Best pirate movies of all time

(Best pirate movies) Who does not love pirate movies, the Jolly Roger sign and the aura of the deep-sea never fails to leave us fascinated? Also, the legacy of sea warriors connects them to pirates somehow.

If you are a fan of pirate movies then keep reading. As we are going to talk about the best pirate movies of all time.

We are going to discuss some of the best pirate movies that you can enjoy. We have compiled some best pirate movies of all time.

And some of them date back to the late 90s or even older. But you would love them for their story and best cinematic scenes. So, let’s start.


The sea hawks

Seahawk is one of the best-rated pirate movies. It is for the people who are into action-packed movies, and this movie also gives some historical events that are worth watching.

The era is set back to Elizabeth and king Phillip 2. So, if you are also a fan of historical events then this movie is for you.

Best pirate movies

We recommend you watch the trailer before watching the whole movie so you know what you are going to watch.

Also, you would find this movie romantic as the story goes it involves Thorpe falling in love with Alvarez’s niece that gives the story a dramatic fold.

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The hook is another nice Hollywood pirate movie that involves a nice story. The movie was released in 1991 and it has been rated best.

Also, you will find some great actors in the movie. You must have known Robin Williams for his best acting skills.

Best pirate movies

This movie features Robin Williams as Peter Banning. He plays a role of a person who has forgotten about his childhood and he is married to Moira and they have children too.

And the story takes a turn when their children go missing with the only clue that seems to be the ransom note. And then the story continues.


Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

We love Jack sparrow, yes, we not only love Johnny Depp for his best acting but also the character itself is amazing, and we think nobody can do it better than Johnny Depp.

Talking about one of the best pirate movies of all time, which is the curse of the black pearl, the best part of pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Best pirate movies

In this movie you would be seeing his acting skills at their apex, moreover; this movie is action-packed, its thriller and it has its best moments that will make you a true fan of pirate movies, and so if you have not yet seen this movie, you can check it.


Captain blood

Captain blood movies were released in 1935, definitely the best pirate movie so far, this movie is actually based on a novel written by Rafael Sabatini.

However; this movie is filmed in black white color, but the story is good and you can enjoy the classical feeling through this movie.

You will not notice the color since the story and movie are good, and they directed it in a good way too, but if you are not planning to watch a black and white movie today then you can skip it for today.



This movie dates back to 1986, an old but the best pirate movie of all time, you would find this movie dramatic and best storyline about captain red who has a very odd reputation, and Jean who is also known as Frog, the movie is quite detailed.

The story continues along with a boy who floats on a raft with no supplies of course.

You would love this movie as it has courage, bravery, and dangerous turns that keep getting difficult. And when the boy afloat on the raft finally gets aboard on ship. Other difficulties await him.

We would not want to reduce your interest in the movie by giving spoilers. You just watch it and you would love it if you love pirate’s movie. Oh and yes the name of the movie is pirates too.


We discussed the 5 best pirate movies of all time, these are worth watching movies, if you are into pirates’ stuff, watch these and enjoy your holiday. The list we mentioned are;

  • The sea hawk
  • Hook
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
  • Captain blood
  • Pirates