears to have been done by someone who understands the matter. In the end, if it is not done, the sense of the process is completely lost.

Why are there backlinks to sites related to a specific industry?

Backlinks related to your area of expertise are very important for SEO. This is because, when it is done through external sites, it shows that the site understands the issue. Therefore, it is clear or your level of professionalism.

It is important to know that, as I said, the backlink can be done both by you and by another. Further, nesse case, win more burned or indicated. So, a good way to get this is by looking for ways to stand out on Google, like:

  • Always posting updated content;
  • Looking for true information;
  • Trying to create texts that are easy to understand.

With these three points, you will be able to raise a good content and naturally, other sites will indicate you. Logo, it will be possible to know in practice or that there are backlinks. Ultimately, you will see a significant increase in traffic in your content.

It is essential to keep in mind that, in the virtual market, there are various other types of backlinks. However, the cited ones are the most common to be used and the easiest to understand, mainly for those who are starting.

Backlinks serve only for sales sites?

A very common doubt is that backlinks are only used for sales sites. Finally, an indication is occurring to show that a certain product is good. So, what was stated is true, but it is long to be restricted only to sales sites.

Knowing what is and how to use this tool is useful for any type of content. This is because the intention is to increase the traffic of users. Oh yeah, let more people read here what is being posted on your site or blog. Therefore, regardless of your branch, never leave it aside.

Do the backlinks improve the user experience?

Contrary to what many people think, intentionally two backlinks is not enough to play the user from one page to another. But, sim, increase or his milk of confection. In this way, the experience gives you a significant increase.

For Google, what does it matter is to the satisfaction of who is trafficking. So, whenever you use the links, see if he manages to add value to the content. Likewise, with certainty any navigator will want to return to his site due to confidence in quality.

Understanding what there are backlinks can be complicated, I’m not starting. But, as time passes, you will perceive that it is something natural in the world of networks.

German disso, you will begin to feel prazer to or receive feedback from users who were appalled by your page because of their visible degree of commitment in wanting to provide a good experience.